2019-2020 Ms.Chamorro & Ms. Davalos Florida Standards Assessment

2019-2020 Ms.Chamorro & Ms. Davalos Florida Standards Assessment

2019-2020 Ms.Chamorro & Ms. Davalos Florida Standards Assessment o Students will be assessed in the following subjects: o o o o Writing

Reading (Paper-based Testing) Math (Paper-based Testing) Science (FCAT 2.0) o Testing will take place between March May 2018. More information will be sent out regarding our Florida Assessments. Reading/ Language Arts o Reading / Language Arts o STAR / AR o o o

Every student will be taking the STAR test on a quarter basis to assess their reading level Students should be checking out books from the library at their reading level Students will be given a quarterly reading goal. The goal will be spread out throughout the quarter in order to keep each student on track. Keep in mind that the completion of their goal is ONE reading grade. o Summer Reading Assignments o Due by Friday

o Language Arts o Writing Home Learning IREADY Students must complete 2 passed lessons of Iready weekly. Lessons will be checked every Monday morning. They will receive one grade for Iready at the end of each quarter based on completion.

Students who do not complete their weekly lessons will lose 10 points of their overall grade per week their goal is not met. Students must read every night in order to meet their AR goals. Please check agendas daily for additional information or homework. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies o Common Core Standards o Go Math o Online resources

o Tests o iReady o Science o NGSSS (FCAT 2.0) o Elevate Series o Online resource o Gizmos o Lab Reports o Social Studies o NGSS o McGraw Hill United States History

Home Learning Students will receive daily math homework to review lessons done in class. Students may also have science activities to be completed through interactive online resources. Please check agenda daily for updated homework. Home Learning Policy o Home learning will be posted on the school website and students are responsible for writing it in their agendas every day. o Any graded assignment turned in late will drop one letter grade

for each day past the due date. o Although Home Learning will be posted on the website, please refer to your childs agenda in case of any changes. In the intermediate grades, we focus on preparing the student for middle school. We promote and encourage independence. Please help your children be responsible. Behavior Management o We will both be promoting positive character traits and values such as hard work, responsibility, respect, etc. in our classrooms. o Students will receive rewards such as dances,

treasure box treats, and other classroom incentives. Home Learning/ Behavior Policy Homework quarterly including Math, Science, Social Studies activities, AR, and i-Ready. For ELA classes, students must reach their AR goal for the quarter and complete all of their i-Ready lessons. We will also be documenting behavior infractions including: Disrespecting teachers or students Incomplete classwork Misbehaving in and out of the classroom. Reward Events: 1st Quarter- Harvest Dance

2nd Quarter- Friendship Dance 3rd Quarter- TBD 4th Quarter- TBD Consequences: Students will receive detentions, referrals and loss of 5th grade events for multiple infractions. PARENT COMMUNICATION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA & GROUP TEXTS We are lucky to live in a world full of technology and mass communication. We ask that you please be mindful of what is

posted and texted through social media or group chats, such as Whats App or Messenger Should any situations arise or should you have any questions or concerns, please come to us first for clarifications or answers. This will avoid the spread of misinformation. Contact We look forward to working with you to help your students succeed this year.

We are available for phone conferences at your convenience. Please send any time sensitive notes with your child to ensure we receive it as quickly as possible. Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments and concerns. [email protected] [email protected] Class Tag Please download the Class Tag App. Refer to the invitation to sign up. We will be sending updates and news through this app.

Please continue to check your childs agenda and the website as well for classroom information. Davalos Chamorro Volunteer Hours Every family is responsible for completing 30 volunteer hours Step-by-step instructions on how to become a cleared School Volunteer can be found on our School Website: How to Become a School Volunteer. An active volunteer number is

needed when volunteering for a field trip. School wide volunteer opportunities can be found on our School Website via Volunteer Spot Online Wish List For other volunteer opportunities, please communicate with us. Online Store

Folder $2.50 Agenda $10.00 Paper Fee

$20.00 NEW black Doral Mom and Dad shirts $15.00 New Friday Shirts $13.00 Jean Day (Whole Year) $40.00 Lunch $3.25 Lunch Free/Reduced $0.40 Located inside yellow folder. Must be filled every year Breakfast $2.25

Breakfast Free / Reduced $0.30 Tops: Polo shirts must be red, white or navy blue and embroidered with the school name and logo.

All shirts must be tucked inside pants at all times. Bottoms: Pants/skorts may be navy blue or khaki. Belts must be worn at all times. They must be plain, black, and fastened securely at waist level. Shoes: Black closed toe shoes or sneakers must be worn. No sandals, crocs, boots, heels or platform shoes are allowed. Sweaters:

Navy blue uniform sweatshirts and sweaters with embroidered school logo may be worn. o On jean day, appropriate blue jeans should be worn (no capris, shorts, painted or ripped jeans) oUniforms may be purchased at ALL UNIFORMS. All uniform shirts must be embroidered with school logo. Calendar Arrival

o Classes begin at 8:30 am. o 5th grade students must enter through the lobby or through the double doors near C.A.U. Tardies & Absences After 5 tardies parents will receive a phone call or email. After 7 tardies a letter will be sent home.

After 10 tardies a students will receive a referral. All tardies will be unexcused unless the child brings a doctors note. Please send a back-to-school note for the reason of an absence.

After 3 unexcused absences parents will receive a phone call or email. After 5 unexcused absences students will receive a referral. ***Doral Academy ONLY awards perfect attendance to those students who not only attend school every day but also arrive on time. *** Dismissal Students cannot be signed out early during the last half hour of the school day.

Please keep this in mind for field trip days or other school events. Ten early dismissals will result in the student being issued a referral. When picking up your child, please make sure that you have the Doral Academy decal that is specific to your child. A person under the age of 18 will not be allowed to pick up your child.

Please make sure that children are not put in danger during pick up by having them cross 97th Ave. Students must be picked up by 3:15 PM. After 3:15 PM, you will charged $1.00 per minute by Leap Services. If you are running late you may NOT leave your child in aftercare unless they

are pre-enrolled. Dismissal Silent Dismissal Beginning a few weeks after our school year begins, students will be dismissed from the classrooms. This will reduce traffic, dismissal times, and will allow for more instruction time, as well as opportunities for students to collaborate on homework. Please be patient as we work out the kinks during this new dismissal procedure.

Parking Parents are not allowed to park in the staff parking or drive through area! If you need to get off at the school, please park in the Carlos Albizu Parking lot were there are plenty of spaces available. Electronics Cellphones, iPads, and other electronics are not to be used on school grounds. This

includes but is not limited to bathrooms, hallways, classrooms, and dismissal. Any electronic devices including, but not limited to, cell phones, iPads or smart watches that are seen or heard will be confiscated. The school will not be responsible for lost or damaged electronics.

Birthdays ALL birthday celebrations are to take place in the cafeteria. Parents can provide cupcakes & juice only at lunch time. (Store bought cupcakes are preferred due to allergies.) School Policies It is imperative that we teach our students to be responsible. Please be aware that if a parent brings an item (home learning, book bags, projects, etc.), it will NOT be brought to the classroom after instruction has begun. Lunch boxes that are dropped off will be taken directly to

the cafeteria and placed on an unsupervised table for your child to pick up during their scheduled lunch period. School PoliciesRolling Book Bags In order for students to be exempt from the no rolling book bag rule, a doctor must fill out the Physician Statement Form available at the nurses desk Students with a rolling book bag who do not have the required form on file will be asked to call home for a replacement book bag School nurse will keep a master

list of all students requiring a rolling book bag We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring our students safety. School Website . www.doralacademyes.org . Download this APP to stay in

tune with school wide events and news. Join our group code: End of the Year Field Trip . April 17th , 2020 Save the Date! . A la clase de espaol 2019 - 2020

I am Mrs. Sanchez and I will be your child's Spanish teacher for the upcoming school year 2019 -2020 My academic goal is to create a dynamic environment that inspires and encourages the children to speak, read and write Spanish through fun and interesting techniques such as lectures, songs, movies, graphics, games, and activities. I know to achieve this goal it is essential that children read more books in Spanish and this can only be accomplished with your collaboration.

Duties of the students at home Home Learning: Students should study their vocabularies (in English and Spanish spelling) at home. Vocabularies will be updated in Mrs. Snchez page in the school webpage. Tests/ Quizzes: All tests will be announced a minimum of a week in advance. AR Test (3-5Grades only): Students must to read 1 book and take the AR Test each quarter. AR Test by the due date. Suplies All students 2nd -5th (1) White Binder inch filled with line paper and

2 clear sheet protectors. (1) Pack clear 10 sheet protectors (1) Low odor Dry Erase Expo Marker (1) Red Pen (1) Box of Colored Pencils MR. ALVAREZS & MS. LOSADAS MUSIC CLASS 2019-2020 The Musical Year at a Glance Topics Covered Include Music Theory Rhythm Reading

Solfege Composers Musical Eras World Music Holiday Music Instrument Families Musicals Instruments (Recorder, Orff, Modern Band, Guitar) Music Supplies for 2nd & 3rd Grade For Students To Have For Music Class: -No.2 Pencil (Sharpened) -1 Black Two Pocket Folder (clearly marked with childs name) -Line Paper in Folder (placed inside folder)

For Home Learning: -Index Cards Music Supplies for 4th & 5th Grade For Students To Have For Music Class: -No.2 Pencil (Sharpened) -1 Black Two Pocket Folder (clearly marked with childs name) -Line Paper in Folder (placed inside folder) -Musical Staff Paper (placed inside folder can be printed from the music webpages) -$7 for a Recorder (to be purchased in October from the Music Department on the Doral Online Store ) For Home Learning: -Index Cards

DAC ELEMENTARY CHORUS DAC Elementary Chorus Auditions for students in 3rd-5th grade will take place after school in the music room. Below are the Dates and Times: August 21st Previous Chorus Member Meeting 3:00pm-3:30pm August 26th 3rd Grade Boys 3:00pm-5:00pm

August 27th 3rd Grade Girls 3:00pm-5:00pm August 28th 5th Grade 3:00pm-5:00pm August 29th 4th Grade 3:00pm-5:00pm

Make Up Auditions Week of 8/26-8/30 in the morning from 8:00am8:30am or on Friday 8/30 after early dismissal. Audition Forms can be found on the Music Department Webpages or through Ms. Losada. DAC Elementary Chorus results will be posted on Tuesday September 3rd.

Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 5th in the music room from 3:00pm-4:00pm. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:30pm. JAM VOCAL ENSEMBLE JAM Vocal Ensemble Interest Meeting for students in 6th-8th grade will be held after school on Wednesday September 4th. For those interested in participating, rehearsals will be Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30pm4:30pm. Please see Ms. Losada for more information!

GUITAR WITH MR. ALVAREZ Mr. Alvarez will be offering guitar afterschool this year. For more information, please feel free to email Mr. Alvarez ([email protected]). REMINDERS Please bring all materials during the first week of school. Students will receive their first home learning assignment of the year during the first week of school due the second week of school. More detailed information about the Music Department including home learning assignments, projects, and more

can be found in the Music Welcome Packet and on the Music Department Webpages on the DAC/JAM Website. If parents have any questions or concerns about the Music Department, please feel free to email Ms. Losada ([email protected]) and Mr. Alvarez ([email protected]). This is the best way to reach us. Art - Mrs. A Clancy Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! A Welcome Packet with specific art supplies by grade, classroom rules and expectations, art projects and home learning will be sent home the first week of school.

Supply list for all students to be kept in the art room listed below: -1 Ziploc Big Bag *can reuse bags from previous years* -2 Black Sharpies -Pack of Sharpened pencils -Plastic Ruler -Sharpener All information related to Art will be posted and up to date on my DAC webpage. For [email protected] questions or concerns please feel free to email me at:

5th Grade Sketchbook Information Sketchbooks Mrs. Clancy will be selling the mandatory 11 x 8.5 hardcover sketchbooks in the Art Room beginning the first week of school. Cost for sketchbook is $10. *Students can purchase the sketchbook during Art Class. 5th grade Students are required to bring their sketchbook every week to art class. Art Club 4th & 5th Grade Art Club Art Club Audition information will be given in the first week of school during art class. Selected students will be chosen and will

be given a notice with information regarding Art Club schedule. Art Club will on selected Wednesdays at 7:30 am 8:25 am in the Art Room. Please adhere to the Art Club schedule on the DAC webpage. Art Club members will be required to participate in Art Gallery Night- date TBD. Ms. Fernandez P.E Teacher Students will be graded on participation, teamwork, effort and performance. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at anytime: [email protected]

Thank You for Coming! We cant wait for a fantastic year!

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