Implementing Navys Governance Regime into the Future Force

Implementing Navys Governance Regime into the Future Force

Implementing Navys Governance Regime into the Future Force (post NTRF) Presentation to Naval Enterprise Senior Engineers Conference CAPT Darron Kavanagh, RAN Director Future Force Lifecycle Engineering 13 Apr 18 Overview Governance Context Application of Governance into Future Force Current Status Context First Principles Review Capability Life Cycle Design Defence Seaworthiness Management System Defence White Paper 2016 Naval Shipbuilding Plan 2017 Australian Navy Publication Library Materiel Seaworthiness

Application of Governance Governance of Naval Capability in the Seaworthiness Context Capability Management Core Business: Set requirements Develop and maintain requirements throughout the CLC Assure that these requirements are met HNC Governance Policy ANP 2800 Governance for Naval Capabilities Outlines CPgmS and FIC requirement lead accountabilities Details the Navy Capability Seaworthiness Framework elements and reporting requirements ANP 2801 FIC Navy Requirement Setting

ANP 2802 Development & Maintenance of the OSI ANP 2803 Assurance of Naval FIC Requirements Defines the purpose and progressive development of the OSI throughout the CLC OSI: full range of use to force level Provides basis for FIC leads to set requirements to meet Navys capability needs

Direction and guidance on Naval FIC Assurance 8 Proactive Due Diligence through the Navy Capability Seaworthiness Framework Proactive due diligence Provides HNC with justified confidence the seaworthiness outcome will be achieved from a delivery system perspective. 9 HNE Strategic Intent DFuFLEO

Deliverables HNE Intent 1 Clearly Define how naval engineering contributes to the definition and acquisition of seaworthy materiel - N8 policy (ANP2800, 2801, 2802, 2803) - Materiel Seaworthiness Reference Sets for projects (evolve into OSI and FPS) - MSMPs and MSAPs early in the CLC HNE Intent 2 Promulgate naval engineering policy for implementation across the defence maritime domain - Incorporating N4 into N8 library where appropriate - Maritime Future Force Engineering Community of Practice 10 HNE Strategic Intent DFuFLEO Deliverables

HNE Intent 3 Optimise naval engineering services for the effective and sustained delivery of seaworthy materiel across the CLC - Future Force Engineering and CLEO Community of Practice MSMP, MSAP developed early in CLC and evolved CMSE development (and broader Enterprise activities) Commonality and Margins policies (ANP38XX) HNE Intent 5 Implement an effective naval engineering operating model with a capability focus - DFuFLEO/CLEOs within HNC Div - Integrate N4 into CLC/N8 11 Seaworthiness Governance Artefacts (FF)

Project OSI (N8) SwSO (N8) SwAP (N8) MSMP (N4) MSAP (N4) CLEO Principal Engineer SEA5000 - Future Frigate Under review Yes Draft

Draft Draft Mr Darran CMDR G Bick Horrobin SEA 1180 - OPV Yes Yes 30 Jun 18 30 Jun 18 Yes CMDR B Steele TBD

SEA 1654-3 MOSC (Tanker replacement) Yes Yes 30 Jun 18 Yes Yes LCDR M Jenkins TBD SEA1000 - Future Submarine Intent met by several Draft V1.0 documents Jun 18

Jun 18 (Draft Jun 18 V 1.0) (Draft 1.0) (Draft 1.0) CAPT D Kavanagh Mr Patrick Donovan SEA 2400 Hydrographic OCD in Draft No Apr 21 Apr 21 Apr 21 CMDR B Steele

TBD SEA1788 - Young Endeavour Replacement In draft No 30 Sep 19 30 Sep 19 30 Sep 19 LCDR F Petrie TBD SEA 4000 - Hobart Class DDG SOI V1.0

No No Draft Jun18 Draft Jun 18 CMDR Matt Carroll Dr Michael Edwards 12

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