U.S. General Services Administration DoD GTCC SmartPay 3

U.S. General Services Administration DoD GTCC SmartPay 3

U.S. General Services Administration DoD GTCC SmartPay 3 Successes Kathy Windsor/Ken Hennessy GSA SmartPay Training Forum July 16-18, 2019 Agenda

GTCC Program Update Outcomes/Actions Program Improvements Open Mike Questions and Answers Useful DTMO Links Useful Citi Links 2

GTCC Program Update SmartPay 3 Master Contract started 30 Nov 2018 Thirteen year contract ending on 29 Nov 2031 DoD Task Order awarded to CitiBank SmartPay 2 accounts continued into SmartPay 3 New plastic (blue card) issued at natural expiration All cards (restricted/standard) issued activated 1 June 2019 Receipt verification and PIN setup required Processing platform Total Systems (TS2) transition March 2020 3

Outcomes/Actions Transition of 1.8M Individually Billed Accounts on 30 Nov 2018 Retain current accounts until natural expiration No mass reissuance No mass mailings No mass changes to Defense Travel System (DTS) processing Cleanup CBA/IBA hierarchy and accounts NLT 29 May 2019 Demographics Delinquency Credit Balances 4

Outcomes/Actions (continued) Communication of way forward to stakeholders Mandate ACH SP3 rebate payments Use rebates earned to pay GSA Contract City-Pair (CPP) transactions

Total Systems TS1 to TS2 migration planning Remove Opt out of credit score check capability on applications Develop SP3 training schedules and review content Revise GTCC Regulation, policies, APC, and cardholder guides 5 Program Improvements

Promote Cardholder/APC signup and use of CitiManager self-service Default ATM of $250 for standard and restricted cards Citi DoD GTCC website updated Reports reviewed/consolidated/revised for SP3 Higher rebates received than under SP2 (assuming same spend and payment timeliness) Automated file transfer DMDC/Citi to maintain hierarchies 6

Program Improvements (continued) DoD DTMO/CPM/Citi/Visa collaboration for process improvements Restricted accounts activation (effective 1 June 2019) No longer required to deactivate DoD average IBA delinquency 2% vs. 50+% restricted accounts Anticipated to reduce declined transactions (10%) APCs should deactivate accounts (standard or restricted) in cases of repeat delinquency or misuse Stress IntelliLink to identify potential misuse 7

Program Improvements (continued) TS1 to TS2 Citi platform DoD migration March 2020 SP2 charged off accounts can apply for a GTCC Forms updated/revised for SP3 Expedited applications (no fee) in paper form only Clarify credit score vs. credit check is authorized/pulled DD Form 2883 Alternate Credit Worthiness SelfCertification CBA applications online 8 Open Mike Q & A

Questions? 9 DTMO Useful Links SP3 APC Webpages (Guides, FAQs, Fact Sheets): https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/apc.cfm SP3 Cardholder Webpages (Guides, FAQs, Fact Sheets): https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/cardholder.cfm GTCC Regulations Jun 2019: https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/regulations/GTCC.pdf

GTCC Regulations Cardholder Reference Edition Jun 2019: https ://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/GTCC_Regulations(Cardholde r_Reference). pdf 10 Citi Useful Links CitiManager: www.citimanager.com/login DoD Applications, Forms, Resources:

https://www.citibank.com/tts/sa/federal-government-program-ad ministrators-guides-and-forms/gsa.html DoD Cardholder Benefits: https://www.citibank.com/tts/sa/federal-government-benefits/do d.html 11 12

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