We receive emotional strength from those who have

We receive emotional strength from those who have

We receive emotional strength from those who have gone before us. We receive physical strength from the experiences of those who have gone before us. How long has the tribe been in OK? Where is the Tribe headed? How many states has the Tribe been to?

How long were we there? What roles did women and men play? Can we have a segment on artists and their paintings, such as, Hal Sherman, Doug Hall, and Alex Davis? Other: More activities for kids Try to involve the Ceremonial Chief A Search for Eastern Shawnee History

Winter Gathering January 11, 2014 Lola Hampton Purvis, MLIS, CLIS ANA Research Manager Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, Cultural Preservation Department The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma is losing

its historical knowledge, which has led to a loss of cultural identity among our tribal community. A primary issue is that we have a shortage of historical documents, making it difficult to share that rich and vibrant knowledge with our people. A Search for Eastern Shawnee History Our ancestors stories of resilience, resistance,

and survival remain archived in various places across the United States. Part of my job as ANA Research Manager is to travel to these places to recover these stories. . OBJECTIVES:

The listener will identify the purpose of the ANA grant. The learner will meet team members and partners. The listener will learn tidbits of Eastern Shawnee history. The listener will be introduced to some technology terms that impact the outcomes of the activities of the grant. The listener will be able to identify what they want to learn as a result

from the grant activities. Chief Glenna Wallace, Executive Director Audrey Gardner, Project Director Robin Dushane, Department Director Michael Lowery, Grant Coordinator Lola Hampton Purvis, ANA Research Manager Karlee Gibson, Grant Administrative Assistant

Research Technicians: Heather Devine Leslie Miller Stephen Warren Professor of History Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois Tribal Member

Dr. Robert Miller Law Professor at Arizona State University Partners Absentee Shawnee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Oklahoma Historical Society Ohio Historical Society ESTO Print Shop Indigo Sky Casino National Museum of the American Indian Ohio State University

Silverhorn Designs If we fail in passing our history to our people, then we fail our ancestors and lose their stories rich in strife, struggle and triumph. Eastern Shawnee people survived that resilience in the face of adversity is a central characteristic of being Shawnee.

What will I be doing? Recovering oral histories, language recordings, and written sources relating to our people that will enable us to reconnect our people to their heritage. Flag of Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma Significance of the Eastern Shawnee Tribal Seal

ROUND SHAPE The world or universe FOUR FEATHERS The four winds & four corners of the earth PANTHER Strength, courage

and prowess in battle SWAN Grace and dignity SPEAR & FEATHERS Forever joined for mutual protection of the United States of America It is said that the our tribal communities' population fell to

75 members in the last decade of the 19th century. Sometime during the 1890s there were no longer enough people to fill the positions it took to carry on ceremonials. The Eastern Shawnee Tribe is the only Shawnee Band in Oklahoma that does not hold ceremonials. Eastern Shawnee Tribal membership is based on continuous lineal descent. Currently = 3,096 members

1977 = 1,049 members 1964 = 813 members 1939 = 139 members when our constitution was written 1913 = 123 members 1870 = 63 members Forced Removal: Sept. 19, 1832 258 members of the Lewistown Band (known as the Mixed Seneca/ Shawnee Band) were led out of Ohio by the U.S. Military.

220 members arrived in Indian Territory thus ending their three month journey. 1919 Congress extended American citizenship to all Indian Veterans of WWI 1924 The Indian Citizenship Act extended U.S. citizenship and voting rights to American Indians Original areas of occupation

Government to Government relations began long ago when the federal government signed treaties with Indian tribes. Treaties are the founding documents that incorporate sovereignty with most tribes today.

Treaties recognized tribes as independent groups of people. Longhouse Village Sharing is a part of Indian life, and it gives Security to a life that has seldom been easy. Leif Selstad

Early homes of the Shawnee were known as wigiwas. Historically these structures were built by women. Tecumseh 1768-1813

Cornstalk Blackhoof Tenskwatawa Chief Blackfish (no picture available) Bluejacket

Historically there were Five Divisions of Shawnees Pekowi Tribal Ritual Kispoko War Hathawekela Politics Mekoche Medicine and Health Chillicothe Leadership

Clans of the Shawnee (1859) Rabbit Raccoon Snake Turtle Turkey Deer Bear Wolf Horse Owl Loon

Great Lynx Turkey Buzzard Colonel Lewis Picture courtesy of Ohio Historical Society Lewis led the group of

Shawnee out of Ohio that became the Eastern Shawnee Tribe. Original Digitization Secondary source

Tertiary source OCR: Optical Character Recognition Digital Archive Digitization - The process of converting data to digital format for

processing by a computer. Digital archives (this is what our team will be doing) Archival materials that have been converted to machinereadable format, usually for the sake of preservation or to make them more accessible to users. Digital archive = Ohio Memory from OHS A system designed for locating, storing, and providing access to digital materials over the long term. Primary source

In scholarship, a document or record containing firsthand information or original data on a topic, used in preparing a derivative work. (one history book; 1 children's storybook; a Cultural Preservation Plan) Bandwidth The maximum carrying capacity of a line in an

electronic communications network Primary sources include original: Manuscripts Drawings Periodical articles reporting original research or thought

Posters Film footage Diaries Sheet music, songs, interviews Memoirs Government documents Letters Public records

Journals Eyewitness accounts Photographs Newspaper clippings, etc. Benefits expected of the grant: Tribal citizen increases Awareness of project Knowledge of Eastern Shawnee history In connection to the past

In tribal self-esteem and cultural identity Tribe Increases research skills of staff and participating tribal members Strengthens and increases partnerships Sah-lah-no-key = Till we meet again in Shawnee ??

This presentation made possible by the Administration of Native Americans.

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