PIP-II ESH SC5 Breakout - Environment, Safety and

PIP-II ESH SC5 Breakout - Environment, Safety and

PIP-II ESH SC5 Breakout - Environment, Safety and Health John Anderson Jr, PIP-II ESH Manager PIP-II IPR 4-6 December 2018 In partnership with: India/DAE Italy/INFN UK/STFC France/CEA/Irfu, CNRS/IN2P3 Outline Scope Project ESH Integration and ESH Organization Project ESH Documents - Focus Toward CD2/3a Safety by Design Initiative and Implementation In-Kind Contributions and International Code Equivalencies PIP-II and Injector Test Radiological Shielding Assessments ESH Risk Management Recommendations from Previous Reviews Summary 2 12/5/201 8 About Me: 35+ years experience in Environmental, Safety and Health Management Associate Head in the Office of the Chef Safety Officer

Managing operational safety of the accelerator complex Accelerator Division ESH Department Head Managed all ES&H aspects within the AD Project Radiological Safety Interlock Systems Manager Main Injector, NuMI, SBN, LBNF Review ESH Advisory Committees ESS, FRIB and TRIUMF Accelerator Readiness Review Committees ESS, FRIB, Fermilab, Argonne, Jefferson Lab 3 12/5/201 8 Scope and ESH Integration Charge #6 Scope Provide Project ES&H Oversight and Support Develop and support execution of ESH plans Enforce ESH policies PIP-II ESH Integration ESH participation in all levels of project management and planning Weekly L2 Project Meetings (G9)

Weekly meetings with Chief Safety Officer and Senior Staff Periodic Project all-hands meetings Establishing monthly ESH meetings with L3 Managers 4 12/5/201 8 PIP-II Organization FNAL SUPPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEES PIP-II Machine Advisory Committee R. Garoby PIP-II Project Management Group R. Tschirhart ACCELERATOR DIV TECHNICAL DIV CFO OFFICE WDRS CSO OFFICE COO OFFICE CPO OFFICE PIP-II Project L. Merminga PROJECT DIRECTOR US TECHNICAL COORDINATOR


C. Pagani O. Napoly D. Longuevergne M. Lindgren S. Belomestnykh V. Peoples K. Van Vreede M. Michels K. Gregory R. Tschirhart PROJECT SCIENTIST TECHNICAL DIRECTOR PROJECT SCIENTIST PROJECT MANAGER SPECIAL ADVISOR E. Pozdeyev A. Klebaner E. Pozdeyev M. Kaducak S. Holmes PROJECT OFFICE Project Manager - M. Kaducak Deputy Project Manager L. Lari ENVIRONMENTAL, SAFETY & HEALTH DOCUMENT SYSTEM MANAGER J. Anderson Jr.

T. Langford EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT T. Langford T. Hamilton WBS 121.02 SRF & CRYO SYSTEMS G. Wu System Manager WBS 121.03 ACCELERATOR SYSTEMS P. Derwent System Manager WBS 121.04 LINAC INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING F.G. Garcia System Manager PROJECT CONTROLS MANAGER TBD Project Controls Specialists J. Randall, M. Bossert, A. Tomori OPSS CONSULTANT D. Hoffer FINANCIAL MANAGER

C. Jacobsen PROCUREMENT MANAGER F. Minton RISK MANAGER L. Taylor (acting) QUALITY ASSURANCE MGR J. Adetunji (acting) LOGISTICS MANAGER TBD WBS 121.05 ACCELERATOR COMPLEX UPGRADES I. Kourbanis System Manager WBS 121.06 CONVENTIONAL FACILITIES S. Dixon System Manager 12/5/201 8

Fermilab ESH Organization Mike White Mechanical Engineering Project Support (Amber Kenney) (Jemila Adetunji) QA LBNF/DUNE (Mike Andrews) LBNF/DUNE Far Site PIP II (John Anderson) CMS HL-LHC (T.J. Sarlina) LCLS II (Rob Bushek) HL-LHC-AUP (Amy Pavnica) Mu2E (Ray Lewis) IERC (Dave Mertz) Office of the Chief Safety Officer Martha Michels, Chief Safety Officer Amber Kenney, Deputy Chief Safety Officer John Anderson, Associate Head Mike Bonkalski, Associate Head Eric McHugh, Associate Head Matt Quinn, SRSO (Laura Ortega), FFM (Jon Ylinen), DSO Process Support Kathy Vuletich, GL Madhuri Saridey Administrative Support Anna Campbell, Head Kristy Gibson

Cindy Rogers Suzanne Weber Tritium Management Cons Gattuso, Program Manager Chris Greer, Program Manager (Thomas Hamernik) (Keith Gollwitzer) (Tom Kobilarcik) (Eric Korzeniowski) (Katie Swanson) (Kamran Vaziri) Occupational Medicine Kelly Dombrowski, Program Manager U.S. HealthWorks Dr. Tabasum Amir Caroline Hetfield Mary Kroger (Jeanne Ecker, Wellness) SURF & Construction Oversight (Mike Bonkalski), Head Quality Assurance/Training Jemila Adetunji, Head D/S/P Direct Support (Eric McHugh), Head Environmental Protection Bridget Iverson, Head

Radiation Physics Operations Maddie Wolter, Head Radiation Physics Science Matt Quinn, Head Radiation Physics Engineering Adam Olson, Head Emergency Management/ Fire Protection Dave Esterquest, Head ESH well integrated into and supporting the PIP-II Project 6 12/5/201 8 Project ESH Documents Charge #2, 6 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Favorable wetlands determination from the US ACOE PIP-II Environmental Assessment Public comment solicitation period ended Nov 15 Five public comments received No revisions to the EA are required FONSI Determination Anticipate FONSI determination from FSO by end of CY18

PIP-II Environmental Strategy Schedule for Environmental Commitments needs to be added along with some minor document updates for CD2/3a PIP-II Integrated ESH Management Plan Document updated Nov 2018 PIP-II Preliminary Security Vulnerability Assessment Report Needs minor updates for CD2/3a 7 12/5/201 8 Project ESH Documents Charge #2, 6 PIP-II Preliminary Hazard Analysis Report Completed PIP-II Hazard Analysis Report PHAR update to HAR for CD-2 Draft in progress Most significant change is aligning the HAR with the laboratory QAM Chapter 12030 iTrack Procedures and Risk Assignment PIP-II Construction Safety & Health Plan First draft complete After approval, will be updated as necessary during project construction

Preliminary Design Report Completed ESH Section for the PIP-II PDR Project ESH documentation updates on track for CD2/3a Reviews 8 12/5/201 8 Safety by Design Initiative Charge #6 Concept Safety by design (SbD), is the concept of applying methods to minimize occupational hazards early in the design process The concept emphasizes eliminating hazards and controlling risks to workers at the source or as early as possible in the life cycle of equipment, products, or workplaces Goals Systematic approach to identify equipment and workspace life cycle hazards Assesses hazards from Design through Disposal Follows Fermilab Quality Assurance Manual Chapter 12030 risk assessment process Shift approach for on-the-job safety to the design where implementation is easiest and costs are the lowest 9 12/5/201 8

Safety by Design Initiative Charge #6 Goals (Cont) Capture lessons learned from prior projects and work experience to eliminate or minimize hazards that can be designed out Implementation Status Project Management documents have been updated to incorporate SbD PIP-II Systems Engineering Management Plan PIP-II Review Plan SbD concept and implementation plan presented at a PIP-II AllHands meeting 10 12/5/201 8 Safety by Design Implementation Charge #6 Implementation Status PIP-II SbD implementation document and spreadsheet in approval process (Team Center) A few L3s have finished a first pass at completing the spreadsheet ESH Manager will begin meetings with L2s and L3s to assist with implementation

SbD is part of each design review phase 11 12/5/201 8 Safety by Design Model Charge #6 Safety by Design Model adapted from Safety Through Design, Wayne Christensen, NSC Press, 1999 New initiative to assist with designing out hazards 12 12/5/201 8 In-Kind Contributions Charge #4, 6 Items built internationally need to meet US codes and standards for use at Fermilab Fermilab has an established equivalency process to accept components made to international standards FESHM 2110 - Ensuring Equivalent Safety Performance When Using International Codes and Standards - outlines the process 13 12/5/201

8 In-Kind Contributions Charge #4, 6 To date, the following equivalency studies have been performed and accepted Study 14 Component Type National Consensus Code International Code 1 Pressure Vessels ASME BPVC VIII EN13445 2 Process Piping ASME B31.3

EN13480 3 Pressure Relief Devices ASME BPVC VIII EN4126 4 Structures IBC/ASCE7, AISC360, ADM1 Eurocode EN1990, EN1991, EN1993, and EN1998 5 Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory use UL 61010 IEC 61010 12/5/201 8

PIP-II Injector Test (IT) Charge #6 Prototype injector test accelerator at the Cryo Module Test Facility (CMTF) Determined the accelerator fits within an exemption in the Accelerator Safety Order DOE O 420.2C Single room accelerator with no extractable beam Managed under 10 CFR 835 and the Fermilab Radiological Control Manual Accelerator is not included in the Fermilab SAD or ASE Follows the Fermilab Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) Process FESHM Chapter 2005 Similar to an instrument review at other laboratories Will likely have a very limited scope internal Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) TBD in consultation with the Fermi Site Office 15 12/5/201 8 PIP-II Injector Test (IT) Charge #6 Radiological Shielding Assessment (SA) for 25 MeV operations Initial assessment reviewed by ESH&Q Section Radiation

Physics Science Dept Updates in progress for the final PIP-II IT shielding assessment SA reviewed by the Fermilab Shielding Assessment Review Panel Panel of scientists, engineering physicists, radiation safety staff, and engineers SA approved by the Senior Radiation Safety Officer (SRSO) 16 12/5/201 8 PIP-II Shielding Assessment Charge #6 Reviewing proposed Cryo Penetration from the Cryogenic Building to the Linac Enclosure Analysis required before going out for bids on the Cryogenic Building Need to ensure shielding is adequate before construction of the penetration into the Cryogenic Building Early Analysis Penetration design is fine for normal operations May have issues under accidental beam loss conditions Fallback position would be to incorporate an interlocked radiation monitor into the Radiation Safety Interlock System (RSIS) 17

12/5/201 8 Risk Management Charge #2, 7 Highest ESH Risk Major accident or incident Resulting in a significant personal injury or fatality Impact Work stoppage until investigations and corrective actions are completed Typical initiators would include 18 Civil Construction Component manufacturing Equipment installation Commissioning 12/5/201 8 Risk Management

Charge #2, 7 Typical initiators are routine activities at the laboratory Established ESH Management System in place Risk mitigations include Design to codes and standards Adequate project ES&H support and oversight Activities follow the Fermilab ES&H manual Daily toolbox meetings, weekly contractor meetings, job safety analysis (HAs) for all contractor work 19 12/5/201 8 Response to recommendations Charge #8 Status: PIP-II DOE CD-1 Review Recommendation No. 19 20 Date Closed: Closed 01/19/2018 System

ES&H Owner J. Anderson Jr. Recommendation Prepare the CD-1 required Environmental Compliance Strategy consistent with existing programs and documentation. Project Response Signed scanned document was posted in pip2 docdb on 01/19/2018. 12/5/201 8 Response to recommendations Charge #8 Status: PIP-II DOE CD-1 Review Recommendation No. 20 21 Planned Date Closed: Ongoing

12/31/2018 System ES&H Owner J. Anderson Jr. Recommendation Continue NEPA process/strategy as briefed, and complete in accordance with a schedule that supports CD-2. Project Response Draft Environmental Assessment has completed the public comment period. FONSI determination is anticipated by end of CY18. 12/5/201 8 Response to recommendations Charge #8 Status: PIP-II DOE CD-1 Review Recommendation No. 21 22

Planned Date Closed: Ongoing 03/31/2019 System ES&H Owner J. Anderson Jr. Recommendation Perform an overall document review for consistency and integration across programs and project functions prior to CD-2. Project Response Document updates are in progress. Draft PIP-II Construction Safety and Health Plan is complete. Draft HAR is in development. 12/5/201 8 Response to recommendations Charge #8 Status:

PIP-II DOE CD-1 Review Recommendation No. 22 Planned Date Closed: Ongoing 03/31/2019 System ES&H Owner J. Anderson Jr. Recommendation Per project documents, include Quality Assurance processes and oversight for international and domestic providers that mitigate risks in the baseline for procurements. Project Response Quality Assurance Plan is being updated to define expectations for partner procurement processes to ensure that all technical, safety, and quality requirements can continuously be met. These include procurement quality requirements; supplier qualifications, acceptance criteria, and verification; compliance with codes and standards, and document control. SC5-Adetunji 23

12/5/201 8 Response to recommendations Charge #8 Status: Unreviewed Safety Issue Determination (USID) Recommendation No. 1 System ES&H 24 Planned Date Closed: Ongoing 01/01/2022 Owner J. Anderson Jr. Recommendation There is a need to update the Fermilab Safety Assessment Document to include the PIP-II accelerator. Project Response PIP-II Radiological Shielding Assessment, Safety Assessment

Document, and associated Accelerator Safety Envelope need to be developed and approved. 12/5/201 8 Summary Fermilab has an established ESH Management System and organization ESH support integrated into the project Project ESH documents defined, understood, and on track for completion well before CD2/3a reviews Safety by Design initiative implemented to systematically assess and mitigate system life cycle hazards Code equivalency process in place to accept International In-Kind contributions Project ESH hazards and risks are well understood 25 12/5/201 8 Thank you, I look forward to your feedback 26 12/5/201 8

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