L. Observation HWGA Publishing Teaching & Learning L.

L. Observation HWGA Publishing Teaching & Learning L.

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Beyond Expected Progress Marking & Feedback IS IT TYPICAL? LEARNERS How many are on board? How do you know? O. Inspector PUBLISHING Progress & Learn

Engagement through Questioning A GUIDE TO Leadership Programme - Teaching and Learning 14th October 2015 What do you see? Look closely Discuss with the person next to you Do you see the same thing? What do you

see now? Students all see different things. Allowing all to engage in different ways requires careful planning and thorough questioning to get all thinking. Differentiation to maximize progress and learning DIFFERENTIATION What are the barriers to learning and progress?

3 strands to differentiation: Content: What the students learn Process: Activities used to assist the learning Products: Demonstration of learning How are you differentiating in your classes? Is it the same every time? Do you use a mixture of the approaches below? How do we differentiate whilst keeping planning and resourcing manageable? Planning Personalising the journey Process rather than Product Who will need support? Who will need challenge? Which students will learn well together?

How will I group them? How will I manage the learning environment? What questions will I be asking? 8Angelou: Creative Strategy No example dialogue box. Model with one volunteer and the teacher. Spontaneous improvisation Add challenge by merging two paired scenes together and switching roles. 9Bhutto: Lack confidence Strategy Read example dialogue

with one volunteer. Scripted to support students to self start. In 3s instead of pairs to aid confidence. 9Meera: Lack control Strategy Pre-plan 2/3s ahead of lesson. Script stem or own version. Model from teacher. Separate space with chairs to aid movement. Resourcing Accessing information Scaffolding Writing Frames & Methods Point Evidence Explain Link (PEEL) English and Extended writing

Identify, Describe, Evidence, Analyse (IDEA) - History Describe, Explain, Analyse, Link to audience (DEAL) Drama Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Problem Solving VCOP Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation Column Method Maths How do we know they know? 8Angelou: H/wk Meet up with your partner and write a script using the correct layout on your chosen paired scenario. (no guidance free writing)

9Meera: H/wk Using the 3Ps layout your script individually using the given scenario. Task: Creating your own script with the 3Ps People Characters and Casting (at the top of the page) Place Location and Setting (stage direction in brackets) Problem Scenario and Action (write in dialogue and any actions in brackets) Sarah: I cant believe my brother has told her everything. (sighs and looks at her friend) 9Bhutto: H/wk Use the script stem to start you off and complete all

the lines to the bottom of the page provided. In History with 7Meera for all to reach the same outcome using IDEA as a structure for some and targeting those who need a writing frame to differentiate resourcing for progress. Pace Avoiding holding them back Pace of learning

Choice activities Different outcomes Different starting points Carousel activities Independent research Different thinking tools Less is more restrictions can add challenge What if only one student gets it? Do you make them wait for the rest to light up? How can you stagger starting points?

Learning Styles: Do we appeal to all? Do we allow choice to present ideas differently? Do we know how they learn? Task: Writing to persuade Students are to write a letter to the Head to persuade her to start school at 10am. How will you challenge and support the students to meet the task? Now choose your own resource and discuss with someone else on your table how you would differentiate using: Planning

Resourcing Pace Scaffolding Instruction Outcome Summary: The classroom teachers impact on learning Review learning objectives and adjust strategies Prerequisites :Know your students

General ability levels, prior learning, prior achievement, (including school/national data) interests, confidence Embedding differentiation in practice. Assess. Differentiate feedback/ self and peer assess/set SMART targets. Maintain records/data.

Feedback through the books. Planning : Choose appropriate objectives pupil-friendly language. Differentiate by outcome/task/process/res ponse/groupings/levels of support. Deliver: By using a variety of teaching and learning styles. Use Assessment for Learning

techniques. Scaffold thinking and make it clear how as well as what.

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