Development Of Human Resource Management System at An-Najah

Development Of Human Resource Management System at An-Najah

Development Of Human Resource Management System at An-Najah National Educational Hospital Prepared by: Alaa Khalifeh

Muna Omaria Sireen Kharoub Wafa Moqadi Supervisor: Eng. Suliman Daifi Project Description

The project main objective is to develop a human resource management manual for the use of the administration department at the hospital to be as reference guide. An-Najah University Hospital An-Najah University Hospital was established in April 2013 on the land of Nablus city on an estimated area of 17,000 square meters.

The main objective of the hospital is to help patients and practical training for medical students to improve their best possible level of service to the nation. 1.

2. 3. The hospital currently contains the following sections: Department of Radiology Department of dialysis Department of tumors Problem Statement

An-Najah national Educational Hospital located at Nablus city, was established recently. The hospital includes huge number of employees. The organizational structure of the hospital includes an administrative department, the department does not have any written documented procedures relating to human resources management. Project Activities 1.

Reviewing the organizational structure of the department 2. Reviewing and updating the job description of the employees 3.

Developing standard operating procedures for human resources affairs 4. Developing standard forms to be used in the human resources activities Implementation

Methodology The problem Solution There is no system for HRM in the

hospital development HR for the hospital Results 1. 2.

3. 4. Organizational Structure SOPs JDs Forms Literature

Review Instituti onal Develop ment Action Plans

Behavi ors & Attitud es Tools & Method

s Organiz ational Structur e Responsibi lities &

Duties Work Condition s Job Descripti on

Qualificati ons & Requireme nts Essential & nonessential Tasks

Documentatio n Too Step-by-Step Work Instructions Standard Operating

Procedure Forms Store .Info Recei ve

.Info Project Deliverables No. First Graduation Project Outcomes

Second Graduation Project Outcomes 1. Improved Organizational Structure

Final modifications and improvements on the suggested O.S 2. 66 Job Descriptions were designed

Modifications on the previously designed J.Ds and SOPs 3. 20 Standard Operating Procedures were designed New SOPs were also designed

(final # - 29 SOPs) Forms for the SOPs New Forms for the newly designed SOPs(48) 4.

Organizational Structure Job Descriptions Sample of JD Standard

Operating Procedures Sample of SOP Forms Sample of

Form The Expected Benefits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. Organize and develop work at the hospital Execute the work efficiently and effectively Implementation of the project SOPs will lead to a well files and information archiving at the hospital Reduce the time wasted Offering a clear way to do the job accurately Explain the rights and the duties of the staff at the hospital

Providing the organizational structure in a clear and orderly manner What have been learned during implementation? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. Expansion in the field of Human Resource Management The ability to formulate SOPs properly and in a good way The ability to design Forms for each procedure The ability to design Job Descriptions The ability to design and develop Organizational

Structures The ability to withstand the pressures of work and dealing with others The ability to work as a team Constraints 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. Insufficient knowledge about the human resources management Employees turnover Lack of cooperation from hospital employees and departments Delay of responding to calls and emails

Location of the hospital that it is far from the university Earlier course work No. Course name

How it contributed to our work 1. Total Quality Management (TQM) Using principles of ISO for the

documentation of SOPs, JDs and forms 2. Methods Engineering Methods for the design of forms 3.

Special Topics (PMLC) How to manage the project and set the appropriate plans 4. 5.

Project Management & Network Analysis Human Resource Management How to manage the project and set the appropriate plans

Basic principles of HRM and how to design JDs Conclusion As planned in the start of this project, a system for Human Resource Management was developed since there was no system of the hospital.

The benefits gained after the development of the Human Resource Management system, were mainly concentrated on a good background of Human Resource Management, increased skills in designing JD and SOPs forms and improved SOP writing skills.

Recommendations 1. Approve and implement the suggested Organization Structure, Job Descriptions and SOP's. 2. Develop computerized system for the developed

Human Resources Management system. 3. Design new SOPs for other departments at the hospital

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