18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler Filtered Water Coolers z 1

18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler Filtered Water Coolers z 1

18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler Filtered Water Coolers z 1 Mission Statement A clear statement of your companys long-term mission. Try to use words that

will direct the growth of your company, but be as concise as possible. 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 2 The Team Steve Slisar In business since 1992 and has successfully

launched a business from scratch & sold it. Operated a water filter business from 1992 till 2000 supplying water filter systems, replacements and parts. 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 3 Market Summary Market: past, present, & future:

Review those changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, or competition that provide the opportunity for your companys success. 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 4 Opportunities Problems and opportunities:

State consumer problems, and define nature of product/service opportunities created by those problems. 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 5 Business Concept Summarize key technology, concept or

strategy on which your business is based 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 6 Competition Summarize competition Outline your companys competitive advantage

18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 7 Goals & Objectives Five-year goals State specific measurable objectives State market share objectives State revenue/profitability objectives

18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 8 Financial Plan High-level financial plan that defines financial model, pricing assumptions, and reviews yearly expected sales and profits for the next three years. Use several slides to cover this material

appropriately. 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 9 Resource Requirements Technology requirements Personnel requirements Resource requirements Financial, distribution, promotion, etc.

External requirements Products/services/technology required to be purchased outside company 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 10 Risks & Rewards Risks Summarize risks of proposed project

Addressing risk Summarize how risks will be addressed Rewards Estimate expected pay-off, particularly if seeking funding 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 11

Key Issues Near term Isolate key decisions and issues that need immediate or near-term resolution Long term Isolate issues needing long-term resolution State consequences of decision postponement If you are seeking funding, state specifics 18/01/20

EzyRate Cooler 12 18/01/20 EzyRate Cooler 13

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