EXCERPTS FROM: Our Lady of Charity of the

EXCERPTS FROM: Our Lady of Charity of the

EXCERPTS FROM: Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Position Paper Integral Ecology United with St. John Eudes acute awareness of Gods compassionate love and inspired by the creative audacity of St. Mary Euphrasia, we seek to give prophetic and radical responses to needs of our time We see a world permeated by Gods love, where justice and human rights support the dignity of every girl, woman and child. We advocate to change policies that exclude and systems that dehumanize.

Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Position Papers Introduction Migration / Economic Justice / Girl-child / Trafficking / Prostitution / Integral Ecology Our Position Papers (PPs) have their source in the spirituality, vision, mission, and heritage of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (OLCGS). The congregation and all affiliated with its mission have a history of service commitment that draws on 400 years of compassionate outreach to, primarily, girls, women, and children in the face of social conditions that cry out for mercy and reconciliation. This updated articulation renews a common direction for action in our global ministries; we seek to deepen the understanding of Gods mercy expressed in current situations. Our vision of Gods love is expressed in direct service projects characterized by compassionate welcome and relevant program development; it includes vibrant policy and advocacy activities that call for justice in systems and structures of programs, governments, church, and social entities. This 2018 update provides an expression of values and orientation for all who support our work. Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Position Papers Introduction

Migration / Economic Justice / Girl-child / Trafficking / Prostitution / Integral Ecology These papers have included input from our practitioners across the world and have the affirmation of the Congregational Leadership Team. We offer these papers as helpful guides that can: Provide a base for local mission and ministry practice, advocacy, and policy. Guide initial and continuing formation for all involved in mission and ministry. Inform province priorities and good practices. Focus strategic planning for ministry projects. Motivate social, political, and economic analysis. Serve as a basis for regular evaluation. We should devote ourselves to Divine Mercy St John Eudes, (adapted)

Integral Ecology In addressing global issues of today, Integral Ecology is among the most pressing issues of concern. from the Congregational Chapter, 2015 Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd 1. We live in a time when science and theology offer reliable insights about the interconnectedness of life and matter throughout the universe. This enriches our understanding of the world as

a source of deep contemplation and sacred activity. It calls us to the heart of what it means to be inclusive and reconciled in all ways with the Whole. It challenges us to re-evaluate prior perceptions previous understanding 2. We witness an increasing ill-considered exploitation of nature & ecological catastrophe. Pope Paul VI & UNFOA -World peace -Survival of life forms, -Human communities, and

-Mineral resources -EARTH ITSELF are threatened by an irresponsible and inadequate relationship with our own planet and universe. We cannot ignore that the dominant patterns of production and consumption are causing environmental devastation, the depletion of resources, and a massive extinction of species. Earth Charter 2. We see communities being undermined and the benefits of development are not shared equitably. injustice, poverty, ignorance,

and violent conflict are widespread and cause of great suffering. The discord we experience within the air we breathe, the water we drink, & among our communities calls us to join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace. Earth 3.

we stand at a critical moment in Earths history, a time when humanity must choose its future Earth Charter choose 3 The encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si, is a comprehensive work that includes insights of Saint Francis of Assisi, current scientific knowledge,

increasing political resolve, ecumenical sources, as well as concerns stated by every Pope back, at least, to John XXIII, related to world peace and ecological well-being. Judaic and Christian scriptures demand contemplative respect for the universe, Redistribution and Restoration of the land, Rest from production, and Reparation for past harm done. The urgency of sacred relationship with our common home requires work for a sustainable and integral development based on unifying love. We realize that ecological degradation and suffering of peoples and life forms across the globe are entwined; they are one phenomenon.

3. We have a vision that all persons, with special awareness of women and girls, ought to share in the economic, social and spiritual benefits of our global wealth. Our first response is to contemplate reality 4. We learn from the natural

world and from groups, such as women and indigenous communities, who are most adversely affected by ecological violence. 5. We admit our complicity in perpetuating dualistic and domineering attitudes about the earth. We understand that

reconciliation with our Earth calls for a new consciousness, a new identity, and new behaviors centered on the kinship of all and the implementation of human rights for all. Interdependence demands inclusion of all, non-living and living, non-human and human, without discrimination. 6-a. In responding to on Integral Ecology, it is critical to: Activate a

transformative spirituality that understands Earth science, Rights of Mother Earth, Insights of Cosmology & Knowledge of Inclusive and Universal Rights. 6-b. In responding to on Integral Ecology, it is critical to: Engage in critical analysis of ones own culture

Be aware of inherited traditions Be open to possibility for dynamic participation in new forms of incarnational reality. 6-c. In responding to on Integral Ecology, it is critical to: Convert individual and communal behavior from ecological ignorance to environmental responsibility EVALUATE Uses of energy Technology usage

Water Diet Practices of waste and consumption Economic investments Political policy. 6-d. In responding to Integral Ecology, it is critical to: Study Catholic Social Teaching Do Communal Study Apply documents: -Laudato Si , -The Earth Charter, Declaration & Platform for Action,

-The - -The Beijing notably section K on Women and the Environment, -The UN SDGs of Agenda 2030, particularly #s 6,7,12,13,14,15 6-e. In responding to Integral Ecology, it is critical to: Ensure strategies for empowerment of women and girls in all service programs.

Include womens participation in decision-making & advocacy. Environmental sustainability is to be considered in every strategic plan for mission development. 6-f. In responding to Integral Ecology it is critical to: Advocate locally and internationally with movements such as the 2015 Paris

Climate Accord and the processes of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 6-g. In responding to Integral Ecology, it is critical to: communities and groups Engage in political action led by indigenous and women who have been historically dominated and excluded but who hold ancient and sacred knowledge of the earth.

6-h. In responding to on Integral Ecology it is critical to: Evaluate communities, service projects, and programs according to principles of respect for the earth, inclusion of and care for all communities, reverence for sustainability of future generations. 6-i. In responding to on Integral Ecology it is critical to: Evaluate and adjust personal and communal decisions in areas of Consumption, Production, and Use of natural resources in light of the sustainability

of the universe. The Common Good of all is a guiding principle directing actions such as Fair trade purchasing, Avoidance of non-renewable energy and disposable products, Support of local agriculture, Home composting, Low energy production, Land ownership, etc. 6-j. In responding to integral ecology, it is critical to: Eliminate the structural causes of dysfunction. Benedict XVI Be politically active on issues such as Trade Climate

Practices of trans-national corporations Harm of military industry and armaments National energy policies & Sustainable water usage. Any investments held communally require analysis for environmental justice and sustainability. 6-k. In responding, to Integral Ecology it is critical to: ck ffi tra Use cross sectional analysis to confront economic policies that lead to human,

animal, and Earth degradation. g in d mig l i h c rat ion girl e h t

pe ec o an m hu no m i cs in s on

rs All Advocacy in areas of: Trafficking in human persons, Migration, Economics, or The Girl Child should always include ecological and environmental data. http://www.buonpastoreint.org/jp-en Mission Development Process A diagram for

Implementation of OLCGS Position Papers Good Shepherd has Representation at the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) of the UN in New York and in Geneva. These offices can support your advocacy and policy efforts http://rgs.gssweb.org/en/jp Good Shepherd has regional UN NGO designates who can support regional, awareness, trends and efforts . Find contact information on the GS international website.

Winifred Doherty NGO Representative Economic & Social Council, New York [email protected] Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Position Paper Integral Ecology This PowerPoint was prepared for the congregation, at request of the CLT, by the Good Shepherd international Peace office (GSIJPO), 2018. It has taken excerpts from the full text of the 2018 updated OLCGS Position Papers. It has added some resource material after the text. Its purpose is to aid training and formation

for mission and practice. You are free to adapt this - graphics and images - in order to include and express local realties and culture. Integral Ecology Insert slide from part 2 to complete this document

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