DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions MyLion & MyLCI

DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions MyLion & MyLCI

DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions MyLion & MyLCI Where can officers report service activities right now? Lion and Leo officers can currently report service activities on MyLCI or on MyLion. Where can I report service activities starting July 1, 2019? Starting on July 1, 2019, all service activity reporting will take place on MyLion. All other MyLCI features will remain available. Does MyLion replace any other features of MyLCI? No. All other features of MyLCI will remain available. Can I report my District Governor Elect Goals on MyLion? No. DGE goals will remain on their current application. The only task transitioning to MyLion will be service activity reporting. Access on MyLion Who can use MyLion? MyLion is available to all Lions and Leos. Its our first application designed to be used by members and officers! Who can report service activities on MyLion? The following titles can report service activities at the club level: Club President, Club Secretary, Club Service Chairperson, Club Administrator, Leo Club Advisor, Leo Club President and Leo Club Secretary. For additional information or if you have any questions please write to [email protected]

DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions Can individual Lions enter their volunteer hours? No. Lions and Leos cannot enter their own hours. This function is only available to officers with reporting access. Can district and multiple district administrators enter and report service activities on behalf of their clubs? Yes. District and multiple district administrators can report the service activities of their clubs. If a member creates a service activity in MyLion, is it immediately attached to the club as a club activity? Yes. Member created activities are immediately connected to the members club. Weve heard from reporting officers that they would prefer to delete or edit activities attached to their club, rather than approve each activity. How does MyLion recognize user access for Lions with multiple positions? MyLion applies the access permissions of your highest position. For example, if you have a district and club position, you will have district level access. Can Leo clubs create a club profile on MyLion? Yes! You can showcase your Leo club with the Profile feature in MyLion. For additional information or if you have any questions please write to [email protected]

DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions Is MyLion accessible to visually impaired/blind users? Yes. We are currently WebAIM Level A compliant and plan to continue increasing our compliance moving forward. Privacy Is MyLion General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved? LCI takes your privacy seriously and MyLion complies with both our privacy policy and the EU-based General Data Protection Regulation. For more information contact [email protected] What personal data is available on MyLion? MyLion users control their privacy. With the default settings, MyLion users can see the name, club and title of other users. MyLion users can view and edit their email and phone number from their profile. They can also view their member ID. These pieces of information are completely private. Connecting on MyLion Can I post MyLion activities on other platforms like Facebook or Snapchat? Good thinking! This feature is not yet available on MyLion but it is part of our product development plan. For additional information or if you have any questions please write to [email protected] DGE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive a message on MyLion? Any Lion or Leo can receive and invitation from MyLion. Registered MyLion users will receive an alert to login and RSVP. Non-registered Lions will be encouraged to register to view the activity. Can I create a messaging group in MyLion? Yes! You can create groups and start a group conversation at any time. Service Activity Reporting Will signature activities be added to MyLion? Yes. We have heard from Lions and will be adding this feature before July 1, 2019. Will subcategories be added to MyLion? Yes! Lions have told us that they miss the subcategories option in MyLCI, so were adding it to MyLion. Weve also streamlined the subcategories so theyre easier to understand and select. Can districts and multiple districts report a district or multiple district level service activity? Not yet, but soon! Were adding this feature to MyLion so districts and multiple districts can share their service impact. It will be available before July 1, 2019. After July 1, where can I find historic service activity reports? Historical reports in MyLCI will freeze at the end of fiscal year 2018 2019. MyLion will contain historical data starting 2016 2017 and later. MyLion has a Metrics page that contains this data. We are developing dynamic reporting dashboard that will be available soon via your Lion Account. For additional information or if you have any questions please write to [email protected]

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