3M Privacy Filters Justification Toolkit: How to Use

3M Privacy Filters Justification Toolkit: How to Use

3M Privacy Filters Justification Toolkit: How to Use The following presentation is meant to provide you with the most impactful data points to help you explain the value of a 3M Privacy Filter for your device. To get started: Review and customize the slides to tell your story of why you need to invest in a 3M Privacy Filter for your device and how it will benefit you and the company. Feel free to include personal stories or anecdotes about information you must keep secure while working on it outside the office. Include any personal experiences you may have had when a lack of privacy and how it has impacted your work. The most important items you need to customize are noted in [red] throughout the presentation Prepare to present This presentation can be shared in person, but may also be sent via email to the proper point person in charge of authorizing enterprise expenses

The presentation references a number of studies that offer helpful insights into the state of data breaches and the issues of visual privacy. We encourage you to review the studies for additional information before presenting: 3Ms Visual Privacy Productivity Study Verizons 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report Symantecs 2013 Cost of Data Breach Study 1 Why a 3M Privacy Filter? I regularly manage confidential and sensitive data and often need to access it in non-secure locations. A privacy filter will allow me to stay compliant with standard industry privacy and security rules and better protect the company. [Highlight additional needs if applicable] [If you think your entire team needs a privacy filter, update the

slide with information on intellectual property they frequently access in and outside the office to start to build the case 2 for team-wide privacy protection] Expense Description Product: 3M Privacy Filter for [insert device type] e.g. Lenovo Thinkpad Figure out your correct screen size here Enterprise Expense: [$xx] cost, plus shipping and handling 3 [Do you manage an entire team that you think could benefit from 3M

Privacy Filters? Edit the slide to reflect the total expense] The importance of visual privacy Visual privacy protects sensitive and confidential info displayed on screen. More than half of people surveyed in a recent study said their visual privacy had been violated. 69% at work 55% on plane, train or bus 51% in public KEY FACT: In 2011, the organizational cost of a data breach was $5.4 million.* 4 *Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute, 2013

3M Privacy Filters Can Help Protect Data Against the Rise of Low-Tech Data Breaches 78 percent of breaches reported were categorized as low or very low tech threats1 Low: basic methods, little or no customization or resources required Very low: the average person could have done it Computer Screen Visibility on Camera Phone 35 percent of data breaches can be attributed to physical methods2, such as snooping 56 percent of Americans adults are equipped with a smartphone3 that has the capability of taking high resolution photos of data displayed on-screen Consider including story or anecdote of a time you were traveling and saw important information on another persons screen A 3M Privacy Filter is one easy and costeffective measure that can help me mitigate the risk of a low-tech data breach, potentially saving the company from an unnecessary loss.

Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 2013 Pew Internet: Mobile Technology Report, 2013 1&2 5 3 Image taken with an Apple iPhone4 3M Privacy Filters Have Been Found to Affect Productivity of Mobile Workers In a recent study commissioned by 3M, the Ponemon Institute found that employees are up to two times more productive1 when they feel their visual privacy is protected. Many employees are wisely choosing to stop working in order to protect the data at hand when privacy is threatened This loss in productivity is costing organizations $543 per employee per year Potentially costing companies up to $1 million per year Consider including story or anecdote of a time you stopped working when you felt unsure of your work environment

Travel a lot? Include the number of hours a month you are on the road accessing important client or corporate information to highlight your need for a 3M Privacy Filter A 3M Privacy Filter would allow me to meet my deadlines while working remotely, without putting the company at risk of a data leak. 6 1 3M Visual Privacy Productivity Study, 2013 Thank you for considering investing in a 3M Privacy Filter and reviewing the benefits it can bring to me and the company. 7

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