Working in partnership to deliver Social Prescribing 7

Working in partnership to deliver Social Prescribing 7

Working in partnership to deliver Social Prescribing 7 November 2018 Jennifer Jones Rigby - COO, Health Exchange Chloe Jennings & Lisa Harland - Health & Wellbeing Partners Dr Vish Ratnasuriya - Chair, Our Health Partnership TODAY

Who is Health Exchange? Why work in partnership? How social prescribing helps individuals Examples of different social prescribing models and outcomes How we will introduce social prescribing across the OHP network What is social prescribing Social prescribing is a way of linking patients in primary care with sources of support which are typically

provided by voluntary and community sector organisations Social prescribing provides GPs with a non-medical referral option that can operate alongside existing treatments to improve health and well-being Examples of activities include gardening, befriending, cookery and a range of sports Working in partnership to deliver social prescribing Jennifer Jones - Rigby

Health Exchange - SMT Overview JJR LWTC COPD programmes BVI Body scanning Warwick Peoples History Social Prescribing Motivate

Health Trainer in my pocket APP Individuals/Insurers Manage Manage Long term conditions NDPP Pre Diabetes Type 2 - Diabetes Health Exchange Started in 2007 with 23 staff and 4

services Now have staff over 88 at 3 key sites and work across the UK and Internationally with Easy Care Health 8 key services and several projects Vision: The vision for Health Exchange is that:

We will drive the personal and corporate health and wellbeing movement throughout the United Kingdom. We will do this by revolutionising the way we support the prevention and management of the key negative and preventable health conditions We will help individuals build resilience at home, work and in communities leading to improved productivity, increased economical growth locally, nationally and internationally by 2025 We will create a year on year surplus that can be reinvested into new and innovative technological responses to positive health creation that will enable the offer of both to

business directly and to individuals positive health behaviour change Our Mission To enable everyone to have the capability and confidence to choose positive health and wellbeing and to shape the design and development of health and wellbeing services Our core values : Investing in our people by employing local people and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge Being the best at providing services that meet the needs of every individual commissioner

Social value by spending money in a way that benefits the local communities where we work Innovation by creating new ways of working which continue to make our services more efficient and engaging Empowerment talking to our clients to build on their skills and knowledge so that we can create new solution Core Values.We believe in: Investing in our people by recruiting local people and helping them to develop their skills and knowledge Being the best at providing services that meet the needs of every individual, commissioner or buyer of our

services Social value by spending money in a way that benefits the local communities where we work Innovation by creating new ways of working which continue to make our services more efficient and engaging Empowerment talking to our clients to build on their skills and knowledge so that we can create new solutions Health Exchange Global 2020

About social prescribing Social prescribing creates a formal means of enabling primary care services and other appropriate frontline providers to refer patients with social, emotional or practical needs to a variety of holistic non clinical services (e.g. Make and Taste Community Cooking Programme; Walking for Health Group; Green Gyms / Gardening groups) Social Prescribing has been recognised as an effective means of meeting the needs of patients due to an enhanced recognition of the social, economic and cultural factors which impact on mental wellbeing. The holistic approach to social prescribing is therefore viewed as an appropriate alternative to medical explanations

and treatments of mental distress with outcomes such as: Improving mental health Improving sense of wellbeing Reduced social isolation Health Exchange social prescribing in Solihull Linking Primary Care with community agencies that can help meet the psycho-social needs of patients Social prescribing something we have been doing for some time

Support Plus Quality of Life for Older People Edgbaston Wellbeing Hub Gift Exchange Social Prescribing and Wellbeing Coordinators Mrs Hall Mrs Halls Story Solihull Social Prescribing The Social Prescribing service has given me a purpose to my day I have learned that I am not alone in this world.

Marks Story Solihull Social Prescribing The activities I was introduced to through the Solihull Social Prescribing Service are keeping me mentally sound and helping me to enjoy my life to the full. Social prescribing client journey

Chloe Jennings & Lisa Harland Health & Wellbeing Partners Social prescribing client journey 1) Referred to service GP or Self 2) Client is allocated to a Health & Wellbeing Partner and assessed 3) Health & Wellbeing Partner refers

client to services agreed Social prescribing client journey 4) Client then either takes steps to access services discussed or is put on waiting list to receive certain services 5) Client goes on to receive agreed support to try and help them with areas they identified as needing support with

The benefits of social prescribing Case Study Thank you very much for your support and opening the door for me and my son to access different activities and services. When I originally got your call I was apprehensive as I didnt know what was out there. I was surprised to see that there are a lot of places to go and things to do. Now I am looking to more activities, meet people and socialise whilst my son is accessing a drama group and will be part of a play. Thank you very much for your support. Thank you for being reliable, supportive and having a calm and approachable demeanour. Thank you

for following things up when you said you would, I was confident in your ability to support me. You did make a difference in the way that I feel about myself and my life. It helps a lot knowing that there is somebody who is able to listen when you need it most. I want to really thank you all, I really appreciate everything that you do and it does really help Practical benefits Reduction in anxiety/depression symptoms Improved physical health

Improved social health & healthier relationships More autonomy/control Improved confidence & self esteem

What kind of activities are available for individuals? Psychological therapy Gardening and horticultural therapy Exercise Hobbies & Leisure Volunteering Work & finance Eating well Religion, culture, spirituality Meeting people

What do different models of social prescribing schemes look like? 3 typical components of social prescribing Based on the original descriptions of social prescribing, a social prescribing scheme can have three key components 1. a referral into the service, 2. a consultation with a health & wellbeing partner using motivational interviewing and coaching skills, and 3. an agreed referral to a local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisation Targeting local priorities with different social

prescribing schemes Model 1 - Lion Health Practice in Stourbridge Target: a) 3+ long term conditions b) Poorly controlled diabetic c) BMI greater than 40 d) Newly diagnosed hypertension e) Recent TIA/COPD/Asthma/CVD f) Diabetic or pre Diabetic

Outcomes: 80% diabetics improved HbA1c 26% diabetics took HbA1c below 48 50% At Risk took HbA1c below 42 15 % patients lose 5% or more of body weight Only 7% drop out rate Model 2 Eastleigh Target: Older vulnerable patients Half of the patients referred by the primary care team, and

half come from telephoning all older people discharged from hospital Outcomes: Reduced hospital admissions for frailty Reduced GP appointments Reduced home visits Reduced social isolation Model 3 Top 2% attendees Target:

Outcomes: Identify the top 2% of people who attend frequently for problems that the practice cannot solve Marked reduction of GP appointments Addressing of mental health co-morbidity Addressing of social determinants of health Model 4 No targeting

Target: In Cullumpton, Devon, GPs and practice nurses from three GP surgeries make referrals to a link worker, who has an office in one of those surgeries The link worker offers appointments to support and motivate people in order to make changes to their health. They do this by accessing support available both in the local community and at the GP surgery

Improved health and wellbeing Outcomes: Addressing social determinants of health Reduction of GP appointments Implementation Rolled out by networks based on the Extended Access hubs Hall Green Health Centre (phase 1) Lordswood House Medical Practice (phase 1) ROH (phase 1) Oaks Medical Centre

Harlequin Surgery Iridium Medical Practice Ley Hill Medical Practice Locality leads confirmed for phase 1 How will patients be made aware of this social prescribing service? The Patient Participation Group will be notified OHP website Leaflets & posters available in practices

Word of mouth Text messages to eligible patients Targeted communications campaigns Next Steps November 2018 3 Health & Wellbeing Partners in post Locality leads to meet with Health & Wellbeing Partners to establish a suitable model Roll out

November 2018/December 2018 Recruit an additional 4 Health & Wellbeing Partners Questions THANK YOU

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