Russia and the Republics Most of Russian cities

Russia and the Republics Most of Russian cities

Russia and the Republics Most of Russian cities have a vibrant social life that can be compared in spirit to that of New York. In St. Petersburg alone there are: 2,000 libraries, 221 museums

80 theaters 100 concert halls, 45 art galleries 62 movie theaters 80 nightclubs. Russia European Republics Ukraine Estonia Latvia Lithuania Moldova Belarus

Caucasus Republics Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Central Asian Republics Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Russia Regions and Countries Historical Overview of Russia and the Republics Ancient Russia Slavic tribes conquered by Vikings called the Rus.

The Mongol Era (1270s 1500s) Golden Horde invaded Russia, ruled for two centuries. Russian Empire (1500s 1918) Russia ruled by the Czars (monarch), until Romanov family killed in 1918 Soviet Union (1918-1991) Post WWI - Communist government ruled the entire region as one country. Commonwealth of Independent States (1992-Present) Loose alliance of Russia and the various Republics. Rise and Fall of Soviet Union

1917 Russian Revolution Lenin (Communist Party) takes over Government and Economy 1922 USSR is formed. Capital moved to Moscow 1944-1980s Cold War USA vs. USSR Sputnik 1957 Yuri Gagarin First human in space Berlin Wall - a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 1991 USSR falls apart Population Trends of Russia and the Republics Aging, shrinking populations.

Central Asian republics have fewer people but higher birthrates, increasing their small populations. Governments of Russia and the Republics Governments have tried to modernize and remove Communist influences. Ukraine is largest and most successful republic outside Russia. Vladimir Putin rules Russia through influence and official powers. Central Asian republics dominated by ex-Communists

or dictators same president since 1990. Government Philosophy Comparison Democratic (USA) People should be free to earn as much money as they are able. Property should be owned by individuals and companies. Voters should be able to choose anyone of any party. The press should be free to criticize the government. Communism (Soviet Union) Rich people should be forced to

share their wealth with those less fortunate. Property should be owned by the state on behalf of all the people. Voters should only be allowed to choose between communist candidates. The press should never criticize a communist government. Command Economy Karl Marx German philosopher Command economy central government makes all important economic decisions. what products factories manufacture what crops to grow sets prices. Collective farms large teams of laborers were gathered to work

together. Economy of Russia and the Republics Russia and republics have ample natural resources, but struggling economies. Economies dominated by oligarchs, often tied to organized crime. Government corruption and old infrastructure hinder development. Economies rely on export of natural resources. Russia has advanced sciences, but lags in engineering. Cultural Geography of Russia and the Republics

Most speak Russian or related Slavic languages. Most practice Orthodox Christianity. 90% + of Central Asians practice Sunni Islam, but many other religions are present in small numbers. Architecture Music Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Swan Lake

Sports Ice Hockey Miracle Basketball Tennis Maria Sharapova Anna Kournikova Current Issues & Events Demographic Changes: Low birthrates among Russians and high birthrates among Muslim populations are changing several nations.

Separatism and Ethnic Conflict: Ethnic groups in Chechnya and other places are fighting to have their own countries. Russias Place in the World: The Soviet Union was a superpower, but Russia is much weaker. They want to be on top again.

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