Network and Cloud Management Optimization Cost Effective Carrier

Network and Cloud Management Optimization Cost Effective Carrier

Network and Cloud Management Optimization Cost Effective Carrier Ethernet Options to Maximize Business Connectivity MASSIVE NETWORKS QUICK FACTS Headquartered in Boulder County, Colorado with POPs located throughout the US. Founded 1996 We are an E-Access, E-Transit provider, working with MSPs and end users nationwide. We extend the LAN world wide with managed Last Mile Carrier Ethernet Solutions. Directly connecting Ethernet LANs to cloud services, SaaS, IaaS, video, voice, data and backups providers all on a single handoff with blended Internet included. Our connections are available to over 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings, with direct connects into data centers SaaS providers, office 365 and Cloud providers. Direct Connect Partners

Additionally Massive provide Data Center Services again directly connected to Ethernet LANs: colocation, cloud, hybrid cloud, peering and managed servers. THIS OPTIMIZATION PRESENTATION IN A NUTSHELL Ethernet is the optimized network Ethernet has one flaw it is Local only Carrier Ethernet (CE) is the answer to that flaw You can easily piece by piece convert your enterprises entire footprint nationally and internationally no major overhaul needed. All Ethernet All the time.

CARRIER ETHERNET IS REAL GLOBAL ETHERNET Carrier Ethernet Is NOT ETHERNET OVER WAN Is NOT VPN Is NOT SD-WAN Is Real Private Ethernet Nationwide and World Wide CARRIER ETHERNET IS REAL GLOBAL ETHERNET Carrier Ethernet Extends the Private Ethernet network

Extend your private LAN no need overhaul your networks. Extend your private LAN into exiting networks MPLS, and SD-WAN Extend your private LAN into any cloud (NO VPN, SDWAN, or WAN Routing) Extend your private LAN into any SaaS and IaaS provider Your cloud, SaaS and IaaS servers are fully optimized on the Ethernet LAN CARRIER ETHERNET IS REAL GLOBAL ETHERNET CASE STUDY: MPLS VS CARRIER ETHERNET *Provider does not have service at an enterprises new site* MPLS $70,000 build out + $1800/Month (20 Mbps)

(5 Months to Install) Ethernet on a different provider through carrier Ethernet $500 Install, $950/Month (100Mbps) (45 Days to install) WHO NEEDS ETHERNET OPTIMIZATION Enterprises SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Providers Cloud MSPS Providers

NETWORK OPTIMIZATION GOALS Optimization Goals by Company Sector Design Engineer Optimization Goals Reduce complexity and simplify network components Increase network flexibility Increase Network efficiency Enterprise Optimization Goals Lower Cost of Network Components Lower Equipment costs Lower Software costs Improve productivity as well as efficiency of the organization. End Users Needs

Faster free flow of data for end users. Optimize End User usage of system resources: software, and hardware ETHERNET THE OPTIMIZED NETWORK Ethernet is Optimized Easy to understand, deploy, manage, and maintain Vendor independent

Provides technological innovations Cost effective Infrastructure can be shared Plug and Play with any and all networks

Fastest networking available 10Gigs to 100Gigs ETHERNET PLUG AND PLAY Plug and Play Physical segmentation, of users, servers and software Logical segmentation of users, servers and resources via VLANs

The Internet, Instantly the LAN has access to the World Wide communications and information TALE OF TWO LANS The Problem LAN has global access to everything. However it does not have private access to its own company servers, data, and services at any other geographically separate sites THE TWO SITE SOLUTION

The Solution Where everything goes horribly wrong for all the right reasons! Routing site to site information and communication through the Internet Followed by the Need for Ethernet Like access, segmentation, efficiency, performance, and flexibility Fixed with VPN, MPLS and SD-WAN

Followed by the need for intense optimization techniques Network component Optimization techniques MPLS SLOW EXPENSIVE AND ONE PROVIDER For those that could afford it the solution was to use MPLS MPLS facilitate internal company communication and resource sharing separate from the Internet

Expensive Slow Locked into one provider ENTER AFFORDABLE OPTIONS (VPN) SD-WAN For those that couldnt afford MPLS

VPN is implemented to get back to Ethernet LAN capabilities over the WAN and Internet SD-WAN Streamlines and enhances VPNs THE CLOUDS, SAAS AND IAAS Enter the Clouds, SaaS, and IaaS Where the Network gets much worse for all the right reasons! LAN Resources are removed from the LAN all together and

Optimization is completely broken LAN AND THE CLOUDS LAN access to the Clouds, SaaS, and IaaS MPLS Routed Or VPN/SD-WAN over the Routed WAN

Cost Savings Network De-Optimized THE OPTIMIZATION PARADOX Ethernet Lan by its nature is optimized Less complex Lower cost Maximum speed, and Efficiency

Does not have affordable reach to geographical separated sites WAN and Internet reach beyond the LAN severely reducing optimization. More complex Increases costs Reduces speeds, and Efficiency Affordable reach to geographically separated sites The answer to the paradox Carrier Ethernet THE ADVENT OF CARRIER ETHERNET Carrier Ethernet Services History

Major Carriers began switching rather than routing traffic Minor Carriers Follow Suit. MEF begins to standardize Carrier Ethernet specifications MEF CE 2.0 is completed

E-transit Service providers began to interconnect carriers into carrier agnostic Ethernet networks. THE ADVENT OF CARRIER ETHERNET A single Carrier Ethernet Pipe can deliver Private Ethernet to Blended Internet Private Ethernet to Colocation Private Connect to MPLS and SDWan segments (Dont rip up the

network replace step by step) Private Extension into SaaS and Cloud Servers HOW TO CARRIER ETHERNET Start with E-Access/E-Transit provider Connecting

World Wide Interconnecting Multiprovider Carrier Ethernet networks E-ACCESS/E-TRANSIT CARRIER AGNOSTIC The Core of the CE solution. Any Internet pipe converted to a Private CE Pipe E-Access and E-Transport creates and supports a fiber carrier agnostic private network. Any provider to 1.7 million fiber lit buildings throughout the country. All connected into one private network.

INTERNET PIPE BECOMES CE PIPE & VLANS VLANs are created and managed with CE. A VLAN for each service to be privatized. Ethernet VLANs are transported through a private network. ONE PIPE MULTI-CONNECT SOLUTION Carrier Ethernet

creates many private connections through one pipe. VLANs 3 to 4000 Seamlessly connect all services through VLANs on a single connection Including PremiumBlended Internet

ENABLES PRIVATE CLOUD Carrier Ethernet and Private clouds. Carrier Ethernet solution integrates a Private Cloud housed in any Datacenter, or any enterprise site into a nationwide Ethernet LAN solution for every other site in the entire enterprise. LAN PLUGS INTO ANY NETWORK OR SERVICE Carrier Ethernet allows step by step migration. No network overhaul

needed. Reduces complexity Connects directly and privately to MPLS Networks, SD-Wan Network sites, storage and VOIP. E-TRANSIT ETHERNET TO THE CLOUDS Carrier Ethernet E-Transit Provider Directly connects VLANs into the back door of the clouds. The next phase of Optimization Privately Extend the LAN into the cloud.

Get rid of routing and VPN to the clouds, SaaS, and IaaS. The Enterprise servers finally feel like they are in the back room again. CLOUDS, SAAS, AND IAAS IN THE LAN Integrate SaaS providers into the private Carrier Ethernet LAN Select Cloud services that fit the

enterprises needs. Select SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services Legal, Accounting, medical and many more all directly connected to the LAN Connect as much or little as you like CONNECT IT ALL THE FUTURE OF NETWORK OPTIMIZATION

Carrier Ethernet brings the privacy and optimization of Ethernet to the global enterprise. Ethernet Simplicity, Ethernet Segmentation. One Ethernet LAN World Wide Segmented by Users, Resources, and Access Parameters

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