2015 HR Hiring Fundamentals and Fall Re-Appointments Fiona

2015 HR Hiring Fundamentals and Fall Re-Appointments Fiona

2015 HR Hiring Fundamentals and Fall Re-Appointments Fiona Harper Payroll Supervisor [email protected] 1 Todays Topics Review requirements for hiring employees and getting them paid New Hires I9 Review New processes Student Appointment for AY 2015-2016 Graduate Stipends and Additional Pay New Letter of Appointment Templates o Non-Tenure Track Faculty (August 1 start) o Overload Appointments Professional Employees Who Teach LOA Reappointment EPAF Review and Reminders

NEW Additional Compensation Form 2 New Hire Form Purpose Required for all brand new hires Establishes a new employee record in Banner Facilitates GID creation EPAF E-mail account establishment Form located at: http:// www.montana.edu/hr/NewTermEmp/New%20Hire%2 0Form.docx Under New Employees/New Hire From Send form to: [email protected] 3 Central HR Process

HR checks dedicated mailbox daily Calls department contact to obtain SSN and DOB if necessary Establishes employee record in PPAIDEN and PEAEMPL Please plan to allow one business day lead time. New Hire Form - Changes The following information is required to facilitate EPAF submittal, and to establish portal access, email, and network accounts. Please forward this completed New Hire Form to [email protected] Please note: Additional forms are required by ITC to request email and network accounts. Forms can be located at: http://www.montana.edu/itcenter/ Employee Name: Last Name Does this person already have a GID: Gender

Male First Name No Yes Female Middle Name If Yes, last four digits of GID: US Citizen Yes No Employees Mailing Address: Department Name:

Home Org Number: Z-Org Number: Department P.O. Box: Department Contact Name: Contact Phone Number: 4 New Hire Form - Changes Please check appointment type: SHORT TERM STUDENT GRAD FIXED TERM _____ Salaried _____ Hourly POSITION #: FTE:

FACULTY ____ NTT ____ TT ____AY ____ FY PROFESSIONAL CLASSIFIED _____ Salaried _____ Hourly POSITION TITLE For Professional Salaried LOA only, is this AY or FY? In compliance with electronic security procedures, Human Resources will contact the hiring department by phone to obtain the Social Security Number and birth date of the above individual if necessary. Please DO NOT e-mail Social Security numbers and birth dates. HR use only: SSN ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Birth date __________________________ 5 I9 Form

Purpose: To establish eligibility to work in the US via proof of identity and employment authorization. Facilitates Employee to begin work Completion of employee record in Banner Compliance with Department of Homeland Security policy Form located at http://www.montana.edu/hr/Taxes/I-9.pdf Read about I9 form www.uscis.gov/I-9central Send form to HR via campus mail marked confidential Must be completed in the first three days of employment. HR Contact: Emily Canty 406-994-3651 [email protected] 6 I-9s and JumpStart Central HR will facilitate I-9 completion directly for new employees who

attend JumpStart JumpStart is a new program to support departments in coordinating new hire in-processing For more information on JumpStart, contact Lisa Buss at x1957 I9 Keys to Success: Dos 1. Complete for all new employees 2. Complete when rehiring prior MSU employees who have an I9 > 3 years old and have had a break in service (Check SAIS reports or Check in Banner, PEAEMPL) 3. Verify one original document from List A, or one original document from each List B and List C. All documents must be unexpired. **Please make sure the documentation is being listed on the correct list 4. Sign and date prior to mailing original to HR.

7 I9 Keys to Success: Donts 1. Do Not photocopy list A, B, or C documents for either HR or Departmental use; the current exception is for Foreign Nationals only 2. Do not stipulate which documents an employee must provide; the employee is entitled to choose from list A, or lists B and C 3. Never send I9s electronically; security first 4. Do not refuse to hire an individual based on a future expiration date 8 I9 Form Items Highlighted in yellow are required fields

9 I9 Form Items Highlighted in yellow are required fields 10 Student and Work Study Hires Student Labor: EPAF is required Student workers are covered by 4S positions with suffix S1, S2, etc. Student workers generally start employment on September 1 with an end of August 31 in Banner

Work Study Students: EPAF is NOT required HR will build position manually All work study appointments are covered by 4S positions with suffix 00 or 01 Suffix to be determined by Financial Aid **PLEASE Be careful of the suffixes on EPAF, 4S-00/01 EPAFs will be returned. If your student leaves before August 31, submit an early terminating EPAF Eliminates WTE timecard from showing up in MyInfo and the possibility of incorrect time being reported. Students who have graduated may return to work ONLY as a Short-Term Worker 11 Student Hires Whats New Students Hired in August no longer need 2 epafs!

If a student is hired in August for the upcoming Academic Year, you can hire them as of August 1st and end them August 31st of the following year if they are expected to remain employed through the following Summer Session. PLEASE NOTE: If the position you are hiring them for is already active through 8/31/2015, you cannot rehire them until 9/1/2015 or the new position will override the existing position. Please also use a end date that coincides with their actual expected time of employment to minimize risk of incorrect hours being reported through WTE/DTE. Students attending schools outside of MSU, use suffix OC. Example: Bozeman High School or U of M students will have a position number of: 4Sxxxx-OC to represent to Off Campus Verifying enrollment is up to the department to complete. Comments will still be needed for auditing to reference their attendance school 12

Graduate Stipends Reminders Academic Year for Graduates Aug 1st through May 31st. Not to exceed 19 hours Any graduate also working student hours, must have the BZGRAD level in the routing with Maya Bronston on the student EPAF to APPROVE. Student hours and graduate stipend hours cannot exceed 19 All grads hired for the AY or full semester will be entitled to the additional $120 payment 2 EPAFs are required 13 NTT LoA and Multiple Appointment Contract NTT LoA Front page is contract information only for the Employee. Page 3: For Department Use Only contains payroll information. This section is required to be completed by departments before submitting for approval. Overload section

Replaces the Overload LoA Any workload units over 15 must be listed in the overload section. See Next Slide for overload FTE and salary calculation example. A second epaf is needed for the overload portion using positon number 4Axxx-OL. Multiple Appointment LoA. Home Department Definition: Is the department that holds the greatest FTE or consistency (rehired year to year on a consistent basis) for the Employee The Home Department creates the LoA. Each department involved must coordinate with the home department The home department is assigned in PEAEMPL under Home Department field. Each individual department is responsible for their own epafs. Overload is calculated in the same manner as an NTT LoA The overload epaf is created by the department paying the overload. 14 NTT LoA with Overload http://www.montana.edu/hr/Forms.html

15 NTT LoA with Overload 16 NTT LoA Multiple Appointment Contract 17 How to Calculate Overload Amount of overload can be calculated by: taking complete monthly salary and dividing it by the total number of workload units assigned. example: John Doe is working 18 work load units for $5000 total. $5000 / 18 = $277.78 per workload unit. 15 workload units = 1.0 FTE which means 3 workload units are in overload. 3 overload workload units x $277.78 = $833.34 for an overload monthly

payment. FTE will be 3 overload workload units out of 15 allowed for a 1.0 FTE 3 divided by 15 = .2 .2 is the overload FTE **NOTE-Overload FTE cannot exceed .20. 18 Non-Tenure Track Overload Contract Workload units: Full Time = 15 units/semester or 30 units for the full AY If over 15 units/semester or 30 units per AY = OVERLOAD! Position to be used 4Axxxx-OL EPAF is required for overload ** If NTT drops workload units with an active overload position you must terminate the OL position and add the OL units into the base

** If you have split appointments with Gallatin College, you will still use the 15 workload unit base to figure overload. ** If you have multiple departments involved, each department will create their own epafs. 19 Non Tenure Track Faculty LOA Start and End Dates Fall Semester: Start Date: 08/16/14 End Date: 12/31/14 Spring Semester: Start Date: 01/01/15 End Date: 05/15/15 Academic Year: Start Date: 08/16/14 End Date: 05/15/15 Epaf Start Dates Fall Semester and Full Academic Year: Start Date: 8/1/2015 Spring Semester: Start Date: 1/1/2015 Titles/Rank

Instructor Assistant Teaching/Clinical/Visiting Professor (Clinical faculty in CON only) Associate Teaching/Clinical/Visiting Professor Teaching/Clinical/Visiting Professor FTE Base (15 workload units per semester) 20 FY 2015 Reappointment EPAF 21 Professionals Who Teach NEW!! http://www.montana.edu/hr/Forms.html 22 Additional Compensation NEW!! If FTE is less than 1.0, or employee is eligible for overtime, additional compensation is NOT appropriate.

Name: Employee GID: Compensating Department: Faculty (tenure-track) Professional Job Classification: Home Department: Title/Rank: Classified (overtime exempt) A job classification must be chosen; add comp can only be given to these employees classes.

If an employee is eligible for overtime you Please describe duties and how they differ from the employee's assigned duties/job description: will need to contact HR to set Duties/explanation for receiving add comp will be listed here up an overtime position. Person completing form: Phone number: Please describe the means by which these duties will be covered after this assignment ends: An explanation of how these duties will be covered in the future will be addressed here. 23

Additional Compensation NEW!! Information may be requested from Human Resources: AddComp prev 12 mos? Yes 20% of Salary : No Confirmed By: Amount of 20% max spent in this FY: Previous Duties: $ This section must be completed by HR prior to submitting the form for approvals/signatures. Notes: Payment:

Dates services will be performed: Total payment: ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION POLICIES Start $ # of pays: End #pays to correspond with start/end dates "Total payment" above will be divided into equal installments and paid over the total "number of pays" shown above. Index % Index

% Labor distribution between indexes to total 100%. Employees receiving Add Policies governing additional compensation for MSUComp will beemployees paid anareequal Bozeman defined in section 100.00 amount per (interim) month beginning of the Personnel Policies , on the payroll http://www.montana.edu/policy/personnel/compensation.html that coincides with the start date. The total and section of the MSUby Personnel Policy and

payment will 965.00 be divided Procedures Manual the number of pays to http://www.montana.edu/policy/personnel/per900.html#965.00. calculate the monthly payment. ** Employee will sign last once the form has been completed and fully approved and signed by all that need to approve. 24 HR Fundamentals COMING! Purpose: To campus-wide training on Human Resources and Payroll related processes, policy, upcoming changes and Hot Topics. To ensure departments are receiving up to date information in a

timely manner. Give resources and tools to departments to more efficiently and accurately complete HR and payroll related functions. Trainings are expected to be conducted monthly and begin no later than September 2015. Feedback Wanted! Please let me know if you have any topics of interest that you would like to see covered or training that should be reviewed or addressed. email: [email protected] with suggestions, comments and/or feedback. 25

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