Issuing delegate certs to Customer AF using Cross-Certification

Issuing delegate certs to Customer AF using Cross-Certification

Issuing delegate certs to Customer AF using Cross-Certification Feb 19, 2019 David Hancock, Chris Wendt (Comcast) 1 Current "proxy" model for issuing TN-PoP Certs to Customer AF STI-CA Procedures 1 2 3 and 4 performed each time a new TN-PoP cert issued CA root certificate Customer AF orders TN-level cert from ACME-Proxy (ACME account pre-authorized with external account binding) 1 TN-PoP certificate Customer AF

STI-CA issues TN-level endentity cert to ACME Proxy Certificate path 3 ACME Proxy ACME 2 TN Provider Acting as interworking function and firewall, ACME Proxy relays cert order to STI-CA. ACME CA intermediate certificate 4 Customer AF downloads cert

(or cert URL) from ACME Proxy End-entity cert chains directly to STI-CA intermediate cert 2 New TN-POP SHAKEN 2.0 Solution Use Cross-Certification to delegate STI-CA authority, as specified in RFC 5280 Goal: Standard X.509 with backward compatibility for signature validation on STI-VS 3 RFC 5280 defines two classes of certs CA certificates MUST contain a Basic Constraints object with cA boolean set to TRUE Certificates private key can be used to sign another certificate in cert path End-entity certificates MUST either omit the Basic Constraints object, or contain Basic Constraints with cA set to FALSE

Certificate private key cannot be used to sign another certificate 4 RFC 5280 also defines three sub-classes of CA certs Self-issued certificate CA cert where the issuer and subject are the same entity Self-signed certificate (aka root cert) CA self-issued certificate where signature can be verified using certs public key Cross-certificate CA cert where the subject and issuer are different entities 5 Using cross-certs to delegate CA authority CA-1 can delegate its authority to another "delegate" CA-2 by issuing a crosscertificate to CA-2 The delegate CA-2 can then issue end-entity certs, chained to the cross-certificate

For domain certs, CA-1 can include a Name Constraints object in the crosscertificate to limit the Subject name-space of the end-entity certs issued by the delegate CA-2 6 Domain CA delegation example Delegate CA 2 cross-certificate (with constraints) Endpoint end-entity cert Cross-certificate Issuer: Subject: Basic Constraints: cA = true Name Constraints: * CA2 public key Signature End-entity certificate

Issuer: Subject: CA2 public key Signature Constraints CA intermediate/root cert Certificate path National CA 1 STI-CA Intermediate/Root Certificate Issuer: Subject: Basic Constraints: cA = true CA1 public key Signature 7 Leveraging cross-certificates for SHAKEN Customer AF case

STI-CA delegates CA responsibilities to TN Provider STI-CA issues a cross-certificate to TN Provider TN Provider then uses the cross-certificate to issue STI end-entity certs to its multiple Customer AFs STI-CA includes constraints in the cross-certificate that limit the scope of endentity certificates issued by the TN Provider (i.e., place limits on contents of TNAuthList (SPC and TNBlock)) 8 CA intermediate/root cert 1 Issue cross-certificate with constraints (ACME) TN Provider Delegate CA Cross-certificate Issuer: STI-CA Subject: TN Provider TNAuthList constraints TN Provider public key Signature cross-certificate (with constraints)

2 Issue STI end-entity certificates (ACME) Customer AF 1 Customer AF 2 Customer AF 3 STI cert 1 STI cert 2 STI cert 3 STI end-entity Certificate Issuer: TN Provider Subject: CAF-3 TNAuthList SPC value Customer AF TNs Customer AF public key Signature Constraints

STI-CA Root Certificate Issuer: STI-CA Subject: STI-CA STI-CA public key Signature STI-CA Certificate path Issuing STI certs to Customer AF using Delegate CA model 9 How are constraints established and enforced? The STI-PA authorizes constraints per TN Provider; constraints conveyed to STI-CA in SPC Token STI-CA issues cross-certificate with constraints authorized by STI-PA to TN Provider

TN Provider issues STI end-entity certificates to Customer AFs within scope of constraints Verification services verify that STI end-entity certificates honor constraints 10 The complete Customer AF certificate management flow STI-CA STI-PA CA intermediate/root cert 1 Get SPC Token with constraints 2 Order cross-certify cert with constraints (via ACME)

TN Provider Delegate CA 4 Store issued STI certificate cross-certificate with constraints 3 Order STI certificate 5 Download cert STI-CR URL Customer AF STI-CR STI certificate

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