Welcome to the First-Year Experience! Fall 2019 Were

Welcome to the First-Year Experience! Fall 2019 Were

Welcome to the First-Year Experience! Fall 2019 Were glad youre here! Why are you here? If you already have credit for this course... You probably shouldn't be retaking it! 'B' for computing majors You might be a Computing-Interest major, or:

A Cyber-Security major, or A Mathematics major, or A Chemistry/Biology major, or A Criminal Justice major, or An Arts major, or... What were preparing you for In 4-5 years, youll have a technical job interview You will use almost everything you learn in CSE 1321, CSE 1322 and CSE 3305 EVERY DAY If you dont have a full mastery of this content, its hard to pass the

interview https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/9-things-to-never-do-in-a-panel-interview/ Two Parts to the Course Title Part I: Programming This happens in lab You should be signed up for a lab That lab is in a particular language so double check! ENGINEERING STUDENTS MUST TAKE C++ Historically, CS takes Java and others take C#

Labs have assignments in a specific language Part II: Problem-Solving This happens in lecture Learn programming concepts See them in multiple languages Translate problems into pseudocode Why Pseudocode? Learn concepts that apply to all languages Hard part is learning problem solving Break problem into smaller pieces

Write algorithms for those pieces Combine together Example: Write a program that calculates the fastest way to get to work. Fairly complex Why a B? CSE 1322 has a prerequisite of a B in CSE 1321 Why? Statistics! If you make Bs and move on, youre much more likely to graduate If you make Cs and move on, youre likely to repeat

courses and much less likely to graduate Professors and GTAs You have one lecturer, but four professors You have one lab instructor, but six GTAs All of them are available to you, so use them! The Technology We Use Gradescope Exams are on paper, but scanned in and graded here Assignments

D2L Labs and quizzes Arkaive Attendance app for phone (fast and free for you) If you dont have a phone, use the sign in sheet with ID Note: You will receive (attendance percentage)*1.5 points at the end of the semester (as a round up) Integrated Development Environments Visual Studio (C# and C++) Eclipse

Communication Only email using KSU email address Do NOT send to our D2L address Not checked as frequently Please include your course/section/CRN as part of your email (we teach several courses) Be professional in your communication Check your email at least once a day We try to respond within 24 hours M-F

Withdrawal Day In case of emergency, it is YOUR decision whether or not to withdraw We can only give advice Withdrawing on/before Withdrawal Day == W Withdrawing after Withdrawal Day == WF (same as F) Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at 11:45PM Exam/Assignment Policies No make-up exams Final Exam replaces missed exams

Final does NOT replace quizzes Dont risk it! Study for and take each exam Making up the Final Exam Requires strict documentation (e.g. medical documents, police report, etc.) Best to communicate beforehand Communicate your intent!! Exam Policies (continued) Must specify language Pseudocode is most forgiving, so recommended

Exam/Assignment re-grade requests up to three business days after publishing via Gradescope only One professor grades one question Keeps consistency Regrades go to the one who graded it Bring KSU ID to Final Exam No ID, no test Hats backward, no hoodies, no sunglasses, no phones/watches...

Labs Lab assignments Pseudocode Specific language Designed to be challenging Lab final Given on last day of class for that lab! 50% of overall lab grade Last semester was very successful, but must PRACTICE

Resources Tutoring Lab 4 Professors! Yes, 4! 6 GTAs and recitations! CCSE Advisors FYE Website Pseudocode Guides Practice banks (and repl.it) Feedback page All this, and much, much more!

About our Majors Computer Science Based on algorithms (making things efficient) High programming and math requirements Software Engineering Methods for developing very large-scale systems High programming and math requirements Information Technology Using computing to solve problems in industry Medium programming and math requirements

Game Design and Development Computer Science applied to Game Development High programming and math requirements Advice Dont just sit in lecture, practice! This isnt high school, so take charge Practice some more. Take advantage of resources Follow assignment directions then TURN THEM IN

If you dont understand something: Dont go to bed before reaching out for help Start assignments early READ Practice some more. Other policies During finals week: CRAZY time for us Office hours by appointment only

We take cheating seriously See FYE website for details Finally We care: Its not easy, but we want you to be successful! We want you to be employed Please (please!) reach out early if youre having problems Questions?

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