Engaging for Success CIPR 5th May 2011 1

Engaging for Success CIPR 5th May 2011 1

Engaging for Success CIPR 5th May 2011 1 An issue LEVEL 1 TRANSACTIONAL; We act on employee feedback through surveys Compartmentalised CompartmentalisedThinking Thinking SERVICES SERVICESAND AND SECTOR STRATEGY SECTOR STRATEGY STRATEGY STRATEGYFOR: FOR: IT; ESTATES; IT; ESTATES; CAPITAL CAPITALETC ETC EMPLOYEE EMPLOYEE//HR HRSTRATEGY STRATEGY Survey & act on it Survey & act on it eg Performance management, eg Performance management, communications, communications,listened listenedto toetc etc NB: CIPD: 75% of Employee Engagement focused as above Reactive engagement. About discretionary effort

LEVEL 2 TRANSFORMATIONAL ItItis isaaway way of ofrunning runningand anddoing doingbusiness business WE WETRACK TRACK PROGRESS PROGRESSOF OF STRATEGY STRATEGY ONE ONEPAGE: PAGE:Services ServicesStrategy, Strategy, Country, Positioning Strategy Country, Positioning StrategyAND AND Values/Behaviours to deliver Values/Behaviours to deliveritit People Peopleat atheart heartof ofdelivery delivery and at heart

of strategy and at heart of strategy TWO-WAY WE WEMEASURE: MEASURE:Concerns, Concerns, commitment, feedback commitment, feedback NB: CIPD: 25% of Employee Engagement focused as above About proactive engagement People People help helpshape shape strategy strategy People Peoplegive give continual continual VOICE VOICE 2 Key Enabler: Strategic Narrative Strong, visible, empowering leadership provides a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where its come from and where its going. The Past You are Here The Future

This gives a line of sight between the job and the organisations vision. The story is communicated clearly, consistently and constantly. 3 Key Enabler: Engaging Managers Engaging Managers: Managers focus their people and offer scope Managers treat their people as individuals Managers who coach and stretch their people 4 Key Enabler: Employee Voice There is employee voice throughout the organisation, for reinforcing and challenging views; between functions & externally; employees are seen as part of the solution not the problem. This voice is an informed one because information is widely shared early and often. Employees views are sought and followed up; explanations are given if ideas/views not adopted. Employees are involved in developing solutions early not informed of the next initiative. Options for change are discussed. 5 Key Enabler: Integrity There is organisational integrity the values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours. These expected behaviours are explicit and bought into by staff. Keep it real staff see through corporate spin quicker than customers or the public. 6

The Next stage A Government Sponsored, Employer Led Task Force. To enhance levels of Employee Engagement across the U.K. workforce Launched by the Prime Minister and Ed Davey, Minister in BIS at No 10, in March 2011. A Movement driven and guided by the Task Force, and supported by a Sponsor group and by Guru and Practitioner groups Effective and open Communication is a vital enabler to organisation wide engagement! 7 David MacLeod [email protected] Nita Clarke [email protected] [email protected] www.engagingforsuccess.org 8 Sponsors Adam Crozier ITV CEO Amyas Morse NAO Auditor General Brendan Barber TUC General Secretary Charlie Mayfield

JLP Chairman Chris Browne Thomson Airways MD Chris Hyman Serco CEO Clare Chapman NHS Head of Workforce David Frost British Chamber of Commerce Director General Ed Sweeney ACAS Chairman Ian King BAE CEO Ian Livingston BT

CEO Ian Powell PWC Chairman & Senior Partner Ian Sarson Compass Group CEO Jackie Orme CIPD CEO Jane Wilson Chartered Institute of Public Relations CE John Cridland CBI Director General John Neill Unipart Group CE John Walker FSB Chairman

Jon Wright Innocent Co-Founder Martin Temple EEF Chairman 9 Sponsors Continued...... Miles Templeman IoD Director General Paul Drechsler Wates Group CEO Peter Rogers Babcock CEO Philip Green United Utilities CEO Rona Fairhead Financial Times Group Group CE

Ruth Spellman CMI CEO Sir Gus O'Donnell Civil Service Head of Home Civil Service Sir Kevin Smith GKN CEO Sir Martin Sorrell WPP CEO Sir Stephen Bubb Acevo CE Sir Suma Chakrabarti MoJ Permanent Secretary Sir Win Bischoff Lloyds Chairman Stephen Howard

Business in the Community Chief Executive Steve Elliott CIA Director General Tim Jones Freshfields Lead Partner Tim Melville-Ross DTZ & HEFCE Chairman Tom Glocer Thomson Reuters CEO Will Hutton Work Foundation Executive Vice Chair 10

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