Human Subjects Research and the IRB Collecting data

Human Subjects Research and the IRB Collecting data

Human Subjects Research and the IRB Collecting data using Electronic Surveys Qualtrics Dr. OraLee Branch, Director of the Office of Research Integrity and IRB Professor, Epidemiologist, CHHS Electronic Document Submission and Storage System we use Forms and instructions are there. Also, forms are available at The first step is the Research Description Form (RDF); email [email protected]

If computer web-deployed survey, research needs to use Qualtrics CU POLICY: 1. Use Qualtrics and 2. Get permission before emailing via CU resources Use Qualtrics Concordia University values, supports, and encourages appropriate research for educational, innovative, and institutional purposes. Qualtrics is the University-chosen system for all Concordia users to create, deliver, and analyze surveys and survey responses for academic, administrative, and research related purposes. Other (online) survey tools are not endorsed. Qualtrics meets University standards requiring robust, secure, and professional surveys. The University provides Qualtrics to faculty, students, and staff, as long as they agree to these terms and conditions in this policy and the user agreement.

Permission before emailing via CU resources Emailing survey via All Faculty, All Staff, and/or All Student requires CU IRB approval before sending survey. Many times will be exempt; just email your RDF. How do you get consent in Qualtrics? Depends on what you want to do. IRB will tell you if you need a paper consent or if you can do it by click consent Do you need the name of the participant? Lets talk a moment about 2 words: Anonymous vs Confidential Four common situations No name or code linking necessary at all Survey is anonymous, but want to get name if they will give it for 2 nd phase or for incentive gifting The name will be known because written consent is required or face-toface interview

Name must be know for research purposes longitudinal studies, studies of GPS information, or health data Usually in Qualtrics Surveys at least the survey itself is Anonymous. I will hand out two examples of Qualtrics consent forms. Create a Qualtrics Account 1) Navigate to 2) Enter your Concordia Network Username and Password. Note: The same credentials you use to access Blackboard and University Email. 3) Click the Login >>button. Lets all create a Qualtrics Account and walk through Qualtrics together Steps in Qualtrics

Creating Survey Caring for Consent print and survey flow Launching Gathering Data Analyzing Results Creating a Qualtrics Survey 1. Click Create Survey in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 2. On the next page, choose Quick Survey Builder

1 2 Give your survey a name then choose Create Survey. To create a question choose + Create a New Item If you would like to change the question type choose the Change Item type button from multiple choice to something else. 1 2 3

Click Consent with Survey Flow so Only those consenting can take survey Example: The various question/item types you can create in a Qualtrics survey. Hovering over any of the items will give you a preview of that particular item.

Clicking the preview survey button opens your survey in a new browser window as a survey participant would see it. Launching a Qualtrics Survey 1. Choose Launch Survey when you are finished creating your survey. 2. On the next page it is important that you activate your survey so that you can begin to collect responses.

3. Qualtrics will generate a survey link you can send out to any potential participants. 1 2 3 Gathering the data 1. 1

To view results go to the My Surveys tab and then choose the Results button next to your survey. 2. On the new page, choose Download Data. 3. Data collected can be downloaded from this page in a variety of formats including Excel, SPSS, XML, HTML, and TXT. 2

3 how-to-use-qualtrics-community Beginning in Qualtrics creating a project Creating a survey advanced techniques Exporting to see your data SEVEN MINUTE VIDEO hard to beat this example Beginning in Qualtrics creating a project

Lets play around in Qualtrics a bit. We can practice on the lab computers. Please arrange in 3 groups of approximately 5 persons each Example of survey items used to identify essential performance skills for a Teacher clinical evaluation rubric: Analyzing the data We can export the responses into an excel document in which we code our answers: Field

Minimum Mean 1 2 1 Variance Count 0.07 0 407 Exported report as a .cvs file, and then opened this in Excel:

Q2 - Are you over the age of 18? # Answer 1 Yes 2 No Total % Count 96.52% 3.48% 100% 388 14

402 Q4 - My parent or guardian(s) said I can be on the computer and answer the questions here. # Answer % Count 1 Yes 100.00% 12 2 No 0.00% 0 Total 100% 12

Q5 - How old are you? # Answer 1 Ages 11-14 2 Ages 15-17 3 Ages 18-24 4 Ages 25-35 5 Ages 35-50 6 Ages 50 & up Total Field Minimum How old are you? %

Count 0.25% 2.29% 23.66% 53.18% 14.25% 6.36% 100% 1 9 93 209 56 25 393

Maximum Mean Std DeviatioVariance n Count 1 6 3.98 0.86 0.75 393 We have covered a lot of ground: * Human Subjects Research and the IRB Process * Collecting data using Surveys - Qualtrics

Lets create a survey for our class today! Effective online surveys Keep your survey short as possible o Respondents dont start taking the survey o Respondents stop taking the survey o Respondents stop paying attention and answer randomly

Wording must be unquestionable/undoubtable o Pilot your survey questions o Do not answer 2-folded questions or questions within a question Use scale flexible questions rather than yes/no when possible o Someone who Strongly Supports a decision is very different from someone who only Slightly Supports it. o Scales extend the power of analysis from basic percentages to high-level analyses based on means and variance estimates (like t-test, ANOVA, regression, and the like). o You can judge how to take the answer to a question by asking a PRE-question: How important is talking in person to you? Then ask: Rate your professor on communication during office hours. Keep coded values coded in a consistent manner. o Every survey response, option, question, or answer is coded as a numeric value that is reported as a percent of responses or as a mean, median, range, etc. You need to score in the same direction for each question if you want to use fast data analysis and data observation within Qualtrics. o Someone who Strongly Supports a decision is very different from someone who only Slightly Supports it. How could you use Qualtrics in your

future? Small Homework Assignment due by 3/14/2018 Take our survey! Good luck in your research journeys! Please contact the CU IRB if you want more information. If you have specific questions on todays lecture, please contact me: OraLee Branch [email protected]

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