U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service Network

U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service Network

U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service Network Services 2020 Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Government/Industry Information Exchange April 27, 2015: Session 1 Integrated Technology Services Federal Acquisition Service General Services Administration April 2015 Introductions Fred Haines, EIS Program Manager Ray Lewis, EIS Deputy Program Manager Tim Horan, EIS Contracting Officer Michelle White, EIS Contract Specialist Robert Sodano, Jim Russo, Ward Fisher, Dinaira Borba, Terri Stoddard Team Leads 2 EIS Objectives

GSA is a provider of Federal demand Provide a total solution telecommunications vehicle for all Government clients o Add new capabilities (cloud, managed mobility, labor) o Provide agility, flexibility, scope, and contractual elements sufficient to satisfy todays complex requirements Reduce redundancy in Government contracting Combining local (regional) and enterprise contracts Leverage the Governments buying power

Drives cost savings for all agencies Adequate competition pool Support for Federal mandates and regulations (Safe Harbor) 3 Industry RFP Comments by Section RFP Section Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F Section G Section H Section I

Section J Section K Section L Section M Number of Comments 6 171 505 3 24 9 206 61 50 85 1 67 29 4 EIS Characteristics

Fewer mandatory requirements Fewer deliverables Time & Materials 15-year period of performance Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) Construction clauses No compliance matrix: Contractors must agree to all RFP Terms and Conditions or take exception prior to proposal submission Requirement for task orders and DPAs Minimize contract modifications: Use of catalogs Task Order Unique CLINs (TUCs) for solutions 5 Draft EIS RFP Feedback Pricing

6 Pricing Comments by Draft RFP Section Majority of comments address price tables and specific services A number of comments address new EIS pricing concepts: Pricing principles (PHubs, PCLs, access pricing, etc.) Catalogs Voice (with associated access) has the most comments for any single service Section B B.1.1 B.1.2 B.1.3 B.2 B.3 B.4 Total Topic Overall Overview

General Pricing Principles Catalog Pricing Requirements Pricing Tables National Security Emergency Preparedness General Pricing and Other Requirements # Questions 4 1 38 11 109 1 7 171 7 Common Pricing Themes Industry requested additional clarification and detail on: Pricing Hub (PHub) and Physical Concentration Location (PCL) Minimum entry criteria: Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) Mandatory services Optional services criteria for acceptance

Required CLINs to be priced per service: Bandwidth (BW) Features Voice service Catalogs: Service Related Equipment (SRE) Cloud Services Commercial Mobile Satellite Service Wireless Service (MMS) Managed Security Services (MSS) 8 Draft EIS RFP Feedback Technical 9 Mandatory and Optional EIS Services Service Area Service (Mandatory services are in red) Data Services Virtual Private Network Service (VPNS), Ethernet

SONET, OWS, Private Line Service, Dark Fiber, IPS Voice Services Voice Service CSDS, Toll Free, IPTel Contact Center Services Contact Center Services Data Center Services Cloud Services Wireless Services Satellite Service Managed Services Service Related Equipment Service Related Labor Cable and Wiring Access Arrangements Data Center Services Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Content Delivery Network Services Wireless Service Satellite Service

Managed Network Service Web Conferencing Service, Unified Communications Service, Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service, Managed Security Services, Managed Mobility Service, Audio conferencing, Video Teleconferencing Equipment Labor Cable and Wiring Access Arrangements 10 Comments by Technical Service Sections Background SDN Security and National Policy VPNS Ethernet OWS PLS SONET Dark Fiber IPS Voice Basic

CSDS Toll Free Service IPTel Contact Center Service Colocated Data Center Wireless Commercial SatCom SRE SRL Cable and Wiring Access Arrangement Transition and 508 Total Comments 21 6 12 42 29 8 10 13 8

10 22 5 7 17 14 2 3 4 2 1 1 17 8 262 505 Total Comments Cloud Services IaaS PaaS SaaS CDNS Total

Managed Services MNS Web Conferencing UCS MTIPS MSS Managed Mobility Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Total Comments 85 9 5 4 103 Comments 15 9 41 7 23

16 10 19 140 11 Summary of Technical Comments We appreciate the identification of obsolete language that appeared in the draft (references to dial-up and PVCs) We received advice on making some features and capabilities optional instead of mandatory: Continued viability of legacy capabilities Commercial availability of new capabilities We received some suggested changes to RFP language to make the Governments intent more clear 12 Common Technical Themes GSA should not over-complicate or over-specify its requirements Industry is moving away from circuit-switched

services (TDM) and moving to IP solutions: The demand for TDM services is dropping TDM services may not be commercially available in the future 13 Planned Technical RFP Changes No major changes to mandatory service requirements: VPNS, Ethernet, Voice, and Managed Network Services will remain mandatory Correct/delete obsolete requirements Complete or consolidate service requirements: Voice MTIPS Wireless Managed Network Services Relax requirements for some mandatory service features and capabilities 14 Draft RFP Feedback Management and Operations

15 Summary of MOPS Comments by Impact Section Number G.1 G.2 G.3 G.4 G.5 G.6 G.7 G.8 G.9 G.10 G.11 G.12 E J.2 Section Name

Introduction Contract Administration Ordering Billing BSS Service Assurance Inventory Management SLA Management Program Management Training NS/EP Sustainability Inspection & Acceptance CDIP Total (All MOPS Sections) Total Comments 1 7 36 30 35 8

14 50 9 10 4 2 24 62 313 16 Common MOPS Themes Ordering: Clarify the distinction between Task Orders and Service Orders SLA Management: Concerns with performance standards (KPIs), provisioning categories, and automated credits BSS Requirements: Concerns with the government-specific BSS requirements (as opposed to commercial offerings) and their cost implications

BSS Inspection and Acceptance: Concerns with the BSS testing timeframes Contractor Data Interaction Plan (CDIP): Prefer vendor-defined data formats and government-defined application programming interfaces 17 Key Actions SLA Management: Automated (Proactive) Credits: Primary Concern: Industry anticipates many challenges implementing the automated credits requirement GSA Action: Remove automated/proactive credit requirements Evaluate SLA credit process based on customer needs and government systems capability Data Dictionary: Data Elements: Primary Concern: Provide greater clarity for data field definitions

GSA Action: Assess and improve data field definitions for all data elements in the Contractor Data Interaction Plan (CDIP) 18 Questions 19 Next Steps One-on-one industry meetings: In person or via remote conference 60 minutes May 28 meeting: Further discussion of RFP updates June 30 meeting: Proposal instructions and timing 20

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