DESTINY Molecules in motion, nearly an infinite number

DESTINY Molecules in motion, nearly an infinite number

DESTINY Molecules in motion, nearly an infinite number of the tiny little mindless inconsequential things. Each its own dynamic entity but interacting with others according to definite rules. Dissociating, forming a crystal or a hydrogen bond, changing state. Collectively creating the wind and rain, even our sunshine,

as well as day and night, and seasons. Don't forget the ocean waves and currents, too. Most are inanimate, moving randomly or obeying simple physical laws, but a certain special class of molecular assemblages have been designed by natural selection to its own end -- replication. Thus helical DNA codes for our proteins and indirectly

via complex biochemical pathways for neurotransmitters and hormones, ultimately eliciting behavior (hopefully adaptive!). Subservient to natural selection, all living systems are doomed to procreate themselves endlessly. On a still vaster scale, each of us darts through his/her lifetime, either meeting or not meeting Ms x or Mr. y,

capriciously, at the whim of seemingly stochastic forces in a vast sea of molecules. Out of such encounters emerges friendship or even love, but also hatred. Babies are born, people marry, divorce, and die. Karma unfolds, leaders emerge, wars begin and end. The ups and downs of our daily existence, tears of agony and joy, are merely perturbations of this molecular ocean.

Brilliance, technological breakthroughs, addictions, failures, fortunes made and lost, constitute water rings, eddies, whirlpools, ripples and even waves in this great sea of matter. All of us rushing headlong towards our fates. Our population doubling in a mere two decades . . . Three billion, no four, five, six, no wait . . ., Seven+ . . . and on and on we go.

Hold on to your hat! Population growth is a force on par with the Earth's rotation or the Sun's fusion . . . just a multitude of tiny molecules with inexorable momentum! Largest Mustelid: Wolverine, Gulo gulo (= glutton) and Gulo luscus (one-eyed glutton), common names skunk-bear and carcajou Largest Mustelid: Wolverine, Gulo gulo and Gulo luscus, now

extinct over most of its range, fur used for parkas repels ice rime For the Last Wolverine By James Dickey FOR THE LAST WOLVERINE They will soon be down To one, but he still will be For a little while still will be stopping The flakes in the air with a look,

Surrounding himself with the silence Of whitening snarls. Let him eat The last red meal of the condemned To extinction, tearing the guts from an elk. Yet that is not enough For me. I would have him eatThe heart, and, from it, have an idea Stream into his gnawing head That he no longer has a thing To lose, and so can walk Out into the open,

in the full Pale of the sub-Arctic sun Where a single spruce tree is dying Higher and higher. Let him climb it With all his meanness and strength. Lord, we have come to the end Of this kind of vision of heaven, As the sky breaks open Its fans around him and shimmers And into its northern gates he rises Snarling complete in the joy of a weasel

With an elks horned heart in his stomach Looking straight into the eternal Blue, where he hauls his kind. I would have it all My way: at the top of that tree I place The New Worlds last eagle Hunched in mangy feathers giving Up on the theory of flight. Dear God of the wildness of poetry, let them mate To the death in the rotten branches, Let the tree sway and burst into flame

And mingle them, crackling with feathers, In crownfire. Let something come Of it something gigantic legendary Rise beyond reason over hills Of ice SCREAMING that it cannot die, That it has come back, this time On wings, and will spare no earthly thing: That it will hover, made purely of northern Lights, at dusk and fall On men building roads: will perchOn the mooses horn like a falcon Riding into battle

into holy war against Screaming railroad crews: will pull Whole traplines like fibers from the snow In the long-jawed night of fur trappers. But, small, filthy, unwinged, You will soon be crouching Alone with maybe some dim racial notion Of being the last, but none of how much Your unnoticed going will mean: How much the timid poem needs The mindless explosion of your rage,

The gluttons internal fire the elks Heart in the belly, sprouting wings, The pact of the blind swallowing Thing, with himself, to eat The world, and not to be driven off it Until it is gone, even if it takes Forever. I take you as you are And make of you what I will, Skunk-bear, carcajou, bloodthirsty Non-survivor.

Lord, let me die but not die Out. Copyright 1966 by James Dickey

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