HEALTHSTAT METRICS: DEFINITIONS PART I Public Health and Safety Division HealthSTAT Performance Management LEARNING OBJECTIVES Define the terms commonly used in program performance management. Describe the five types of performance measures. Use the Metrics Brainstorming Worksheet to develop metrics for your core activity or program. Communicate effectively when discussing core activity work plans and participating in HealthSTAT Progress Reviews. WHAT IS THE MEANING? I bought all of the equipment at the yard sale, lock, stock and barrel. parts of a musket The salesman spent an hour with me and I got the whole nine yards about their product. multiple: sailing, concrete, grave, others

Hunger in America is a significant problem. does this mean important? Do you think I left a large enough tip for the waiter? from TIPS to insure prompt service Ive always been interested in world history. from Latin inter- between + esse be We sometimes use terms without appreciating the richness of meaning. MEASURE VS METRIC These two terms have two subtly different technical meanings when used in organizational performance evaluation. Measure is a basis or standard of comparison; e.g. length and weight are measures of size . A metric is a standard of measurement; e.g. number of inches is a metric of length, ounces is a metric of weight. Length is the measure of size; the number of inches is Some references treat measure and metric as synonyms. the metric. PLANNING STATEMENTS ARE NOT

METRICS Increase the readability of the website so more people use it Complete project X by September 30 t h 2010 Results from question 7 on the Customer Service Survey ALL METRICS BEGIN WITH Number of Percent of Rate Dollars An analyst should be able to understand how to calculate the value of a metric from a well written title. Quarterly percent of CDEpi case reports with completed data elements. CDC LOGIC MODEL S U P P L I E R S Output

Input Core Activity Project / Process Requirements Requirements C O N S T I U E N T S Intermediate Outcomes Impact Measurements Suppliers Who provides

resources Input What resources we use CDC Staff hours Printers Printed education materials Vehicle expenses metric (No. of staff hours) Core Activity What we do Output What products

or services we provide Develop training materials Training and counseling during home Identify families visits in need (Number of Schedule home home visits) visits metric Constituents Intermediate Outcomes Who we reach What are short and medium term results Children and

families with asthma metric Impact What is ultimate impact Participants have Montanans with a written asthma asthma have action plan improved quality of life (% Participants with action plans) metric (Number of asthma ED visits) RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) Hypothetical Example: Average $600 per home visit Average 4 home visits per year Suite of metrics can

Total $2,400 expended per participant proactively demonstrate Before training and counseling program 6 emergency visits per year effectiveness Cost: 6 visits X $3,000 per visit = $18,000 and value. After training and counseling 1 emergency visit per year Cost: 1 visit X $3,000 per visit = $3,000 ROI = $15,000 savings - $2,400 investment = $12,600 DEFINITIONS SUMMARY Me as ure a basis or standard of comparison Me tr i c a standard of measurement Me as ure m e nt the quantitative value of the metric at a point in time I npu t amount of resources used to provide

a service or produce an output O utput quantity or number of services provided or products produced E ffi ci en cy ratio of inputs used per unit of output Q ual i ty degree to which constituents are satisfied with a service or product received, or they meet specifications Outcome the downstream result or impact that is facilitated by the provision of a service or product

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