Ashley Falls Second Grade and Third Grade 2015-2016

Ashley Falls Second Grade and Third Grade 2015-2016

Ashley Falls Second Grade and Third Grade 2015-2016 Mrs. Sheffield Ashley Falls - Room 406 E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 259-7812 ext. 3046 Thank you for coming! Please Read find your childs desk. your letter and write back to your child using the provided paper. A Little About the Teacher Education 11 years; 3 in La Mesa Spring Valley and 8 in Del Mar Bachelors in Liberal Studies, SDSU

Supplemental Authorization in English, SDSU Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction, Philosophy of Education SDSU Positive Learning Environment Cooperative & Collaborative Learning Independence/Organization Problem Solving/Perseverance What is a combo? Why does this occur? 10 Second graders & 8 Third Graders All students will be learning their own grade level standards Instruction will be differentiated to ensure your childs needs are being met

Flexibility- students will be moving around with other teachers, students, and classrooms throughout the day My job is to ensure your child has their best year yet in school! My promise to you and your child is to facilitate learning for each child at their grade level and provide the best education that I can! How am I going to do it? schedule, schedule, schedule! Alone time weekly! Small Group Instruction allowing for differentiation in every subject area! 3rd Graders see Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lee for Social Studies and Science Support! Class Information Communication: Positive interaction and open communication

between teacher and parents strengthens the feeling of support that all children need for success in school. It is for this reason that I encourage you to e-mail me, write me a note or call me at school whenever you feel a need or have a concern. To help keep you informed, we will have a class website. I will also send emails about general information and upcoming events, as well as reminders. If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, , Ill promise not to believe everything he says happens at home. -Anonymous Teacher Daily Reflection/Homework Sheets: Each day we will spend time reflecting on our learning and accomplishments. Students will create a brief bulleted list on the Reflection Sheet to use as talking points. I strongly encourage parents to have their children pick at least one item on the list to talk about. Homework, A Week at a Glance and Important Reminders can be found on the back of the Reflection Sheet. _________________s Daily Reflections Week of August 24, 2015

Week at a Glance Lets talk about Homework Tuesday Monday Monday _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ *Reading: ______________________________________ (20 min.) Title *Math: Weekly Practice/ _______________________________ Reading Establishing Reading Workshop Routines Writing Summer Vacation &

Ac rostic Poetry Math Problem Solving Social Studies Mapping Skills *Word Study ___________________________________________ *Other________________________ _________________________ Tuesday *Reading: _________________________________ _____ (20 min.) Title *Math: Weekly Practice/ _______________________________ Wednesday ay

*Word Study ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ *Other________________________ _________________________ Wednesday *Reading: _________________________________ _____ (20 min.) Thursday Title

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Back-to-School Night 8/ 27 *Math: Weekly Practice/ _______________________________ Picture Day -9/ 1 *Word Study ___________________________________________ Volunteer Sign-Up 9/ 2

Labor Day 9/7 *Other________________________ _________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ *Reading: _________________________________ _____ _____________________________________________________________________ *Math: Weekly Practice/ _______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ *Word Study ___________________________________________

Thursday (20 min.) Friday Title *Other________________________ _________________________ Homework folders: Homework will be sent home every Monday through Thursday. Your child will write each nights assignment on the homework assignment sheet. Please make sure your child brings his or her folder to school each day with their completed assignments. . Wednesday Folders: A folder with your childs completed work, bulletins, and flyers will go home every Wednesday. Please look over your childs work and enjoy seeing the progress made! Wednesday Folders should be returned by Thursday. Wonderfully Exciting Books (W.E.B.) 2nd Grade: Leveled books will be provided for each student to take home for independent reading. The books sent home would be at your

childs independent reading level. When your child is ready for a new book, he can turn the old one. Volunteers will pull students who turn books in to conference and guide children in the selection of a new book. Morning Meetings: We will usually start the day with a Morning Meeting. The Morning Meeting schedule is as follows: Praise Notes, Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity and News & Announcements. The Morning Meetings set the tone for the day, and promote class bonding and communication. Star Student: To develop oral language and listening skills, your child will be assigned a week to be the Star Student. Your child will be creating a poster, and can also bring in anything special to share with the class during their week. The schedule will be posted on the website. 2nd Grade Field Trips: San Diego Zoo, Carlsbad Flower Fields, and Legoland. 3rd Grade Field Trips: RH Fleet Science Center, Carlsbad Wetlands *Each trip enhances a unit of study Birthdays: If you would like to celebrate your childs birthday on their actual birthday, please adhere to the District Wellness Policy (

ain/57/Wellness%20Policy.pdf) and send in a non-food item. If you are having a private birthday celebration students are allowed to hand out invitations in class ONLY if all the students in their class are invited. Book Orders: Scholastic book orders are an excellent way to motivate your child to read and build their personal library, as well as buy books at discounted prices. Catalogues will be sent home in the Wednesday Folder at the beginning of each month, and orders will be due back the following Wednesday. You may order on-line using our class code, or fill out the book order and write a check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. If ordering from more than one club, you can write just one check for the entire amount of all orders. NO CASH PLEASE. Memory Books: Your childs special school projects will decorate the walls of the classroom, and you will have many opportunities to come and enjoy them. When they are taken down, we will put the projects in a memory book for safekeeping, and on the last day of school your child will receive his/her completed book. Its a special memory of their school year. Parent Volunteers- Sign Up September 2nd! Everyone a Reader Lunch duty

Room Parent Clerical WEB Daily Schedule- *See Hard Copy A Little About the Curriculum Reading Students should be able to know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis to decode and read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension of grade appropriate literature and informational text. Read Aloud Reading aloud is seen as the single most influential factor in young childrens success in learning to read. Shared Reading - Shared reading is a situation where the learner sees the text, observes an expert reading it with fluency and expression and is invited to read along. Guided Reading - In guided reading, the teacher and a group of children or individual child, talk, think and question their way through a book. The teacher guides and supports the exploration of a book. The teacher will choose books that are slightly above a students independent level, thus labeled, the instructional level. Independent Reading - During independent reading, students are in charge of their own reading. Students are responsible for choosing books at an independent level and work through the challenges of the text.

Writing Students will write opinion pieces, expository/informative text and narratives. With guidance, students will strengthen their writing by revising and editing. They will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage, as well as the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. Graphic Organizers - Consistent use of graphic organizer per genre of writing. Graphic organizers are made using pictures and words. Verbalize - As graphic organizer is developed, students verbalize ideas prior to writing the first draft. First draft - Using graphic organizer as a guide, the students transfer their thoughts into coherent and well developed sentences. Revision/Edit - Revisions and editing will based on the needs of the student and the Common Core State Standards. Word Study Word Study involves doing things with words examining, manipulating, comparing, and categorizing and offers students the opportunity to make their own discoveries about how words work. We give students a practical, hands-on way to study words and create tasks that focus students attention on critical features of words

sound,3rdpattern, andSitton meaning. 2nd- Words Their Way Rebecca Spelling Program Developmental approach to phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction. Students do not receive a pre-test The Word Families studied during the week are assessed on Friday. Students are tested on their knowledge of the patterns, not just individual words. This means that the Friday spelling test may have a few different words than the ones sent home on Monday. This type of testing will teach your child to think like a good speller, not to memorize. Students examine words in order to reveal the logic and consistencies within our written language system and help students achieve mastery in recognizing, spelling, and defining specific words. Math Students are expected to extend their understanding of base-ten notation, build fluency with addition and subtraction, use standard units of measure and

describe and analyze shapes. In addition, students must demonstrate use of the Standards of Mathematical Practice. Math Warm Ups Activities that promote relational thinking and build on algebraic reasoning. District provided materials Investigations & toolkit Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) A research-based professional development model that focuses on developing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through word problems. Math Games Used to build on math facts and memorization. Centers Activities that spiral to reinforce math strands. 2nd Grade Curriculum Overview Taught by Mrs. Sheffield Science Motion of Objects Life-Cycles of Plants and Animals Rocks, Soil, and Fossils Social Studies

Compare and Contrast People Today with People from the Past Map Skills Rules, Laws, and International Diplomacy Basic Economic Reasoning Good Citizenship Third Grade Curriculum Overview Social Studies Concepts- taught by Ms. Lee: Geographical Regions /Map Skills Community/Native Americans (Kumeyaay) Government/Economy- AF Caf Scholastic News/ Time For Kids Science Concepts- taught by Mrs. Johnson: Energy and Light- (Science Fair in November) Biomes/AdaptationsSolar SystemLife, Physical & Earth Science (using Next Generation Science Standards in Science Lab) STEAM+ Design & Planning Chrome Books: All of third grade across the district received Chrome Books last year. Students mostly use them for Dreambox, Raz Kids, and writing. However, we are learning new ways to incorporate them daily, while maintaining a balance of students using paper/pencil to develop fine motor skills and reading actual books. Second graders get to use them too!!

How can you help at home? Each day, check and sign Daily Reflections to promote consistent communication between home and school. Ensure your child brings his or her Homework Folder to school daily. Attend the Everyone a Reader training Participate in our WEB Program and RazKids Play LOTS of math games Ask qood questions that keep them thinking (How did you solve that? Can you find evidence to support your answer?) Avoid teaching your child shortcuts that interrupt his or her conceptual understanding of mathematics. Encourage and praise your childs success. Thank you so much for

attending! I look forward to an amazing year! Dont forget to sign up for a Parent Teacher Conference! Check out our Wish List!

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