New Bridge Nursery School New Bridge - part

New Bridge Nursery School New Bridge - part

New Bridge Nursery School New Bridge - part of a bigger federation New Bridge is currently federated with Caversham Nursery School and in a soft (non legal) federation with Blagdon Nursery School. All three schools are led by Executive Head teacher Mrs. Joanne Budge. Each school has either a Head of School or Deputy Head who oversees the day to day running of the school. In the summer term 2019 the Governing Bodies of each school voted to enter a hard ( legally binding) federation from January 2020. A consultation document will be sent to parents in September with details and is a chance for parents to contribute their thoughts. New Bridge will be working closely with the Local Authority to ensure we remain sustainable as a Nursery School into the future. Senior Leadership Team

Joanne Budge Executive Head Teacher Safeguarding Officer Joey Stuckey Deputy Head teacher SENDCo Safeguardin g Officer Stacia Beeney Co-ordinator Snowflakes

Safeguarding Officer Attia RafiqSharif Lead Teacher Angie Rawle Business Manager Chair of Governors and the Office Team Michelle Chair of Governors Angie Rawle School Business Manager

Jackie Dalgleish Secretary and Clerk to the Governors Ali Howarth Administrativ e Assistant Nancy Carter Administrative Assistant Sunshine staff Attia Teacher

Mandy EYP Gerry EYP Chiara Lindsay Nurture Assistant EYP (currently on maternity leave) Rainbow staff Christina Teacher Rachel EYP

Rainbow and sunshine staff Sara EYP Kennedy Apprentice Breakfast and After School Club Sandra EYP Mandy EYP Jackie

Nurture Assistant Esna EYP Kennedy Apprentice Snowflake Unit Our Snowflake Unit provides a positive and holistic environment where children can grow, develop and gain an interest in the world around them. It is a specialised unit for children who are awaiting an assessment for an autism spectrum condition OR who have a diagnosis of autism. The unit is for children between 3- 5 years of age, who live in the Reading area. Our aim is to provide positive experiences every day, to build relationships with families and to have high expectations for learning. Stacia Snowflakes Coordinator

Esna EYP Jackie Nurture Seb Nurture Gemma Nurture Kennedy Chiara Nurture Assistant Apprentice Nursery places RAINBOWS: 15 hour (Half day) sessions Our 15 hour sessions are five days each week, either mornings or afternoons

Each child is given one additional session to make up their 15 hour entitlement. They therefore stay for one full day every week and parents/carers are asked to provide a packed lunch for their child on their full day. Please note there is currently a charge of 4.25 to cover the cost of the extra hour of childcare on their full day. Morning Session 9.00am - 11.30am Afternoon Session 12.30pm - 3.00pm If your child is in RAINBOW group then please drop off and pick up at YELLOW end Nursery places SUNSHINES: 30 hour (Full day) sessions Our 30 hour sessions are 9am-3pm, five days a week. You may be eligible for funding for the 30 hours if you/you and your partner are: in work - or getting parental leave, sick leave or annual leave each earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week - this is 125.28 if youre over 25. The lunch hour is included within the 30 hour entitlement and therefore you do not need to pay for your child to attend Lunch Club Full time session 9.00am- 3.00pm. If your child is in SUNSHINE group then please drop off and pick up at RED end Curriculum Tapestry Online Learning Journal All children have an individual on-line Learning Journal (called Tapestry) which records photos, videos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum requirements. This builds up a record of your childs learning experiences during their time with us. Please note that this is not a daily diary- it is a collection of meaningful observations that take place in nursery throughout the year which helps us to assess and monitor progress. Our priority is for the staff to spend time with the children; playing, supporting, inspiring and developing their learning. In addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage you to upload your own photos, videos and comments. You can also comment on observations that we have made. To access you childs learning journal at home you will need to use the activation link. We will give you this link once you have signed and agreed to our permissions and guidelines. Please take a copy of Tapestry: a guide for parents/carers for further details SEND Our staff are very skilled and have experience with supporting children with a wide range of

needs. We are an inclusive setting and we welcome children of all abilities into our school. If you feel your child needs extra support: Speak to your childs key person or to Joey (SENDCo) If a child requires more specified targeted support or outside agency referrals: a meeting will be set up with the SENDCO, parents and key person and an action plan will be put into place. This will be reviewed as necessary. Snowflakes Unit Our Snowflakes Resource, which is attached to the nursery, is a ten place unit for children with or awaiting a diagnoses of Autism. This Resource has a separate waiting list and admissions procedure from the mainstream Nursery and is for the whole of Reading. Lunch club Lunch Club runs between 11.30-12.30 and is run by nursery staff Children eat their lunch in the hall. When they are not eating they are

encouraged to play outside in the garden 15 hour children: The cost of Lunch Club is 4.25 This hour is not compulsory, you may take your child home and bring them back to nursery if you wish. 30 hour children: if you are entitled to 30 hour sessions then there is no cost as the 30 hour sessions include lunch cover. Please do not leave any food in your childs back pack (on their peg) for hygiene and health and safety reasons. Lunch boxes should be placed on the trolley Please make sure your childs name is on their lunch box and that your child recognises their lunch box!

Remember that we are a NUT FREE environment Please ensure you remove any stones and chop up foods such as grapes/tomatoes Please provide a NAMED bottle of water Breakfast & After School Club Breakfast Club runs between 8am-9am: 8 per

session After School Club runs between 3pm-4.30pm: 10.50 per session (please note there is no After School Club on Fridays) Please drop off/pick up from the school office Please phone/come into the school office to book Payment can be made via Parent Pay- please speak to Nancy in the office to set this up. (Parent pay is an online system that allows you to pay on a weekly, monthly or termly basis). The office need 30 days notice of any cancellations We are a nursery school and therefore run like a school. We expect your child to attend their full session and to be dropped off and collected on time. Please do not drop your child off late or expect to pick your child up early as this is very disruptive and interrupts the childrens learning.

We closely monitor attendance and we do expect your child to attend every day. If your child is unwell then please phone the school office to let us know. Please note that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they need to stay at home for 48 hours. If you are wishing to take your child out of school for a period of time (e.g. a holiday) then please fill out a holiday request form (available at the school office) Safety: please make sure you close any doors or gates behind you. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns or questions about safety. Safeguarding: If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of a child or an adult then please speak to the Safeguarding leads: Jo Budge, Joey Stuckey or Stacia Beeney

Please bring in a bag with spare clothes, waterproof, welly boots, nappies and wipes. Any food/drink/medicine must be handed to your childs key person and not left in your childs bag. Remember to write your childs name on everything! Governors The Governors act as a critical friend, supporting our long-term development. If you would like to join the Governing Body, this is a challenging and rewarding role. Full training is given and it can be a great way to get involved in your childs education. If you are interested in becoming a Governor then please pop in and see Jackie in the office Volunteer/fundraise Fundraising We have one main event, the May Fair, organised by a parent

committee. Themes & ideas welcome. Please see Nancy in the office to join the fundraising committee. Volunteering- We always welcome volunteers- what are your skills? What do you enjoy doing? Come and share your skills! From volunteering in the office, help with fundraising, joining the children in their play.. Come and join us! Speak to Jackie in the office to get your volunteer pack. Funding Nursery schools struggle with funding and we do everything we can to provide the children with a range of experiences however we do ask for you to support us with this. We ask for a voluntary financial contributions to our School Fund and gratefully suggest a donation of 10 per large term past contributions have funded classroom resources, experiences and outdoor learning projects.

We ask for every child to bring in a piece of fruit/veg or pack of dried food on their full day. This then gets shared between all of the children for snack (breadsticks, raisins, bananas etc) Fundraising: Please get involved and help with our May Fair whether its helping to organise, doing a stall, donating it all makes a huge difference! We are able to claim extra funding through Early Years Pupil Premium to support children's development, learning and care. If you think your child may be entitled to pupil premium funding then please let us know If you have any questions then please ask! We are all very friendly- dont be afraid to come and speak to

us!!! Enjoy your childs time at nursery, this is a great opportunity for you to meet new friends as well! We look forward to working with you

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