Continuous profession development for physicians why does it

Continuous profession development for physicians why does it

Continuous profession development for physicians why does it matter to patients? Prof. Daiana Stolz, MPH FERS FCCP Education Council Chair [email protected]


What is continuous professional development Heterogeneity of training in Europe How to allow transparency? Physician and patient communication Lifelong learning Continuing professional development (CPD) is about ensuring

that respiratory professionals remain up to date with current practice Professionals are continuously facing:

Medical advances in diagnosis, treatment and management Better informed patients - patients in the internet age The need for greater reporting, transparency and accountability Patient and professional cross-border mobility Decline in the retention of knowledge

Are all Doctors equal? Heterogeneity in respiratory physician training means that not all physicians receive the same level of training, mentoring and educational opportunities Individual countries set regulations around the length of training and

the variation of topics covered Europe is an heterogenous landscape Sehlbach C, et al, BMJ Open 2018, ERS phD student Sehlbach C, et al, BMJ Open 2018, ERS phD student

Recertification in different countries How to find out about your physician? Have you ever asked your Doctor about their continuous training/education? Have you ever questioned your role in a Doctors continuous professional

development? What is the role of the EU in this process? Physician and patient communication Patient/doctor communication

Doctor-patient communication is central to clinical practice doctors perform 200 000 consultations in a professional lifetime Effective communication is essential to high-quality medicine; it has been shown to improve: patient satisfaction, recall, understanding, adherence and outcomes of care Kurtz, S. et al, 2005 CRC Press.

The challenge What the clinician wants to talk about is not nearly as relevant to the patient as it is to the clinician and thats a problem Physician- or disease- oriented

style of communicating Focus on the biomedical causes rather than the quality of life issues of concern to the person/patient. Much patient dissatisfaction and many complaints are due to breakdown

in the doctor-patient relationship. However, many doctors tend to overestimate their ability in communication Ha, Jennifer Fong, and Nancy Longnecker. "Doctor-patient communication: a review." The Ochsner Journal 10, no. 1 (2010): 38-43 Why does the communication breakdown

Deterioration and lack of training of Doctors' Communication Skills Nondisclosure of Information

Doctors avoidance behaviour Discouragement of Collaboration Resistance by Patients Communication skill development Communication skills need to be taught and learned it is not just a personality trait experience alone can be a very poor teacher

Specific teaching and learning methods are required in communication skills training (skills, problem-based, as well as cognitive and attitudinal learning) Considering the complex relationship between patients and professionals, how can patients help professionals to

improve their communication skills? Key take home message Continuous professional development concerns physicians and patients We need to work together to improve

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