Delivering FET Programmes in Schools / Colleges Ann

Delivering FET Programmes in Schools / Colleges Ann

Delivering FET Programmes in Schools / Colleges Ann Marie Lacey- Director, Cavan Institute Gerry McKenny Deputy Director, Cavan Institute David McDonnell Drogheda Institute of Further Education FET Transitioning to the next level What next? - big question The Leaving Certificate Student Seeking to define their adult life Will it be University? Desire to learn new skills? No idea where to start?

Recent research Students who follow a FE route do just as well as students going direct to third level. PLC review numbers going to third level What is FET? FET provides education and training and related supports to assist individuals to gain qualifications at Levels 1-6 on the NFQ or equivalent, to attain and refresh economically-valuable skills to access and sustain all types of employment, tackling skills shortages and boosting the future growth and competitiveness of the Irish economy.

Further Education and Training Strategy 2014 2019 Further Education and Training Colleges Accept applications from Leaving Certificate Mature Students Returning Graduates Unemployed Early School Leavers National Training Schemes PLC

Traineeships and Apprenticeships VTOS ETB FET Services ADULT & COMMUNITY EDUCATION Youthreach

Adult Guidance & Information Service Certification General Awards QQI Edexcel/BTEC City and Guilds Industry-Specific/Trades Awards Comit International dEsthetique et de Cosmetologie (CIDESCO) Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) Department of Education & Skills Junior and Senior Trades

International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) International Academy of Travel (IAOT) Institute of Accounting Technicians in Ireland (IATI) Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA) Microsoft Cisco Terminology Explained PLC Traineeships Apprenticeships National Framework of Qualifications

PLC (Post Leaving Certificate) Courses Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses Levels 5 and 6 QQI Awards + industry certification where relevant Progression to Higher Education Progression to Employment 1 Academic Year Delivered by PLC Colleges and some dual-provision in schools Tutors must be Teaching Council recognised 30,000 places nationwide, varies by county

Examples of PLC Range of Disciplines Accountancy Beauty and Holistic Therapies Built Environment Business and Insurance Childcare Computing (incl. Multimedia) Design (incl. Furniture Design) Engineering Green Energy/Renewables Hairdressing Hotel & Catering

Pre-University Law Motor Vehicle Maintenance Music & Sound Nursing & Allied Healthcare Science Security Studies Social Care & Social Studies Sport & Fitness Tourism & Culture Veterinary Studies PLC Courses Apply directly to individual PLC College / Centre

Some Colleges may Interview Points awarded for QQI Level 5 courses Direct Entry to Year 2 of Degree Programs from Level 6 Increases positioning in School League Tables as last School attended is counted Student Profile - Niall McDermott Course Completed: QQI Level 6 Sports Development & Coaching Progression: Progressed to the Bachelor of Science in Physical

Education at the University of Limerick Brian Sheanon Course Completed: QQI Level 5 Science and Laboratory Techniques Progression: Brian gained work experience while in Cavan Institute in the radiography department of Cavan General Hospital Completed a BSc in Radiography at Kinston University, London

Danielle Caldwell Course Completed: Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Studies (2 years) Progression: Danielle progressed to the University of Salford, Manchester to complete the BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programme Ciara Finnegan Course Completed: QQI Level 5 Science and Laboratory Techniques Progression:

Ciara used her QQI Level 5 award at Cavan Institute to gain entry onto the 1st Year of the BSc in Sport Science and Health in DCU. She commenced the programme in September 2018 Erica Joyce Course Completed: QQI Level 5 Sports Coaching & Leisure Management QQI Level 6 Sports Development with Personal Training (Year 2) Progression: Erica is currently in year 3 of the Level 8 Degree programme in Sports Studies and Physical Education in

UCC. What is a Traineeship? Needs-based Industry as partner with ETB Significant work-based learning in host company Duration 620 months Accreditation at levels 4, 5 and 6 on the NFQ Identified career pathways Traineeships Developed and Delivered by ETBs working in partnership with industry and employers

Employers provide a minimum of 30% of the programme as work-based learning. Where a new traineeship is being developed, employer representatives are asked to contribute to the design and content of the programme, to ensure that it meets the skills needs identified and is in a format that facilitates participation and success. Currently, there are over 50 traineeship programmes available around the country. New traineeships are developed on an ongoing basis across a range of industries and sectors in response to identified skill needs. Running a Traineeship in a PLC College Direct Provision Vs Contract Delivery Call for Proposals Occupational Skills Profiling (OSP) Decide on Programme based on OSP

Facilities Staffing Drogheda Institute 21 Culinary Arts Traineeship Level 4 Partnership Model LMETB Drogheda

Institute Regional Skills & Training Contracted Training 22 Employer Engagement Regional Skills North East

Irish Hotels Federation Irish Restaurant Association Boyne Valley Food Series Drogheda Chamber of Commerce 23 Traineeship in action Over 50 Traineeships nationwide NVQ Levels 4-6 6 to 20 months in duration

On the job Training Content developed in consultation with employers Pipeline of talent for employers 24 Gallery and Testimonial Before starting this traineeship I was at a crossroads. This course and the work experience involved has transformed my

life and provided me with a clear pathway to my future! 25 What is an Apprenticeship? Based on a relationship/contract between an employer and an apprentice A programme of structured education and training, which combines learning in the workplace with learning in an education or training centre Combination of practical skills on-the-job with an

employer and off-the-job training in College Pre 2016 Apprenticeships Traditional craft apprenticeships, e.g. Motor Mechanic, HGV Mechanic Electrician, Carpentry/Joinery, Plumber, Plasterer, Painter, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Working etc. Path to skilled occupations in a range of industries and sectors, such as construction, engineering, motor and electrical Four year duration Seven phases, on and off the job Continuous intake

Pre 2016 Apprenticeship Structure Off-the-job On-the-Job

Phase 2 Phase 4 Phase 6 Phase 1 up to 12 weeks Phase 3 = 26 weeks Phase 5 = 26 weeks Phase 7 = 12 weeks Full programme = 4 years = 22 weeks = 11 weeks = 11 weeks

New Apprenticeships (Post 2016) Examples: Commis Chef-QQI Level 6 - ETB Industrial Electrical Engineer-QQI Level 7 ETB Original Equipment Manufacturing OEM - ETB Craft Butcher - ETB Accounting Technician-QQI level 6 ICT Associate Professional Tech-QQI Level 6 International Financial Services Associate-QQI Level 6 International Financial Services Specialist-QQI Level 8 Structure of New Apprenticeships

Delivery Model will vary and may include the following: 2 to 4 years duration 3 or 4 days per week on the job with the employer 1 or 2 days per week at college QQI Levels 5 to 10 The employer pays the apprentice for the full week Industry led

Professional qualification and real work skills recognised by Professional Associations and Industry Progression pathways within each Industry Running an Apprenticeship in a PLC College Lead Provider ETB / Industry Programme Validation Facilities Authorised Officer - ETB Staffing

How to Access an Apprenticeship (as a prospective student) Research the types of Apprenticeships Talk to their local Apprenticeship Team in ETB nearest ETB Search for opportunities using job search engines and local advertisements Contact industry lead on new apprenticeships may be managing recruitment Apprenticeship Traineeship PLC

Legislation Governed directly by legislation currently 1967 Industrial Training Act The 2012 Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act The 2012 Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act

Employment basis Starts with a contract of employment Work Placement Organised for Trainee/ Student Industry involvement Industry-led, based on identified industry skills need and industry support

ETB-led, based on identified industry skills need and industry support Time on the job Minimum of 50% on the job and up to 80% Min. 30% on the job Two-Three Weeks Work Placement

Qualifications level (s) NFQ Levels 5-10 NFQ Levels 4-6 or equivalent NFQ Levels 5 and 6 or equivalent Duration Between 2 and 4 years

Between 6 and 20 months 1 Academic Year (9 months) Target Cohorts Open to all, including those already in employment Open to all, incl. those in employment

Open to all Finance Employer pays apprentice a salary Training allowance may be payable SUSI Grant/BTEA/VTOS Benefits of FET Option

Smooth transition from Second level structured setting, support, guidance, nurturing Pastoral Support Close monitoring of attendance, progress, Time management, communications, development of academic skills Guidance Academic Calendar/Assessment Schedule Close link with the world of work Thank you Any Questions?

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