1 About us OpusING was founded in USA

1 About us  OpusING was founded in USA

1 About us OpusING was founded in USA in 2007 100% Privately owned Company and popularly known as OPUS Opus is an Software Development & IT Staff Augmentation Outsourcing Services & Lead Generation Company. Head Quartered in Boston, MA. Dedicated ODC in India with a pool of highly qualified technical resources. Why Opus 20% - 40% of leads are converted in business by our clients Deliver 100 % Phone & Email verified contacts. Established huge database. Services at most competitive price Services

Project Consulting Application Development Software Testing E-Business IT Solutions Contract Staffing Permanent Staffing Lead Generation List Creation List Enhancement List Cleansing Data Validation Email Marketing Event

Promotions What is Lead Generation Lead Generations is specialized service to obtain information for the purpose of expanding a business, increasing sales revenues, looking for a new clients. Lists of leads can be gathered or filtered from targeted databases such as telephone and Internet directories. Services of this kind can be used by any industry . Leads can consist of the names, addresses, email and other details of individuals, corporations, institutions, or agencies. How It Works Customers can target their leads for B2B direct marketing, email marketing and telemarketing by selecting a variety of criteria including: Company Selections

Revenue No. of Employees Industry Verticals Public/Private Companies Revenue Give us your list of companies and we can fetch contacts against them. Personnel Selections Specify any title list (e.g. CTO, VP Marketing, Security Architect, Business Analyst). Corporate data like headquarter address, phone number, and regional address. How Does A List Looks Like * Complete list is 100% email & phone verified. * Additional information like SIC code, Number of Employees , Turnover/Sales, Industry & Website etc. can also be provided . Lead generation team (expert internet researchers) pull out

the data from 3 sources. Our Lead Generation Process Data Delivered to the client. Client owns the data Receive company Criteria & titles from the client 6 1 2 All the records are compiled in the form of an

XL sheet. 2) Search Engines / Company websites / News letters etc 5 4 Phone verified data is verified through email also by the email verification team 1) More than 80 different paid business directories. 3

3) Internal database of more than 3 million records. Lead Verification team (Tele callers) verify the data through CALLING. 100% data is verified by calling. 7 Source of Our Huge Database 80+ Paid Websites Organizational Surveys Corporate Reports & Directories Trade Show Events and headhunting

and many more Our Prestigious Clients How do we differ from other business directories. The most important difference is that our services are completely customizable which means we work as per your need. You send us the company names or the criteria or any other details and we work on that project. We pull out data from more than 80 paid business directories / through internet research / by calling / internal database. Thirdly, all our data is 100% verified by phone and email and is absolutely up to date. Fourthly, you get the data in a XL sheet. You own the data We deliver more than 4000 customized records every month. We provide 24 hours online customer support for all you queries related to our services and ongoing projects. We charge for our services once we deliver the project. Global Locations USA Head Quarters: Boston New Jersey 101 Federal Street

2500 Plaza 5, 25th floor Suite 1900, Boston Harborside Financial Center MA 02110 Jersey City, NJ 07311 Phone: +1-781-207-1427 Directions: Google Map Fax : +1-781-623-6100 Email : [email protected] Directions: Google Map Florida California 80 S.W. 8th Street 1001 Bayhill Dr., 2nd Floor Suite 2000, Miami San Bruno, CA 94066 FL 33130 Directions: Google Map Directions: Google Map Illinois Texas 350 S Northwest Highway

11200 Broadway, Suite 2743 Suite 300, Park Ridge Pearland, TX 77584-9785 IL 60068 Directions: Google Map Directions: Google Map Ohio 600 Superior Ave. East Fifth Third Building Suite 1300 Cleveland, OH 44114 Directions: Google Map Canada India Toronto Offshore Development Center India 25 Sheppard AVE., West Suite 300 B- 87, First Floor Toronto, ON - M2N 6S6 Sector 60, Noida 201301

Phone: +1-647-972-8811 India Fax : +1-781-623-6100 Phone: +91-120-4217352 Email : [email protected] Fax :+91-120-4217352 Directions: Google Map Email : [email protected] Directions: Google Map Canada: Mississauga 2 Robert Speck Parkway Suite 750, Mississauga ON - L4Z 1H8 Directions: Google Map Our Presence Corporate Office OpusING LLC 101 Federal Street, Suite 1900 Boston, MA

Canada Office OpusING Corporation 25 Sheppard AVE West Suite 300, Toronto ON - M2N 6S6 Phone: +1- 781- 207- 1427 Fax : +1- 781- 623- 6100 Email : [email protected] Phone: +1- 647-972-8811 Fax : +1- 781- 623- 6100 Email : [email protected] Offshore Development Branch Office OPUSING B 12, Second Floor Sector 22, Noida 201301 India Email: aseem @opusing.com

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