Vehicle Services Division Spring 2018 Regional County Clerk

Vehicle Services Division Spring 2018 Regional County Clerk

Vehicle Services Division Spring 2018 Regional County Clerk Meeting WELCOME- Department of Revenue Updates Legislation TR3, VTRS and EIVS Anti-Theft Update IACS Visits Audit Objectives Introduce County Clerk Offices to the Internal Audit and Consulting Services Section and encourage requests for assistance and/or consultation. Ascertain system security/access protocols are in compliance with authorized policy, procedures. Conduct inventory counts of plates and other controlled stock items to document initial starting inventory amounts. Conduct random interim HVUT compliance reviews. Test flags are in effect for certain HVUT plate classes. Verify fees charged are in compliance with Department mandated fee schedules. Request for Feedback

2 VTRS AFTER GO-LIVE PRIORITIES Focus on Delivery and Completion of Tasks in Priority Sequence Focus on Task Completion Focus on staying on Schedule 3 VTRS AFTER GO-LIVE PRIORITIES Implement Requirements Document Increase the communication about tasks and focus on a manageable subset. 9 functions are currently in development

Report Server Delivered on 2/27- Goal Move all existing reports to State Server VTRS - 14 Reports (Prioritizing) EIVS -14 Reports (Prioritizing) 2 Year Renewal on Enterprise Fleet Copart special processing 4 VTRS SCANNING FUNCTIONS Scanning Vin Plate Request (SI)

Duplicate Salvage (SI) Duplicate (VS) U5 (VS) De-Title (VS) Returned Rejections (VS) Scanning Government Service (VS) Dealer Drive Out (VS) Scanning Abandoned Vehicle (VS) Motor Carrier Title Work (VS) Scanning VIR Report Requests with Payment 5 EIVS 6

EIVS Percent Insured & Suspension Notices by County EIVS - County Revenue For each $25 coverage failure fee paid, $5 will be distributed to the county clerk. For each $100 coverage failure fee paid, $10 will be distributed to the county clerk. When a registrant reinstates an EIVS suspension at the

county clerks office, they must also pay a $25 reinstatement fee. The full $25 reinstatement fee goes directly to the county clerk and does not get remitted to the state 7 MOTOR CARRIER - HVUT The heavy vehicle use tax or HVUT is a fee assessed annually on heavy vehicles operating on public highways at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds*. *The system will prompt the clerk to require the HVUT for plates H8, H9, H10 and H11, but if the vehicle is less than 55,000 lbs, proof of the HVUT tax is not applicable. As a reminder, motor vehicle registrations requiring proof of HVUT payments should not

be processed until a properly executed and legibly stamped or e-filed watermarked Form 2290 is submitted. Please review the 2290s date range to ascertain the correct period form is being submitted at registration or renewal along with looking for the presence of white out or other alterations to the form. 8 MOTOR CARRIER - HVUT 9 MOTOR CARRIER - HVUT 10 MOTOR CARRIER Getting ready for TNTAP External

Mailings to all account holders February letter introducing TNTAP and listing key dates March letter with Get-ready Checklist April letter detailing major changes May letter with step-by-step of how to log on to TNTAP Sending notifications to account holders with missing or wrong info Internal Staff training Open House for Motor Carrier TNTAP (3/26 at Vehicle

Services) 11 Salvage/Non-repairable Process Salvage Title If vehicle is deemed a total loss by an insurance company, the original title and registration are void Non-repairable Owners of non-repairable vehicles can apply for a Nonrepairable Certificate, which prevents the vehicle from being titled or registered in the state of Tennessee. Vehicle Services has been assisting Anti-Theft with keying Salvage titles- 95% of salvage titles are received from two companies. The department is working with BIS and the two companies to automate this process completely. 12 REBUILT PROCESS There has been a change in the way Rebuilt transactions are processed. The Anti-theft

(SI) Unit began processing Rebuilt Transactions through the TNState Work Grids on February 27, 2018. Processings Role Processing processes the payment and scans the paperwork into a workgroup in TNState. Anti-theft examines the paperwork via the work grid and makes a decision on whether the transaction can be approved or not. Anti-Thefts Role In order to get the transaction out of the grid, Anti-theft rejects the transaction which produces a rejection letter that is not printed or mailed. SI then voids the transaction in TNState. The reason for the void is so the Counties can process their transaction when the owner comes in to title & register the vehicle and pay sales tax if applicable. SI sends the customer an approval letter instructing them to go into the County Clerks office, along with copies of the rebuilt paperwork. County Clerks Role The County Clerk should use the approval letter and copies of the rebuilt transaction to issue a title and tags in the name of the owner. Collect sales tax if applicable and make sure the vehicle is branded rebuilt.

13 PLATES Dealer Plates The dealer plates are being produced Several counties received dealer plates in their office yesterday If you have not received them yet, you can expect them within the next few days Veteran Plates Public Chapter 384 passed Last year where the flags are repositioned on the following plates: Korean War veteran Operation Enduring Freedom

Desert Storm Veteran Operation Iraqi Freedom Operation New Dawn Vietnam Veteran Vehicle Services received the final approval from Veterans Affairs to move forward with production of these plates Expect the plates in your office by Mid May or June 1st NEW METAL, not redesigned plates 14 PLATES, contd In God We Trust vs Regular Green Mountain Customers have a choice as to which plate they prefer March Decals Should be receiving them in your office any day A partial order has been shipped

Possible Re-Design Plates Penn State Niswonger Memphis Grizzlies 15 COMMUNICATIONS Important messages from Vehicle Services will now be added to the TNClerk Viewer in addition to being sent by email Weekly County visits Quarterly Newsletter Website New forms page Revenue Help FAQs Submitting tickets New T&R Guide Tour

16 Revenue Help 17 Revenue Help Tickets Benefits: - Quick turnaround - Communication is documented - Support staff can mark tickets according to status for easy tracking - All tickets are monitored so nothing can get lost in the shuffle - Reporting and metrics TICKET STATS

Tickets per month (Veh.Svcs.)- 1.1K Satisfaction Score 95.3% (32% response rate) Average response time 0.5 hours Email inboxes routing as tickets: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 18 Revenue Help Tickets, contd

KUDOS! The online help request was very useful got a response very quickly I am highly satisfied and thank you for your great service! I wish more businesses provided customer service at this level! Had a response in less time than I would have been on hold ad pressing option choices. Outstanding service and the resolved my issue. We moved from California. I can promise you that the California Department of Motor Vehicles would never have assisted us as well as your agency. Thank you so much! To say that I am satisfied would be an understatement. I have had experiences with other state's departments of revenue using email that would have been easier if I had called and sat on hold for an hour. The response was fast and super helpful. This was probably the best experience I've ever had dealing with the government. I wish you guys could take over the Maryland MVA. 19 New T&R Guide Coming Soon!

20 T&R Guide Cool New Features Direct hyperlinks to TCA, forms, and related articles Leave comments and questions for DOR easy button to ask a question 21 Vehicle Services - Updates/Reminders Website Links link have changed Vehicle Use Codes - please pay special attention to accuracy Vehicle Make Codes - email [email protected] and [email protected] Keying Owner Information all characters fit, no need to

use in care of County Report Requests contact BIS 22 Vehicle Services - Updates/Reminders Question Redesigned Plates New Metal plate receives new class code yes no plate receives new issue year

yes yes customer receives new plate at renewal no yes customer can switch to the new design yes, for a $2 fee they are forced to customer can choose

which design they want yes (they can choose the old design if the clerk has stock) no clerk must destroy existing stock of old design no, but they can if they so choose yes clerk may order stock of old design

no no organization wants to redesign their plate yes no Statute requires a design change no yes New Process: Redesigned Plates

The redesigned plate will receive a new class code/issue year. Counties will place orders for the redesigned plate and will no longer be able to order stock of the old plate as production of the old stock will cease. Counties may continue to issue the old plate until stock is depleted, but this is not a requirement. Unless otherwise requested by a customer, when a customer requests a specialty plate they should be assigned

the new redesigned version. Customers will not automatically receive the redesigned plate at renewal time, but can request to trade in their old design for the new one upon paying a state fee of $2.00 (plus any other applicable county and/or mailing fees). The process is similar to when customers switch from the regular passenger plate (class 1000) to the In God We Trust plate (class 1001). 23 Questions? Thank you!

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