Sessions about to start Get your rig on!

Sessions about to start Get your rig on!

Sessions about to start Get your rig on! The ConfigMgrDogs Troubleshoot Configuration Manager 2012 Ian Bartlett

Senior PFE, Microsoft Inc Matt Shadbolt Senior PFE, Microsoft Inc DCI411 George Smpyrakis Senior PFE, Microsoft Inc

@ConfigMgrDogs The Case of SQL Spikes in the morning! Ian Bartlett

Application Deployment Management ConfigMgr 2012 is NOT 2007 Move requirement processing to the client

Use explicit collections for Applications with a REQUIRED Deployment Do not target App-V Uninstall deployments to All Users/All Systems Understanding your Environment

ConfigMgr client polls for new policy changes A SPROC is run by the Management Point The SPROC queries the ResPolicyMap and DepPolicyAssignment SQL Tables The more records found, the more CPU time required

Troubleshooting Approach MP_GetMachinePolicyAssinment is the SPROC for Machine Policy MP_GetUserAndGroupPolicyAssignments is the SPROC for the User Policy ResPolicyMap maps the Resource ID (user/computer) and PADBID (unique ID for the policy)

Count of rows in ResPolicyMap = how many policies to process DepPolicyAssignment links policies to their dependencies Demo

How BIG of an issue is it, really? Oops!! What to Do! Reduce the amount of IIS concurrent connections allowed on each MP to reduce the load on SQL and WAIT! How to Prevent this in your Environment

Minimise the number of Required Deployments to the All Users/All Systems Collections Prevent making any large policy changes that target the All Users/All Systems collections

Create an explicit UNINSTALL Collection for each REQUIRED Install Deployment Base the Collection membership on the compliance state of the application = true and exclude the INSTALL collection Queries will be posted on ConfigMgrDogs blog post TechEd event

Collections in 2012 R2 Matt Shadbolt Lets do the math 10,000 clients for an average customer HINV Enabled Daily 200 Incremental Collections enabled

Approx. 416 clients every hour Approx. 34 clients every 5 mins 6,800 queries every 5 minutes Secondary Sites George Smpyrakis Why can they be a problem ?

Secondary sites are now participating in replication They hand up some data about their replication status and other status type data The more secondary sites you have, the more data being moved around Too many and you may find very large replication delays in the secondary

site replication groups Technical Details Secondary Site Data is the replication group in question It should replicate every 5 minutes

Like all replication groups spDRSSendChangesforGroup is used to pull out all the changes and send them to all members participating in the group Demo Multiple Secondary Sites Send History

Changes to replicate 1 x 100 = 100 100 X 100 = 10,000 1000 x 100 = 100,000

How to address this ? ConfigMgr 2012 is NOT 2007 Use Remote DPs

Use AllowedMPs Upgrade to R2 DRS Troubleshooting How to address this ?

Replication Link Analyzer SPDiagDRS Rcmctrl.log Demo Troubleshooting DRS issues Thanks, now go do

evals! Thanks! Dont forget to complete your evaluations

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