School of Computer Science Human Robot Interaction Urban

School of Computer Science Human Robot Interaction Urban

School of Computer Science Human Robot Interaction Urban Search and Rescue Robotics School of Computer Science Terminology

USAR or US&R Urban Search and Rescue Emergency First Responder: Fire, Police, Ambulance, Paramedic TEEX Texas Engineering Extension Service Texas A&M University NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology U.S. Department of Commerce DHS

U.S. Department of Homeland Security FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency Part of DHS CBRNe/EOD/EDU Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosive/Explosive Ordinance Disposal/Explosive Disposal Unit School of Computer Science Urban Search and Rescue and the Task Force System A Specialized technical rescue capability for the

location, medical stabilization, rescue, and evacuation of entrapped people following a structural collapse First Responders Organized into Task Forces (TFs)

School of Computer Science Structural Collapse? The catastrophic loss of the load carrying capacity of a structure Stability governed by a simple equation LS + LD <= T School of Computer Science

Compression Tension Bending Shear Torsion Structural Forces School of Computer Science Load Forces that a structure is designed to

withstand within a tolerance Let T represent a tolerance Static Load (LS) Combination of constant (~) forces Eg. Gravity Dynamic Load (LD) Combination of changing forces over time Eg. Moving cars, wind, etc. Gravity School of Computer Science

Why Structures Fail What happens if LS + LD > T? Progressive Collapse School of Computer Science Excess Load: Earthquakes Accelerations cause indirect forces -Magnitude -Aftershocks (size and number), -Type of shaking

School of Computer Science Haiti 2010 Video Courtesy NY-TF1 School of Computer Science USAR Characteristics Dangerous Mexico City Earthquake (1985): 135 rescuers died, 65 in confined spaces Responder Intensive

1 survivor, entombed: 4 hours of effort: 10 rescuers 1 survivor, crushed/trapped: 10 hours of effort: 10 rescuers Need for Multidisciplinary Management Fire, Police, EMS, Management, Military, dog teams Need for speed Victim found within 1 day: 81% survival rate Victim found after 2 days: 36% School of Computer Science Structural Collapses

Oklahoma City Domestic Terrorist Bombing (95) San Francisco Turkey Earthquake (11) Earthquake (89) India Earthquake (11) Taiwan Earthquake (10) World Trade Center Haiti Earthquake (10) International Terrorist Attack Japan Earthquake and

(01) Tsunami (11) Elliot Lake (12) School of Computer Science Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada School of Computer Science Void Materials break, deform and recombine to form new structures of

rubble New Structures support new loads LS LS LS Cavities form within Potential temporary haven for survivors Let`s make this

personal Rubble How do we find you in Planet Screwed? Void You School of Computer Science Why use robots for US&R?

Go where humans cant go Go where humans shouldnt go Void search Aerial search Why not, Wed use a refrigerator if we thought it would help Toronto Fire Services, Fire Captain, Heavy Urban Search And Rescue (HUSAR)

School of Computer Science US&R Research Pioneer Prof. Robin Murphy Formerly: University of South Florida Lately: Texas A&M University College Station, TX CRASAR--the place for Robotic USAR Research Had good robotics credentials in a field of

people with good credentials and then something happened School of Computer Science World Trade Center Terrorist Attack Fatalities 2,192 civilians; 343 members of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY); 71 law enforcement officers School of Computer Science

Robots Officially and Unofficially Used Officially Inuktun micro-VGTV (with micro-tracs) Foster-Miller Solem and Talon Unofficially iRobot-Packbot SPAWAR-Urbot School of Computer Science Problems No robot self-awareness/sensing Transmission dropout

Human factor problems Poor interface, difficult to learn and use Operator Fatigue Repetitive tasks but highly critical Fragile Robots School of Computer Science Disaster City Texas A&M University, College Station,

Texas, USA Controlled Disaster School of Computer Science Response Robot Evaluation Exercises Measuring

performance on a scale Codifying practice Test standards held by American Association for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Consensusbased NCART has contributed to these test methods since

2006 School of Computer Science Typical Robot Task: Endurance Simple tasks are extremely difficult to accomplish working conditions are so bad. Q: What do you get when you challenge 2 old fire fighters to complete a simple

robot test? A: Free drinks! A. Ferworn 2016 School of Computer Science Lots of interesting outliers Cant pass a test at all School of Computer Science State of the art at RREX 2006 Disaster City, Texas A&M University iRobot PACBOT

School of Computer Science $3.5M in prizes 23 Teams GOAL: Accelerate progress in robotics and hasten the day when robots have sufficient dexterity and robustness to enter areas too dangerous for humans and mitigate the impacts of natural or man-made disasters. USAR?

SEARCH Dr. Gill Pratt, Program Manager DARPA Robotics Challenge School of Computer Science State of the art 2013 Waltham, MA Boston Dynamics Atlas School of Computer Science

USAR kicks robot ass If you want to know about failed U.S. robots, ask a Russian

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