Adapting the Federally Registered Apprenticeship For the IDD

Adapting the Federally Registered Apprenticeship For the IDD

Adapting the Federally Registered Apprenticeship For the IDD Population Introductions J Gibbs, Director AFES Guest Speakers Elizabeth Perkins & Kim Gee, VR MO

Mission: Turning Abilities into Opportunities. Vision: Abilities First will expand opportunities, empower voices, and enable citizens with developmental disabilities to realize their dreams.

Discussion Topics Why we chose this employment pathway How we collaborated for success Employment Solution NOT Employment Program Solution Overview

Solution Design Documentation Funding Sources

Policy and Procedures Overcoming Challenges Some History The first Registered Apprenticeship - Wisconsin in 1911, the US Congress passed the National Apprenticeship Act (known as the "Fitzgerald Act") in 1937, establishing federal Registered Apprenticeship.

Missouri has in excess of 14,000 apprentices state wide Skills attainment taught while on the job! Why We Chose this Employment Pathway Demand Side Employment Driven The employers have the jobs Apprenticeship is a great platform to discuss an ongoing solution Apprenticeship for the most part offers a

guaranteed position Structured training and ongoing supports Win-Win-Win / Individual / Employer / Community How We Collaborated for Success Starting from nothing is equal parts Market research is critical Who should be a partner Community Leaders

Business Leaders Federal & State Government Leaders Local Support Groups School System Guest Speakers Elizabeth Perkins & Kim Gee VR MO Employment Solution NOT Employment Program

What this solution could mean to the IDD population How this can further our mission as a state Ways this can benefit Individuals / Community / Employers Expanding the number of people we can serve due to various funding sources Other ideas New Approaches Take Time and Commitment

Solution Overview Solution Design

Documentation Funding Sources Policy and Procedures Overcoming Challenges

Design Two Main Parts: Related Technical Instruction (RTI) and On the Job Training (OJT) RTI is classified as pre-vocational training but only represents a small percentage of the overall Apprenticeship This is a demand side employment solution Candidates are hired for open positions with a

participating company How We Are Structured and Why Rural vs. Suburban vs. Urban Filling a Gap Documentation Documentation Dept of Labor (DOL)

(must keep for five (5) years) Appendix E (Employer Acceptance Agreement) Appendix A (Detailed Job Description of Occupation w/ RTI and OJT skills) Appendix B (Apprenticeship Agreement) Application and summary of qualifications Proof of previous work experience

Documentation DOL (cont.) Interview Records RTI Attendance Records and Evaluations

OJT Progress Evaluations Wage and Hours Worked Records Record of job assignments, promotions, layoffs, terminations, graduation Documentation MORAP (Missouri Registered Apprenticeship Program) MORAP Registration Forms

Competency Testing EDITS Documentation CARF

(Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities) Outcome Measurements (measures access, effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction) Community Awareness (marketing materials, brochures) Individual-Centered Service Planning (Employment Plan w/ specific and measurable objectives and monitoring, Participant

Handbook w/ agencys policies/procedures) Criteria (entry, transition, exit) Release of Information Forms (HIPAA) Skills Training (for apprentices and staff) Program Evaluation (satisfaction surveys) What is required to Track & Report

RAPIDS (Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System) - all employers, occupations, apprentices, wages, hours, and status changes within 45 days of occurrence. MORAP (Missouri Registered Apprenticeship Program) - upload all MORAP registration forms to MORAP Box - Apprenticeship Outreach Scan with Quarterly Report (Contacts)

- Apprenticeship Participant Report with Quarterly Report (Apprentices) ETPS (Eligible Training Provider System) - register sponsor(s) and all DOL approved occupations Funding Sources

Funding Sources WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act of 2014 ) has provided funding through approved partners which include workforce development, technical colleges, and universities.

The funding funnels from WIOA through various mechanisms including Missouri Registered Apprenticeship Program (MORAP) Private funding/grant Collaboration with other programs Policies and Procedures Cooperate in the selection of apprentices as outlined by DOL. Ensure all apprentices have signed Apprenticeship Agreements.

Establish minimum standards of education and experience required of apprentices. Register all apprenticeship information/changes with the Registration Agency (RAPIDS) within 45 days of occurrence. Arrange for evaluations of apprentices progress in manipulative skills and technical knowledge. Policies and Procedures (cont.) Maintain records of all apprentices showing timelines,

education, experience, and progress in learning the occupation. Provide each employer and apprentice with copy of DOL Apprenticeship Standards. Meet apprenticeship qualifications (age, education, physical, communication). Minimum of 144 hours RTI required (unpaid or paid). Supervision = adequate supervision of journey worker in OJT. Regular monitoring of progress while in OJT.

Bumps in the Road Identify open employment opportunities that are consistent over time Develop apprenticeships based on short and midterm demand Develop partnership with Workforce Development and or Trade School who is approved

Resource allocation & time One Team One Mission For More Information Contact JW Gibbs [email protected] 417-370-5948

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