Work Experience Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School

Work Experience Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School

Work Experience Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School 16th 20th July 2018 School Coordinators: Mrs Purton/Mrs Clohosy What is Work Experience? An unpaid opportunity for your child to experience

working life, whilst they are still at school A chance for them to develop and practice new skills and become more confident in their abilities Usually non vocational: its a general experience of work May help to refocus on education and form future career choices Own Placements

How can you help? Employers in some occupations prefer direct approach by students, who do you know? Employers like students who show initiative, so dont do it all on their behalf! Placements could be anywhere in England Placements should not be with a direct family member Help prepare how they dress and what they will say to the employer..why do they want to work there?

Help prepare an introductory email Check the journey route, times and the cost Be realistic about what work they will do in that job role The employer must have Employer Liability Insurance (ELI) All forms must be fully completed with all employer contact details Must pass a pre-placement check

carried out by an approved person Forms must be signed and returned to the school by 31st January 2018 Webview (Online Work Experience System)

For students not finding their own placement: Access from 19th March 2018 When they have successfully logged in they will be directed to the student home page where they will be able start the process of making selections There is a student guide to the system available under the work

experience literature icon Click on search to start looking for a placement Filter what is viewed by job category and location

A list of available jobs will appear By clicking on view they can see a full job description for the placement they are thinking of selecting Most jobs available

on the system will be in administration, retail and education Parent/carers should view the selections to check location, hours tasks

and health and safety Students will need to make a minimum of 3 and up to 6 live job selections, put them in choice order and be prepared to go to any one of their choices. by 23rd April 2018. After allocation They may need to reselect, if not allocated a job

Each student will receive a job description which includes a risk assessment for the job and a parental consent form This needs to be signed by the student and you, as their parent, guardian or carer and returned to school All students will be issued with a log book to record their work experience Employer Contact

BEP informs the employer of the placement details employers do sometimes forget! On receipt of the parental consent form and job description, students must contact the employer immediately to confirm their attendance. Some employers may have to withdraw from accepting the placement, this can be at a late stage In many cases, no contact = no work experience!!!

During the Placement They will be expected to work business hours. This is anything up to a maximum of 40 hours per week! They must contact their employer if they are ill, running late or attending an appointment BEP Group will be advised if they do not attend placement and in turn will contact the school to find out

where they are If they have any issues during their placement they must contact the school Whilst on placement they will be treated as an employee by the company, they can be dismissed! Phones

Attitude Conduct Timekeeping After the Placement On completion of Work Experience employers can leave feedback in the students log book, have a look! Students may be asked to complete a school evaluation form to feedback about their placement

On successful completion of their placement, each student will be issued with a certificate Some successful placements can lead to employment Any questions?

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