Wheel and Axle Lever Pulley Screw Wedge Inclined

Wheel and Axle Lever Pulley  Screw Wedge Inclined

Wheel and Axle Lever Pulley

Screw Wedge Inclined Plane

Simple machines are useful because they can make a physical job easier by changing the magnitude or the direction of the force exerted to do work.

Have you ever tried to unscrew a nut, bolt, or screw from something with your bare hands and discovered that it was just too tight to loosen even if you had a good grip?

You got the proper tool, such as a screw driver or wrench, and unscrewed it!

Why is it that it's so easy to unscrew with a tool when you can't with your bare hands?

The wrench and screw driver are examples of a wheel and axle, where the screw or bolt is the axle and the handle is the wheel. The tool makes the job easier by changing the amount of the force

you exert. Wheel Axle All of the simple machines can be used for thousands of jobs

from lifting a 500-pound weight to making a boat go. The reason why these machines are so special is because they make difficult tasks much easier.

Click Here to Learn More Lever Load Fulcrum

Click on the dude to learn more. A screw is an inclined plane

wrapped around a post. Click on the light bulb to learn more. Two inclined planes make a

wedge. Try to catch the saw to learn more.

Wheel Axle Click on the windmill to learn more. Wheel Rope

This box is easier to lift because of the pulley. Click on it to learn more.

Have you learned it all yet? Lets look at a worksheet to see. Click Here

Click above Now its time to link to Inspiration. When you get there, all of the simple machines are shown. Create

some clouds around each picture and add some examples for each simple machine. Click below to begin.

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