From Ether to Matter to Ether by Francis

From Ether to Matter to Ether by Francis

From Ether to Matter to Ether by Francis Fernandes CNPS 2018 International Conference University of Connecticut, Storrs Francis Fernandes, 2018 1 Ether Francis Fernandes, 2018 In an unpublished paper entitled Mans Greatest Achievement, Nikola Tesla, describes the concept of Ether as a primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal

whirls of prodigious velocity that becomes gross matter. Once these forces subside and the motion ceases, matter disappears, reverting to its primary substance. It is this primary substance or substance, discovered by Francis Fernandes through empirical physics and mathematical formulation that will provide a clear understanding of much of physics. 2 You took a very imaginative, most intuitive, and The Assumption quite coincidental step in equation 1 on page 2 of your paper. In taking this step you achieved the same result that Einstein did in applying the equivalence principle and equating the

gravitational potential energy to the mass-energy equivalence m in his first step in deriving the GRT. Bob Heaston Senior Rocket Scientist NASA The 186-ether mass Francis Fernandes, 2018 3 Ether Mass and Radial Length 36 1.380668031 10 2

2 = = 9 1.859222909 10 2=3.481819 10 12 m/ s 25812.8076 m/ s Francis Fernandes, 2018 4 The Ether Force: the cosmic gyration force, this GEM force is the strongest in the Universe Ether Force Gravitational Force is the strongest not the weakest as believed

Francis Fernandes, 2018 5 Bob Heaston emails me in 2008 after my presentation via video link at an NPA conference at University of New Mexico Francis Fernandes, 2018 This superforce, which has the formula of the speed of light to the fourth power divided by the gravitational constant

c4/G, is present in inverted form in the Einstein field equations of general relativity theory (GRT) along with the energy-density tensor form of the right-hand side of the GRT equations. - Bob Heaston Senior Rocket Scientist NASA 6 Planck Ether Mass Einstein actually predicts a collapse of matter to the superforce and the Planck scale. Just substitute the Planck length and the Planck mass into the Newton gravitational force. What you

have derived in your paper is a direct link to the standard model and GRT. - Bob Heaston I introduced into Newtons G the 186-ether magnitudes of mass and radial length at speed of light squared. - Francis Fernandes Francis Fernandes, 2018 186 Ether Mass I have discovered this correspondence in the dynamic living pulsation of ether m Torus radius 7

Ether Radial Distribution Constant Francis Fernandes, 2018 THE MATERIAL FABRIC of space is ether. The field is ether, and is expressed mathematically as M / R = 1.34 x 1027 kg/radial m 8 Wave-Particle Duality Particles ripple Waves in the Field

Francis Fernandes, 2018 9 Richard Feynman on the Hand of God There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant, e - the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon. It is a simple number that has been experimentally determined to be close to 0.08542455. (My physicist friends won't recognize this number, because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square: about 137.03597 with about an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place. It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago, and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and

worry about it.) Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to pi or perhaps to the base of natural logarithms? Nobody knows. It's one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the "hand of God" wrote that number, and "we don't know how He pushed his pencil." We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don't know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly! Richard Feynman, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter Francis Fernandes, 2018 10 I/II

GAMMA Factor Here, Fernandes resolves Feynmans query on the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon Francis Fernandes, 2018 Mass of an electron, m times the Gamma factor yields a new measure of electron mass, m Pair Production Rydberg photon masses () 11

II/II GAMMA Factor Source of the Bohr Radius Source of the Rydberg Constant: The inverse of wavelength is the Rydberg constant or the wave number of the Rydberg photon observed in H-spectra. Francis Fernandes, 2018 12

Mass, m: The Rydberg Wave Number, v Francis Fernandes, 2018 13 Entrained Ether for Earths Gravity The acceleration of entrained ether produces an acceleration of 9.8 m/ Radius of Earth Earths Ether Gravity Force of entrained ether

Force, F of earth mass, m oscillators, ,, mass of earth Francis Fernandes, 2018 14 Energy of Earth is balanced by Energy of Ether Francis Fernandes, 2018 All matter is already at the speed of light 15

Einsteins Equation: Newtons Ether Gravity Works at the atomic and galactic scales Example of an electron as a test particle Francis Fernandes, 2018 Coulombs equation: Newtons equation: 16

Energy is expressed in the various structures that constitute the H-molecule. Notice that there are 3 masses involved- The hydrogen molecule, the temperature photon and 186-ether. Newtons Gravitational Constant Francis Fernandes, 2018 Utilizing the charge squared formula above, the corresponding radii for the 3 masses are, 17 Source of Acceleration

Francis Fernandes, 2018 18 Angular Momentum of Ether the cloak of Boltzmann constant Francis Fernandes, 2018 19 Ether as Elementary Charge Francis Fernandes, 2018

20 Ether Current, I Current can be defined as ether or photon momentum per one coulomb of particles of 186-ether or photons Electric Current Defined Electrons do not contribute to Electric current, I per coulomb of ether where v is drift velocity where r is the ether electromagnetic, em radius and m photon mass which can be obtained from the measured current

and validated by electrolysis for photon mass where c is light speed or slowed velocity v for atomic mass Francis Fernandes, 2018 21 Idiocy of energy units Its too bad, but I have already apologized, and there is nothing else I can do. - Richard P. Feynman (1961) Voltage is acceleration Consider 511 keV for an electron

It is not EMF It is not PD It is not Energy Francis Fernandes, 2018 22 All Experimental Data I have added one step to Wiens Law: Empirical evidence as to why two different frequencies (wavelength) represent the same associated temperature Temperature is in absolute fact electron volts

Electron volt eV Temperature, T Kelvin, K Temperature, Example: eV=511000 and the Compton wavelength for an electron of mass m Apply Plancks Law, The photon mass m at wavelength obeys de Broglies equation A rotational factor of explains why the same Kelvin temperature of a body radiates two differently measured frequencies. Francis Fernandes, 2018

23 Magnetic Flux Quantum The Magnetic flux quantum is 186-Ether Francis Fernandes, 2018 This formula for area, A was arrived at by dividing the area in the above equation by the area of a circle, 24 Let us consider current generated by the magnetic field, B, of 0.4 T on 0.5m length of the conductor Gravitational force Electric current

squared A magnetic field, B, contributes 0.2 A and additional input current of 0.392 A is the reason for levitation Francis Fernandes, 2018 25 However Force = Current squared And thus yields a dimensionless constant, Magnetic Permeability is a Solid Angle Coulomb's constant, the electric force constant in electrodynamics equations in

SI units, is roughly equaling 8.99109 Nm2C2. A consequence of this fact changes the units of the Coulomb constant to velocity squared Nm2C2 = Francis Fernandes, 2018 26 186 Ether elocity Torus radius Plancks Constant, h Ether toroid The Structure of an Atom 1.86 1 0 9 25812.8075 1.380668 1029 =h -Ether or Intrinsic charge The radius of an atom and

experimental wavelength The magnetic permeability of free space, o has no o has no units. What this means is that the magnetic permeability of free space is a tiny solid angle subtended by the photon body pulsating about a central fixed point. Francis Fernandes, 2018 Solid Angle=4 10 7 -Photon Torus or One Atom The ether toroid is composed of 2.521836443 186-ETHER TORI. This is the reason for the Coulomb constant.

27 Mass Mass is an attribute of an oscillator measured differently by eV, experimental mass measures differ by a rotational factor of I/II Unification of Gravity with Electromagnetism (GEM) and . These

This is the unification of gravity with electromagnetism which is being searched for because no one cared about the units of eV - Francis Fernandes Its too bad, but I have already apologized, and there is nothing else I can do. - Richard Feynman (1961) Francis Fernandes, 2018 28 II/II Unification of Gravity with Electromagnetism (GEM) Francis Fernandes, 2018

I was born in the year Feynman uttered the apologies for the units of energy. Now, I have solved the problem at the swing of a pendulum. 29 INVOLUTION Schwarzschild Radius Black Holes Matter reverts to Ether Francis Fernandes, 2018 Thus, the Schwarzchild radius is proven to be the diameter of an electron when it vanishes into and as ether. A mini electron black hole is created. Electron mass is conserved.

30 Proton Structure Ether Model The yellow to blue to purple to green toroidal rings represent ether to matter. The black graviton sphere nested in a torus spun by another graviton at ten to the power 48 Hz depicted in yellow is ether. 31 Atomic Frequency (I/II) Francis Fernandes, 2018 The ether model mathematically apportions a distribution of ether tori within a time-period of one second. A graviton pulsates at a frequency, f. There is a curious relationship between frequency, f, and f-number of aitheron particles. In other

words, factor f, if multiplied by a single aitheron mass would yield the proton. The wave frequency of rippled ether, f, finds its origins in this aitheron quantum, f. The aitheron is comprised of 10 million gravitons. 32 Atomic Frequency (II/II) The ratio of Toroid radius : Radial length is f* Particle f (Hz) torus The source of Wavelength

= 21.534710 = 21.5347101.534710-18 137.036 Mass m (kg) Radial length (m) Graviton Aitheron f1 Proton f2 Ether Oscillator f3

The radial length Example: for each particle respectively f3 Graviton (Matter) Particle f (Hz) Graviton Aitheron f*

f1 Proton Proton f2 f2 Ether Oscillator f3 Graviton (Ether Toroid) Mass M (kg) Toroid radius R (m) E = mc2 = G m M / R

Francis Fernandes, 2018 33 186-Photon Torus with an oscillator is An Atom The Fractal Structure of Light & Emanation of Matter There is only ONE mass in the Universe the 737 AITHERON that emanates matter The Periodic Table will be rewritten Atomic Mass

Be 737-AITHERON as SPOTS on the TORUS surface A pulsating ether sphere rolling in a spinning pulsating ether torus is the mass of one point mass called Aitheron; The frequency of which determines atomic mass. The Planck length is the upper radial pulsate limit of the torus by a factor of 137.036. Francis Fernandes, 2018 34 186 Ether elocity Torus radius Plancks Constant, h 1.86 1 0 9 25812.8075 1.380668 1029 =h -Ether or Intrinsic charge

Ether toroid The Structure of an Atom The radius of an atom and experimental wavelength Solid Angle=4 10 7 -Photon Torus or One Atom The ether toroid is composed of 2.521836443 186-ETHER TORI. This is the reason for the Coulomb constant. Francis Fernandes, 2018 35 Speed of Light

Squared is NOT Boltzmann constant Q where Q2 = And is the emanation of Matter The product of the velocities in A and B is speed of light squared Francis Fernandes, 2018 36 Involution and Evolution Two Precessions Francis Fernandes, 2018

Coulombs Constant Speed of Light, c2 37 The Birth of Elements: From FTL [Pulsation] to Slowed Light speed [Rotation] by two precessions Black Hole 186-Ether Toroid Twin Gravitons Francis Fernandes, 2018

38 THANK YOU Francis Fernandes, 2018 39

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