My Fault Line At Work Setefano A. Malieitulua

My Fault Line At Work Setefano A. Malieitulua

My Fault Line At Work Setefano A. Malieitulua Water and Fault Line This is a 10 water pipe mainline break on 9400 S 1300 E. In this video at :14 seconds, that is me walking across in an orange safety vest taking a picture. I was the first responder to this

mainline break because a co-worker & I happened to be at this intersection in our work truck. We were watching the ground bubble up in this intersection as the ground was dry with no water. Within :25 seconds I had went from the passenger seat to this busy Sandy City safety

The actual mainline break is underneath the police vehicle at :21 seconds. We will find out in 30 minutes when the water is secured. (Play video).

9400 S 1300 E Sandy City, Utah YouTube Wasatch Fault Fly By Video I had found a video by the Utah Geological Survey on YouTube discussing the Wasatch Front fault line. This fault line extends from Sanpete county to the Utah border into Idaho. In this video it discusses about the Salt Lake Segment in Salt Lake County. This explanation of the Wasatch Front Salt Lake Segment begins at 4:26. The fault line will show the

fault line alongside the Wasatch Front from Draper through Sandy City to Bountiful. This explains the movement of the ground in the Sandy City area. At the mouth of little Cottonwood Canyon, Sandy Public Utilities have had issues with compaction and mainline breaks in the past. (Play Video) Compressional Stress: Crustal Stretching With this movement of the earth alongside the Wasatch Front, we have movement from the Salt Lake Valley going in an upward movement into

the Wasatch mountains. The ground movement throughout Sandy City, the Public Utilities department will have major water breaks in the pipe lines. This movement is pushed toward the bench of the Wasatch Mountains. November 16 at 10:48pm Jene Dr. in Sandy, Utah. This is a 8 mainline break on a Sunday evening. This was in front of a home in the driveway area of the drive approach next to the road. I am behind the camera getting pictures for this project. The

temperature is in high 20 degrees, and the ground is hard and frozen. The water is moving down the gutter and freezes 40 feet from our trench. We have a track-hoe mid-excavator digging the mud and concrete approach into a 12 ton dump truck. Digging down to the 8 water break We have dug down on the side of this 8

mainline water break to locate our break. If look closely, there is water pouring into our hole from a crack that crosses our pipe. (Play video) Cleaning the Pipe The pipe is now excavated around to clean the

pipe. The break in the pipe is running underneath across the bottom of our 8 water main. The pipe has been in the ground for over 30 years and the texture of the pipe is in good shape. The water is leaking from a crack underneath is a sure sign of the movement of the ground. The ground will move and the pipe will settle in the ground. The weight from above the pipe pushing down with nothing bellow will crack at the bottom of the pipe. This is an example of the pipe settling with the weight above pushing down. (Play video)

Ductile Iron Repair Clamp This a ductile iron pipe repair clamp. It is made to fix the pipe that is cracked across the pipe. This type of clamp is made like a BandAid for iron pipe. It fits on the pipe and wraps around the pipe to squeeze to keep the clamp from blowing off the pipe from the water pressure. The repair clamp in the next video will show the nuts and bolts that will hold the clamp to the pipe. The nut and bolts will tighten from the inside middle bolt, then to the outside, and tighten its way back towards to the middle. The clamp has a rubber gasket inside to wrap itself around the 8 inch pipe. The rubber will seal the crack on the pipe as the nut and bolts are tighten down. 8 inch Ductile Iron Repair Clamp

Play video Pressure from 6 inch water main break with high pressure. The video I am showing is a 6 inch mainline with high pressure that I fixed a few years ago. This another example of the pipe bursting because of ground movement. This is the same type of break, but the crack is across the top of the main. The ground had movement that compacted below the pipe. The

break was at the top of a cul de sac. The water had sprayed boulders the size of footballs and totaled vehicles and roof tops of the homes at the end of the cul de sac. (Play video) Other reasons for water breaks Ground movement from a frozen ground In Spring, the ground warms up, and there is more movement in the ground. Bad soil in the ground: Clay Dirt soil has nutrients that will eat the coating of iron pipe

Compaction from bad backfill when the pipe was first installed. Backfill of rock and sand where the areas that were old rivers/ dried up rivers, creeks, and canals. Cite Page "Wasatch Fault Fly By Video (high Quality)." YouTube. Utah Geological Survey, n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2014. . "9400 S 1300 E Sandy Utah Water Main Break." YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2014.

. "Water Main Line Break Sandy, Utah." YouTube. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Dec. 2014. . Reflection To Geography 1700

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