MENTORING FAMILIES OUT OF HOMELESSNESS. Mission Imagine LA ends the cycle of family homelessness by mobilizing trained mentors, public and private resources, and community leaders who understand that a roof over ones head is merely the starting point to a better life. Fa m i l y E m p o we r m e nt & M e nto rs h i p M o d e l 1 2 3 Mentorship Clinical Case Management Access to Resources One-on-One mentor for

5-hour mentorship training Private Resources Ongoing guidance with Fun Events and every family member 5+ years Financial Wellness mentor for every family Other volunteers: tutoring, health, mealplanning, and more your Family Team Manager via weekly conference calls Guided framework for the mentoring process Quarterly Family & Team meetings Activities Non-Profit Partner Organizations

Government Agencies Our Families Who are our Families? 50% have experienced intimate partner violence 45% have been diagnosed with a mental illnesses 36% are recovering from substance use disorders Many children have special needs Over 90% are single parent households

All are motivated, resilient, and have decided that mentorship is right for them and their family! How are our Families referred? Referral Partners: Transitional Housing Shelters, Permanent Supportive Housing, & Family Solution Centers Where do our Families live? Scattered-site housing around Los Angeles Permanent Supportive Housing in South LA (ACOF) and Koreatown (St. Annes) What is an ideal family for the Imagine LA program? Willing and excited to work with a mentor team

Willing and excited to set and meet goals (wellness, employment, income, education, etc.) Meet all Imagine LA program requirements Our Volunteers Where do our Volunteers come from? Local Businesses Faith Communities Corporations Groups of Friends Individuals If you are interested in an immersive, impactful volunteer experience, then this is your opportunity to:

Interrupt the cycle of homelessness and poverty on a deeper level Witness the impact of your work as a mentor Create long lasting relationships Mentor Team Structure As needed 12 18 months Full Time Financial Wellness Mentor One-on-One Mentors (Biweekly meeting and weekly check-ins) Tutor/Educational Support

(Biweekly, then once/month) Family Team Manager Health/Wellness Team (Staff) Team Liaison (Dual role ) Special Projects Team T E A M S I Z E D E P E N D S O N F A M I LY S S I Z E A N D N E E D S Natural Support System Framework Natural supports are essential to help Families thrive. They promote independence and growth in addition to creating an environment that fosters creativity and confidence. Natural supports help Families develop deep, meaningful relationships full of mutual respect, love, and laughter. These relationships allow Families to begin the process of moving away from reliance on social service agencies and toward reliance on self, friends, family, and the community. Mentorship promotes community and the building of natural supports. For this reason, Imagine LA developed the Natural Support System Framework a framework aimed at helping you and your mentee Family grow over the next 12 18 months. Natural Support

System Framework: Mentor Guide Natural Support System Framework: Financial Wellness Mentor Guide Natural Support System Social Services Social Services Family Mentor Team Community Family Family

Team Manager Mentors Family & Natural Support System Goals (FTM) FTM Goals Community Phase 1 Build Phase 2 Enhance Phase 3

Uphold Desired Outcomes To maintain permanent housing To demonstrate heightened financial literacy and increase earned income For youth to finish high school and attend college or vocational school For families to receive annual medical and dental exams For non-school-aged children to meet ageappropriate developmental standards For families to report improved conflict

resolution skills within the family unit How do I refer a family? 1. Determine familys eligibility (see eligibility form). 2. Fill out Imagine LA Referral Form. 3. Scan and email referral form to [email protected] with the word REFERRAL in email subject line. 4. The assigned Family Team Manager will contact you within three business days to complete any missing information and/or provide a referral receipt. Contact Us D i a n a S a l a za r A s s o c i a t e E x e c u ti v e D i r e c t o r [email protected] 323-944-0210 x1002 or C i e ra T h o r nto n Program Coordinator [email protected] 323-944-0210 x1005

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