Location Greensboro St Old Liberty Rt 421 Browns

Location Greensboro St Old Liberty Rt 421 Browns

Location Greensboro St Old Liberty Rt 421 Browns Meadow Rd Dodson Lake Sandy Creek

Small Creek Troy Smith Rd Railroad Line Megasite Sandy River Deep River

Ramseur Lake Greensboro/Randolph Megasite Foundation Non profit organization Primary mission to assemble a tract of land in RC Promote extension of water and sewer services Develop site so that it will be usable by advanced manufacturer To seek funding to acquire properties and aid development and marketing Lessen the burden on local governments for marketing the site Promote Randolph and Greensboro as areas for advanced manufacturing facility Board of Directors Greensboro City Council representative Jim Westmoreland, City Mgr

Randolph County Commissioner representative Hal Johnson, Cty Mgr 3 representatives from Bryan Foundation E. S. Jim Melvin 10 yr mayor of Greensboro Banker Dev of Newbridge Ball Park and Elon Law Carole W. Bruce J. Edward Kitchen Lawyer - estates, taxes, trusts

UNC Pres School of government McCallum Sweeney Consulting criteria, specializes in certifying megasites G-R will use KPMG Start of concept Determine the industry first commitment of the owner and local government to move quickly on a very large project, Certification clear ownership title size and configuration of the site

utility availability transportation availability favorable environmental assessment engineering studies delineation of wetlands topography data and maps quoted price Certification clear ownership title most of the land already purchased size and configuration of the site utility availability The foundation is paying for Duke Energy to study how to bring power to

the site and which route to use, a process the power company won't fund itself without a client ready to use the site transportation availability interchange planning which is typically funded by the state when an end user is already in place can move ahead because the foundation paying for the work - Zapata-LJB, a preconstruction firm based in Charlotte, to conduct the environmental impact study for the interchange design favorable environmental assessment initial studies done engineering studies initial studies done delineation of wetlands initial studies done topography data and maps initial studies done quoted price

Carolina Journal April 6, 2016 The 1,400-acre Greensboro-Randolph Megasite appears to be several years away from being a suitable location for the automotive plant or other large manufacturing facility it was designed to attract Duke Energy has not begun a study determining how to provide power to the site North Carolina Railroad Company does not have enough money to buy land needed for the location two newly elected members of the Randolph County Board of Commissioners are skeptical of the endeavor Greensboro Randolph Megasite Accreditation Process Wetlands-The unnamed tributaries on the project site drains to Dobson Lake and later into Sandy Creek. According to the NCDENR-DWR, Sandy Creek is classified as WS-III and is not listed on the most recent 303(d) list

of impaired waters. Therefore, state mandated buffers are not required along streams. Randolph County (or portions of Randolph County) may also be subject to local Randleman Watershed requirements. ECS recommends consultation with a county civil engineer to determine if mandatory vegetative buffers and/or regulated development (impervious surfaces) setbacks are required adjacent to surface waters as a result of local storm water requirements. Additional Considerations The site is located in the Sandy Creek Watershed, which is part of the Cape Fear River Basin. There are no state mandated buffer rules in effect for this watershed at this time. ECS recommends that erosion control measures and best management practices are installed and implemented on-site prior to earth moving activities. Ten megasites in the South for the next 'Big Kahuna - 2012 North Carolina Sites January 2013

1200 1000 5915 1300 1818 1500 1500 1130 2000

Further NC Sites as of 2015 1818 1688 3943 1700 1500 1315 1307 1161 5915 Current megasites Feb 2013

North Catrolina Moore County - The Heart of North Carolina Megasite Triangle North Warren is an 860-acre megasite located the northern part of the Research Triangle Region of No Triangle North Granville is a life sciences and technology 527-acre park in Granville County located in the north Triangle North Vance is a 422-acre business and manufacturing park located near Interstate 85 at exit 209, acro All the Triangle North parks offer $12,500 per job state tax credit for companies that locate in the park plus all GIPH Site, 1700 Acres, Hertford County Tanglewood, 5,915 Acres, Pasquotank County Verona Site, 3,943 Acres, Northampton County The North Carolina Global TransPark (GTP) is a 2,500 acre, multi-modal industrial park offering unparalleled ac

Hearts Delight near Aulander 1900 acres. January 2013 Aulander Hearts Delight site 1,900 Northeast NC; Norfolk Va. Rail line Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. Commerce, (919) 7334977, [email protected] Elizabeth City Tanglewood Megasite 5,915 former ag site now zoned industrial on 4-lane U.S. Hwy. 17; rail. Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. Commerce, (919) 733-4977, [email protected] Forest City Riverstone Business Park 1,000 former tree farm midway between Asheville and Charlotte; sale, Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. build-to-suit or lease; all utilities; rail; Commerce, (919) 733-4977, [email protected] Hamlet Pine Hills Ind. Park 1,500 Open land now zoned heavy industrial; between Rockingham and Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. Southern Hills; rail. Commerce, (919) 733-4977, [email protected] Jackson Verona Plantation 3,943 ag/residential zoning; near Va. state line & Norfolk airport; rail. Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. Commerce, (919) 733-4977, [email protected] Laurinburg Laurinburg-Maxton 2,000 Former Army Air Core Base Training Facility, now zoned heavy Tiffany McNeill,

NC Dept. Airport Industrial Park industrial; near SC state line; rail. Commerce, (919) 733-4977, [email protected] Morganton Great Meadows 1,200 straddles I-40; all utilities; no rail. Tiffany McNeill, NC Dept. Commerce, (919) 733- Economic impact industry experts predict three to five new Auto OEM sites over the next two to five years in North America Automobile plant for Randolph County 2000 jobs Jefferson County, TN, mega site projects that over 30 years it would yield $11 in local tax revenue for every $1 the public invested to develop the site Cost of land and bringing utilities to edge of property - $52 million, est. by G-R foundation Displaced landowners Cost of certification $50,000 to $2,000,000 or more

Tax incentives state and local $400 million estimate for Randolph site Total education budget $8.6 billion Of the three TN sites, two are behind schedule Southern Business & Development magazine expects between five to ten new assembly plants to be built in North America in the next four years and claims the Piedmont Triad region as their number one spot in the southern auto corridor that they believe can support a new assembly plant based on labor availability and quality and the areas history. D Triad business Journal The Greensboro-Randolph Megasite is anticipating site certification in late April or more

The letter, penned by N.C. Railroad Co. President Scott Saylor to the county commission, explains that the railroad has set aside $13 million to complete the purchase of 875 acres within the 1,550-acre megasite footprint, and will close on a majority of that acreage within two weeks. The remainder will be purchased "within the few months that follow," the letter says. That should quell any talk by opponents of the site that the N.C. Railroad, whichannounced plans to buy the chunk of land from the megasite foundation in January, didn't have the dollars to follow through on the deal, Melvin said. That's key as the site moves toward being certified by the state and by KPMG either late this month or in early May, and has an agreement recently inked between the foundation, Randolph County (which has a deed for $10 million of acreage in the site) and the railroad to work hand-in-hand to promote the site, Melvin said. "We have not tried to market the site until we thought we're ready," Melvin said. "Now we're going to start marketing the site to the world." These other pieces that are falling into the place the power and interchange work help make the site capable of being ready for use within 18 months, once the right large-scale manufacturer is found, he said. The foundation is paying for Duke Energy to study how to bring power to the site and which route to use, a process the power company won't

fund itself without a client ready to use the site, Melvin said. Likewise, interchange planning which is typically funded by the state when an end user is already in place can move ahead because the foundation paying for the work, he said. "The DOT cannot spend any public money for speculative purposes," Melvin said. He said the goal is "to have the site ready so that everything that is needed for it can be delivered within 18 months. We're not going to build an interchange until we have a customer." So does that mean that companies are now shopping around for megasites? Does Melvin know of an automaker who is now ready to kick the tires of a potential home for a new U.S. auto plant? If Melvin knows of one, he's not saying. But as supporters have always argued, the site needs to be ready to go when one does come knocking, hence the flurry of activity. "We're confident that it's such a good site that we will eventually get a customer," Melvin said. April 2016 status by N&R http://www.greensboro.com/news/local_news/power-interchange-plans-being-developed-

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