Capstone project By: Jeannie A McCall Career development

Capstone project By: Jeannie A McCall Career development

Capstone project By: Jeannie A McCall Career development three Course 265 February 21,2019 What is a MyCred Portfolio? MyCred Portfolios are electronic credential and achievement presentation portfolios designed to store and present an individuals educational, professional, and experiential accomplishments. MyCred Portfolios serve to educate, influence, and inspire an individuals viewing audience leading to stronger professional relationships and positive outcomes. MyCred Portfolios offer the flexibility, scalability, and portability to support an individual throughout their continuum of education and professional practice. These qualities empower healthcare practitioners, educators, professionals, and students to share their accomplishments with colleagues, patients, students, employers, mentors, and parents in a practical, secure, and accessible format. Essential Question Leadership is the ability to secure desirable actions from a group of followers voluntarily,

without the use of coercion- Alford and Beauty What is the difference between management and leadership, and which is more important? Leadership is the ability of a manager to induce subordinates to work with confidence Definition of leadership according to great scholars To manage is to forecast, to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to and zeal.- Koontz and ODonnell Definition of management control.- Henry Fayol Management is a multipurpose organ that manages a business and manages manager and manages worker and work.- Peter Drucker From these definitions of leadership and management we can say that leadership is a function of management where leader influence people through position, authority, charisma etc. Manager only follow rules and manage activities in the organization. Another difference is that management is for formal and organized group whereas leadership for both formal and informal group. In management every person below the hierarchy of the manager must at least listen what manager is saying, and it is bounded. Essential Answers These definitions will help an individual to understand the insights of management and

leadership, and how these two are necessary for getting the business operations done in an effective way. These definitions also help to know the difference between management and leadership and what skills or functions distinguishes them. How would the definitions help you in leadership and management ? Difference between management and leadership after getting through all the definitions included in the above: leadership involves influencing and aspiring people to work as per the standard, without forcing them, rather by motivating them. Whereas, management involves various principles such as planning, organization, directing and control to get the work done with clear rules and regulations. leadership involves integrating the employees to work with confidence and with other members, building mutual trusts. Managers work as per the rules and regulate the authority. leadership can be applied for both informal and formal groups; as it requires dealing with every member assigned, by influencing them and transforming their way of working and thinking so that they will work as per the desired standards without showing negative behavior. Management is applied for formal groups, who need to do as per the requirement and execution of orders in an effective way, without compromising the job standards. CAPS265 - Articulation Worksheet

Program Outcome Course Name (where outcomes were met) Describe the components of employee compensation and benefits. HURS107 INTRODUCTION TO COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Describe the U.S. Court system and how legal principles, contracts, sales, criminal law. BUSS 213 BUSINESS LAW & ETHICS Brief Description of the project The project utilizing the components of employee compensation & benefits. The project shows how to Interpret the law to devise a valid and ethical solution to a problematic workplace scenario and then present your case and solution to the scenario using multimedia. Evaluate the historical relationship of and impact of human societies NSCI 280 ECOLOGY on the environment. The project utilizes research and analyze contemporary environmental concerns from a variety of perspectives historical, social, economic, and scientific and advocate environmentally responsible course of action.

Define the role of ethics in organizational culture. Explain how organizational change management impacts culture and employee behavior. Identify the correlation between individual employee behavior, group dynamics and organizational culture. differentiate between management and leadership. Apply the five primary functions of management; staffing, planning, organizing, controlling and leading. HURS 205 Organizational Behavior & Leadership BUSS 215 MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES MATH 201 College Mathematics Develop and demonstrate an understanding of how strategic planning meets the organizational and departmental business objectives. The project show how to Balance your student loans After Graduate. I feel that earning a degree in college can be an incredible method to change into standard work by fortifying your resume and giving a sneak peek into a specific research condition. It is an opportunity to get a taste of a vocation, make important associations, and adopt new aptitudes transferable to the next activity. Earning a degree is the most well-known pathway to a superior vocation. Upon entering college, not every person realizes what he/she wants to do in the future. In any case, most realize they need to have a superior occupation, one that will pay more, but one in which they are progressively fulfilled and secure. That blend of

advantages is the reason why many such individuals pursue the venture of a lifetime, save money, and head off to college. My final thoughts for my capstone project. College trains students to think diagnostically, comprehend complex subjects, and impart their very own basic thoughts regarding these. It additionally imparts critical aptitudes, such as association, self-control, and the capacity to complete assignments. As such, a college degree helps shape students into progressively proficient people. When I procure a degree, I will achieve a major advancement. I will gain information, abilities, and experience that will help me both in my profession and in life overall. Moreover, by increasing and extending my abilities in correspondence and critical thinking, as well as accomplishing my objectives, I can likewise build my certainty. College graduates don't simply need to work to earn money, but they need a profession in which they'll feel progressively fulfilled and safe. Variables, including a higher salary, work advantages, and opening entryways, would be the reason why most college graduates appreciate, discover intrigue, and are enlivened by their occupations. In addition, all these things are considered multiple times as pleasing when students report work fulfillment. Other than a plethora of information in a field of study, graduates have a superior comprehension of duties that sway their everyday presence: appreciating critical contracts, seeing how business sectors impact retirement, and overseeing individual and familial funds. Those with college instruction become engaged to be more responsible for their life. The measures of pride and self-esteem found in earning a degree is enough for some to discover that an office will change their conditions, and at last will change the general public.

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