College of Social Sciences Research 2018 v0.8 Craig

College of Social Sciences Research 2018 v0.8 Craig

College of Social Sciences Research 2018 v0.8 Craig Elmer-White Organisational Chart Dean for Research Director of College Professional Services Head of Operations - Research Support Project Co-ordinators Head of Research Business Development REF Impact Officer Research Business Development Manager Research Administrators Research Marketing Officer REF Administrators Research Impact Officer Knowledge Exchange and Community Engagement Officer Business Development and Engagement Coordinator Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Administrator Positions highlighted in white are temporary roles 17/08/2018 V0.8 2 Submitting an Application Key (Owners) School Principle Investigator Research Support Team Idea for a grant proposal Proposal developed? School Stakeholders signed off/ agreed? Yes 1 Contact Research Support Team Initial Contact (Page 2) Project Coordinator (PC) will: Advise on / confirm Scheme Agree Roles & Responsibilities with stakeholders including Business Development ------ 2 Input on the system and provide a project number Impact review planned Parallel Advise on peer review processes requirement Provide timelines*

Draft the application No Contact Line Manager for advice *Timelines School Only Peer review required Before Submission 28 Days College Peer review required App submitted for School review App submitted for School review 14 Days App submitted for College review PC provides costing via system Budget agreed/ finalised? Yes Workflow sign off process complete PC submits budget (workflow) 4 Yes No No Application Submitted Yes College Peer review complete & signed off with only minor revisions required? 10 Days PC can confirm all compliance requirement s met Yes Yes Final Budget submitted No Yes

College Peer Review Required? - over 100k - Research Council -ERC No Final Budget submitted Yes No School Peer Review Complete? 3 Where there is a minimum of 2 months before submission Budget creation Yes Minor Revisions made? No No Yes Yes Revisions required & made? Major Revisions required & made? No Cannot Submit No 1. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to: The Research Director, The Head of School & The Head of the Research Cluster to ensure alignment with strategy and School requirements 2. The Business Development team (details on page 2) will proactively engage and match relevant funders with academics and visa versa their involvement in the project (if required) will be mapped out during the Initial Contact. 3. For grant applications where the submission date is within two months of the initial contact or it is identified that the there is a need for different timelines - the PC will define & agree timelines and ensure stakeholders are engaged as soon as possible to ensure all compliance requirements are met 4. Prior to submitting for School review go through as many drafts as necessary utilising the feedback from collaborators, CO-Is and colleagues 17/08/2018 V0.8 3 Who to contact? TAHIRA Project Coordinators Angela Cowan Tel: 0141 330 8326 |e-mail : [email protected] Research Administrators Bill White : Tel: 0141 330 8451 |e-mail : [email protected] Chiara Cipollari Tel: 0141 330 8451|e-mail:

[email protected] Impact Officer Kyle Taggart Tel: 0141 330 TBC |e-mail : [email protected] ANGELA ADAM SMITH BUSNESS SCHOOL ACCOUNTING & FINANCE Fiona Doyle Tel: 0141 330 8711 |e-mail : [email protected] Tahira Akbar Tel: 0141 330 3494 |e-mail: [email protected] FIONA D X X ECONOMICS X MANAGEMENT SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES SCHOOL OF LAW SCHOOL OF SOCIAL & POLITICAL SCIENCES X X X X X CENTRAL & EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES ECONOMIC & SOCIAL HISTORY INST. OF HEALTH & WELLBEING X X X POLITICS SOCIOLOGY Social Sciences Research Office mail box URBAN STUDIES [email protected] SPS (OTHER) X X Head of Research Operations Head of Business Development Craig Elmer-White Tel: 0141 330 3388 I e-mail : [email protected] Fiona Heatlie Tel: 0141 330 8354 I e-mail : [email protected] Business Development Manager TBC Tel: 0141 330 xxxx I e-mail : TBC 17/08/2018 V0.8 4

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