Student Navigation Lunch & Learn April 10 12pm-1pm

Student Navigation Lunch & Learn April 10 12pm-1pm

Student Navigation Lunch & Learn April 10 12pm-1pm For listening ease, please mute your

microphone/phone. This will be recorded and uploaded to our Training & Documentation page after the presentation along with the slides.

Click here for phone number and passcode if youd like to join by phone.

Mute microphone and disable camera Open chat or view other participants

Student Navigation Housekeeping This presentation is being recorded. The slides and recording will be available on our Training & Documentation page by the end of the week.

We will also be producing a Student Navigation Demo Video that will be available soon. Please ask questions in the chat window throughout. For listening quality we will be muting all microphones. Disclaimer

We are currently in the midst of the upgrade process and any screenshots, images, or demonstrations we go through today are from our Test environment. There may be changes in the final version that is deployed when we go-live. Please refer to our Training & Documentation page for all of our most current documentation.

Agenda Introduction to 9.2 How will it look? Student Homepage Questions

Resources Introduction to 9.2 What is 9.2? This is a technical upgrade from Campus Solutions

version 9.0 to 9.2. 9.2 contains enhanced mobile functionality. Primarily look/feel upgrade, very little functionality changes.

Why are we upgrading to 9.2? Some additional features Enhanced Mobile Functionality Oracle Support for Campus Solutions 9.0 ends in December 2019 We upgraded to 9.0 in June of 2008. 11 years ago!

Its like cell phone technology. Everything changes! 8.0

9.0 9.2 When are we upgrading to 9.2? March 18 - April 23: 9.2 Advisory Group Members Testing

May 13 June 28: Stage Testing and Campus Sign-Off July 12 at 5PM July 15 at 12PM: Planned Outage for Production Upgrade July 22: Query Environment Available (unavailable starting July 12) There is an alternate/back up date two weeks after the current go-live should the project not

meet critical benchmarks and need to be pushed back. How will it look? 9.0 to 9.2 Delivered Student Homepage and Tiles for all

students. Cannot delete delivered Tiles Able to create/personalize their own experience with Favorites and personal Homepages as well.

9.0 Student Center Primary methods of completing tasks were using the Student Center and Self Service Menus Not mobile friendly Still available in 9.2

Student Services Center (Admin View) available 9.2 Student Homepage The Student Experience in 9.2 is designed to be mobile friendly, or

Fluid. More intuitive and in-line with other mobile activities. No features turned off like they were in HighPoint Oracle continues to develop more

mobile friendly pages. However, some existing pages may still appear as they do on a desktop Student Homepage

Desktop Mobile Academic Progress Tile Academic Progress Tile

Includes: Academic Progress Advisors What-If Reports Expected Grad Term Transfer Credit Report

Academic Progress Tile: Academic Progress Summary Tasks Tile

Tasks Tile Includes: To Do List (Checklists) Holds Completed Agreements (Activity Guides)

Communications Task Tile: To Do List Task Tile: Holds Task Tile: Communications

Manage Classes Tile Manage Classes Tile Includes:

View My Classes College Scheduler

Shopping Cart Weekly Schedule Class Search & Enroll Enrollment Dates Drop Classes Swap Classes

Planner Financial Obligation Agreement Manage Classes Tile: View My Classes

Manage Classes Tile: Class Search Desktop 9.2 Desktop 9.0 Mobile

Financial Account Tile Financial Account Tile Includes: Account Balance

Account Activity Charges Due Payment History Direct Deposit Pay Online Now

Financial Obligation Agreement Account Summary Other Account Services Financial Account Tile: Account

Balance Financial Account Tile: Charges Due Financial Account Tile: Direct Deposit

Financial Account Tile: Pay Online Now Financial Account Tile: Account Summary

Financial Aid Tile Financial Aid Tile Includes: Award Summary

Accept/Decline Awards Disbursements Report Outside Aid Shopping Sheet Financial Aid

Summary Financial Aid Tile on a Mobile Device Desktop Mobile

Financial Aid Tile: Summary Financial Aid Tile: Accept/Decline Academic Records Tile

Academic Records Tile Includes: View Transfer Credit Report Enrollment Verification Official Transcript Request

Apply for Graduation

Course History View Grades View Unofficial Transcript Academic Records Tile: View Grades

Academic Records Tile: Course History Student Self Service Tile Student Self Service Tile


Student Center Parking On-Campus Housing Browse Catalog (Classic)

Class Search (Classic) Official Transcript Request (Classic) Enrollment Verification (Classic)

Self Service Tile: Student Center Self Service Tile: Parking Self Service Tile: On-Campus Housing

Profile Tile Profile Tile Includes: Personal Details Contact Details

Addresses Emergency Contacts Ethnicity Profile Tile: Personal Details

Profile Tile: Contact Details Information Center Tile Information Center Tile


Username and environment Upcoming Outages Other Announcements Contact Information Wrapping Up

Modern Look and Feel More in line with other mobile experiences. Highly personalizable experience

Staff with Stage access are encouraged to test and grab screenshots for campus communications and websites. (Available May 13)

Please join us April 24 for our General Navigation Lunch & Learn th Questions?

Resources Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade Page Glossary Timeline Videos Campus Solutions Training & Documentation Page Job Aids

Campus Solution Blue Page Updated links to environments

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