Thematic Presentation On Natural Resource Extraction (Selous Game

Thematic Presentation On Natural Resource Extraction (Selous Game

Thematic Presentation On Natural Resource Extraction (Selous Game Reserve) By: John S. F. Mbwiliza Site Manager-Selous Game Reserve 2011 Selous Game Reserve World Heritage Site 1 OUTLINE Introduction - Background Management Trophy Hunting - Photographic Challenges Way forward Conclusion 2011

Selous Game Reserve World Heritage Site 2 INTRODUCTION The Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest fauna reserves of the world, located in the southern part of Tanzania [see fig. 1]. It was named after Englishman Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, who died at Beho Beho in this territory in 1917 while fighting against the Germans during World War I. Selous Game Reserve was founded in 1905. It covers an area of about 50,000 Square Kilometers. This makes it to be the largest game reserve in Africa and the home of the larger mammals in the world. Due to its natural diversity and untouched state, the Selous Game Reserve was proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 1982 and today continues to live up to its esteemed status due to the diversity of its wildlife and. continue introduction

In most areas the reserve is surrounded by buffer zones such as Wildlife management areas, National Parks and forest Reserves. The main purpose for establishing the reserve was primarily to conserve elephant and other typical animals of the savanna such as, hippopotamus, African Wild Dog , Lion, buffalo crocodiles,and others which are found in this Reserve in larger numbers than in any other African protected area 2011 Selous Game Reserve 4 Continue.. can. Therefore Selous is one of the last remaining pristine true wilderness areas in the world.

02/25/20 Windows 2000 5 LOCATION Fig. 1. The Selous Game Reserve is situated in south-east Tanzania between 70 20S and 100 30S. Roads UGANDA UGANDA Lake Lake Lake Victoria Victoria Victoria RWANDA RWANDA

Lakes KENYA KENYA Cities Mwanza Mwanza Mwanza BURUNDI BURUNDI Arusha Arusha Arusha Kigoma Kigoma Kigoma DRC DRC

Tabora Tabora Tabora Lake Lake Lake Tanganyika Tanganyika Tanganyika Dodoma Dodoma Dodoma es Salaam Dar Dar Dar es es Salaam Salaam

Selous Selous Selous Game Game Game Reserve Reserve Reserve Mbeya Mbeya Mbeya INDIAN OCEAN ZAMBIA ZAMBIA 250 250 250 Km

Km Lake Lake Lake Nyasa Nyasa Nyasa Mtwara Mtwara Mtwara Songea Songea MOZAMBIQUE MOZAMBIQUE 2011 Selous Game Reserve

6 MANAGEMENT In order to manage the Reserve effectively the area has been divided into eight sectors namely; Matambwe, Kingupira, Msolwa, Miguruwe, Kalulu, Likuyu Seka Maganga, Liwale and Ilonga which are managed or supervised by sector Wardens The Reserve has been divided into 43 hunting blocks leased by hunting companies. The trophy hunting has now grown into highly paying tourist undertaking business, which has not only benefited directly the government but also significantly contributed towards improved livelihoods of local communities adjacent to the reserve. The remaining four (4) Blocks in the northern sector are reserved for photographic tourism. This activity has grown into

a lucrative business with ever-increased demand for sites to operate lodges and tented camps. 2011 Selous Game Reserve 7 . 02/25/20 Windows 2000 8 Figure 2, administrative sectors, Hunting blocks and Photographic Zone 2011

Selous Game Reserve 9 CHALLENGES Insufficient funds to enforce the wildlife policy, laws and regulations. As a result, major constrain in realising the objectives stipulated in the General Management Plan of 2005. To address economic development project such as Minerals and Oi exploration, Dam construction for water and Electricity production. Inadequate infrastructure and working gear plus equipment Insufficient Tele communications coverage Limited research and resource monitoring Insufficient workforce both in number and requisite skills to manage the reserve and to undertake various responsibilities 2011 Selous Game Reserve

10 WAY FORWARD To address the issue of inadequate funding and other management problems, The State will soon transform Wildlife Division to semi-autonomy authority taking charge of all management issues including revenues accrued from tourism activities. This system will ensure location of funds available for Selous Game Reserve development and protection. 2011 Selous Game Reserve 11 Continue..

To enhance rural people s recognition of the intrinsic value of wildlife To adopt measures that brings an equitable share of revenue from tourist activities The State Party requests the donor community for financial and technical support in management of the property particularly in areas of; infrastructure, field gear and equipments, capacity building and ecological monitoring. 02/25/20 Windows 2000 12 CONCLUSION

The Selous Game Reserve is a conservation area of great significance, nationally and globally but it has multiple problems, both in terms of direct and indirect threats to its wildlife populations and vegetation communities, in order to address aforementioned challenges we call the international communities to actively support and participate in conservation of this fragile site of which it survival is lying not only to Tanzania but in the hand of the entire world. 2011 Selous Game Reserve 13 Thank You for Listening

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