Welcome to Year 1 The Year 1 Team

Welcome to Year 1 The Year 1 Team

Welcome to Year 1 The Year 1 Team Mrs Clark, Miss Wheeler, Miss Wells and Mr Hoy Ms Ashak, Mrs Coelho, Mrs Wadham, Ms Hook, Mrs Browne, Mrs Staples, Miss Doran Learning Through our curriculum we will provide opportunities for all children to excel for every child to have their moment to shine. We recognise that all children will achieve different levels of academic excellence, and we celebrate all successes, no matter how big or small, to ensure each child

feels recognised and valued. Our aim is to develop resilient learners who have transferable skills essential for life-long learning. Each term we will provide you with information about the learning, and you will see that each half term there is a topic which is cross curricular. Maths, handwriting, RE, spelling, phonics and grammar are taught separately. Learning Every week the children will be taught by specialist teachers for Music and French.

Cursive handwriting sessions three times a week Numicon Maths resource to support childrens knowledge and understanding of number concepts. PE Indoor and outdoor Positive Behaviour Chart: Starting place for all children

Our Bee Rules At Hampton Infant School and Nursery we have 5 golden rules. These rules help us to have a happy and successful school. They are: Be kind to others Be a good listener Be respectful towards yourself, others and the school environment Be hard working and challenge yourself Be responsible Be the best you can be!

Supporting your child at home Reading We expect children to read with you at home 5 times a week. Please complete the reading record in the home school book. Bug Club Starting after half term. Spellings This will begin after half term. Children will receive a new set of spellings every week and will be tested the following week day to be confirmed. Maths Skills This will be indicated in your home/school book and we will make

sure you are aware of the ways in which you can support your child to develop basic number skills. General Information School Day: 8:50 3:00pm Please stay with your child until the bell goes at 8:50am. If you need to speak to your childs class teacher the best time to do this is at the end of the school day. Please arrive promptly to ensure a calm start to the day for your child.

Please be mindful of the children walking to their classes when leaving the playground in the morning. Children must NOT use the climbing frame before or after school. Communication If you need to contact your childs class teacher please send an email to: [email protected] Non urgent messages for the teacher can be written into the home school book. School News is issued every fortnight with updates and photographs. This will then be uploaded onto the website. The website is currently being rebuilt and will be launched this term.

Text messages are sent out with reminders when appropriate. If you need to see your childs class teacher please arrange to do this after school. Communication Please let us know if the collection arrangements for your child are different and this includes if they are going home with a friend. Attendance and Punctuality It is really important that your child is in school everyday.

Dates Meet the Leadership Team Thursday 27th September at 9am Volunteer Meetings for KS1 Thursday 4th October 9am New volunteers 2:30pm Existing volunteers Harvest Assembly Year 1 2:30pm 10th October 2018 Parent Consultation evenings: Tuesday 16th October 2018

Wednesday 17th October 2018 Dates Spring Term- Dates to be confirmed Phonics information session for parents Numicon information session for parents Bug Club session for parents Zones of Regulation session for parents What is HISNA?

HISNA stands for Hampton Infants School and Nursery Association Every parent can be involved as little or as much as they want School community and raising money 18,000 raised last year Play ground equipment Bug Club C Touch screens Workshops and activities for children Chair : Emily Glew [email protected]

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