TA and Student Interface for Online Testing Training

TA and Student Interface for Online Testing Training

TA and Student Interface for Online Testing Training Module Revised October 4, 2017 This presentation contains a script in the notes section. If you are accessing this information with a screen reader, be sure you are reading the notes section as well

as the text contained in the slides. Copyright 2014 American Institutes for Research. All rights reserved. Objectives After viewing this presentation, you should be able to:

Use the TA Interface to start and run a test session View student test settings and accessibility resources Monitor the testing process Pause and stop a test session Transfer sessions between computers and mobile devices Print test session information Exit and log out of the TA Interface

2 Logging in to the TA Interface 3 TA Interface: Overview

4 TA Interface: Overview (continued) 5

TA Interface: Banner 6 Create a Test Session 7

Approving Student Entry 8 Student Lookup

9 Student Lookup Results 10 Denying Student Entry

Deny entry to a test session in these circumstances: The student is not supposed to enter this session. The student is not on your testing roster The students demographic information is incorrect. The students required accommodations are incorrect.

11 Editing Student Details: See/Edit Details 12

Editing Student Details: Turn Settings On and Off 13 Monitoring Student Status

14 Print on Demand 15 TA Interface: Approved Requests

16 Printing Test Session Information 17

Pausing and Stopping Sessions 18 Pausing and Stopping Sessions pt2 19

Transferring Sessions 20 Logging Out of the TA Interface

21 Troubleshooting Description What to Do

What should I do if a session ends? Log in and start a new session. Provide the students with a new session ID. What should I do if a student gets

logged out of a test while a session is still active? If a students test session is interrupted, the student should log back in and rejoin the session.

What should I do if forbidden applications are running? The secure browser will not allow the student to begin testing if forbidden applications are running. You will see messages advising you which applications

must be closed before testing can begin. What should I do if a students test freezes? Force quit the secure browser and log back in. For instructions, refer to the Test

Administration Manual. 22 Student Interface for Online Testing Training Module

Copyright 2014 American Institutes for Research. All rights reserved. Objectives After viewing this presentation, you should understand: How students log in to the testing system and select a test

The layout of the test and functionality of test tools How students navigate through the test Please note: The navigation instructions that follow are from the viewpoint of a Windows PC user with a two-button mouse. Your steps may vary slightly depending upon the device and operating system you are using. 24

Preparing Students 25 Preparing Students

26 What Is the Secure Browser? The secure browser is designed to ensure test security by prohibiting students from accessing any other programs or websites during testing.

If you have questions about installation of the secure browser, contact your Technology Coordinator. 27 Student Login 28

Login Errors Issue Error Message What to Do

Student first name and SSID do not match what is in the system, or student omits 2-letter state abbreviation and/or hyphen from SSID.

Please check that your information is entered correctly. If you need help, ask your TA. Verify that the student has entered the

correct first name and SSID, including the state abbreviation and hyphen, if required. You may need to use the Student Lookup Tool, which is located in the TA Interface, to verify that the student is in the system.

Student enters the session ID incorrectly. The session is not available for testing. Verify that the student has entered the

correct Session ID with no extra spaces or characters. Student enters an SSID for an incorrect or expired session.

Session has expired. Ensure that the student enters the correct Session ID for the current session. If this does not work, verify that your session is open using the TA interface.

29 Student Login and Test Selection 30 Student Login and Test Selection pt2

31 Login Confirmation 32

Sound Check 33 Instructions and Help Screen 34

Accessibility Resources Universal tools Designated supports Accommodations 35

Test Interface 36 Test Interface pt2

37 Next 38 Test Pause

39 Test Pause Rules For tests that have been paused for less than 20 minutes, students returning from a break in testing can revisit any items in the current test segment and change their answers if desired.

Students taking a test who have paused their tests for longer than 20 minutes may only return to the most recently visited page containing unanswered (blank) test items in the current test segment. They may change any answers present on this page but may not access any items on previous pages or in previous segments of the test. If all items on the most recently visited page were answered prior to pausing, the student will resume the test on the next page with unanswered (blank)

items and will not be allowed to access previous pages or segments of the test. 40 Context Menus Context menus allow students to:

Mark items for review View item tutorials Use a Digital Notepad Send print-on-demand requests to the TA (if available) Access additional features depending on test settings and item types (highlight, strikethrough)

41 Universal Tools: Expandable Passages and Items 42

Universal Tools: Digital Notepad 43 Universal Tools: Global Notes 44

Universal Tools: Highlighter 45 Universal Tools: Strikethrough

46 Universal Tools: Mark for Review 47 Universal Tools: Zoom

48 Universal Tools: English Glossary 49

Designated Supports: Masking 50 Designated Supports: Color Contrast

51 Designated Supports: Translation Glossaries Math 52

Designated Supports and Accommodations: Text-to-Speech 53 Accommodations: Print on Demand

54 Test Items: Example of an Interactive Item 55

Science Test Items: Example of a Locking Item 56 Science Collapsing Stimuli

57 Test Items: Video Playback 58

Item Tutorial 59 Test Timeout Test Timeout Due to Inactivity

As a security measure, after 30 minutes of test inactivity, students are logged out and their tests are paused automatically. Inactivity is determined by whether the student is interacting with the test by selecting answers or using navigation tools. Clicking an empty space on the screen is not considered activity. Students will receive a warning message prior to being logged out and must click OK on the pop-up within 30 seconds in order to avoid

automatic logout and pausing of their test. If a students test is paused due to inactivity, the same rules apply as when the student intentionally pauses the test. 60 End of Segment

61 End Test 62

End Test pt2 63 Thank You! Further Information Washington Help Desk

American Institutes for Research Tel 1.844.560.7366 [email protected] For questions regarding state policy decisions and protocol, please contact OSPI at [email protected] 64

Revision Log Updates to the Module after September 8, 2017 are noted below. Section Slide Description of Change

Revision Date Test Pause 16

Updated pause time to 20 minutes 10/4/17 Test Pause Rules

17 Updated pause time to 20 minutes 10/4/17


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