How to get employees to accept new technology

How to get employees to accept new technology

How to get employees to accept new technology by Sandi Jerome Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting [email protected] If you teach a monkey to press the Ctrl key, hell happily press it all day for a treat. Teach a human and theyll say, but on my old system I used the shift key Law of Employee inertia employees will continue in their current state unless they are encouraged to act

otherwise Technology committee IT director Controller Parts Manager Internet Manager General Manager/Dealer Mission Statement: The Technology Committee is the forum for reviewing,

evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for dealership information technology. The specific elements of the committee's charge include: Identify strategic directions, capabilities, and objectives IT support, including learning technologies Identify opportunities where IT can help achieve the dealerships goals and recommend priorities Ensure a coordinated implementation of the dealerships IT projects and initiatives

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." Manuals, Knowledge-base, FAQ Live instruction One-on-one Levels; Level 1 Data Entry Level 2 Search, Report

Level 3 - Results What is the best way to train your employee to use the DMS better? List of used vehicles over 60 days old Customers service history Expenses over $500 Where did they come from? When was the last time they had their

tires checked? Which ones have increased over the past year? Can you make it fun? Integration with factory Reduced innovation Getting better with Star Standards 30 years of limited choices Uses want it to be the same Keyboard/form-based systems Integration with modules Cost, cost, cost need 30% savings CRM needs Integrated vs. Interfaced Access to the data Contract is up New contract is too long or costly

Contract is too complicated Outgrown the system Take this Quiz 1. Stable workforce 2. Controller /Parts manager on board 3. IT director/manager to help 4. Cost savings 30% 5. Your data can be converted not archived or held captive 6. Your CRM is not held captive by their server

Technology Budget Retail Units Employees Core DMS system Users (less CRM) Total Parts Catalog Other (forms, credit bureau, etc.) CRM Software Users Total CRM/BDC IT/PC Support per user Monthly Total Monthly Annually

Other Industry Guidelines Users Total Annual Budget High 200 80 $ 125.00 55 $ 6,875.00 $ 1,200.00

$ 4,500.00 $ 75.00 25 $ 1,875.00 $ 75.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 20,450.00 $ 245,400.00 $ $ $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ 75 35 50.00 25 1,250.00 750.00 900.00 50.00

5 250.00 25 750.00 3,900.00 46,800.00 9,000.00 $ 2,000.00 80 30 $ 720,000.00 $ 60,000.00 Budget range Technology needs what cant you live without? Case Study;

Multi-company CRM interface/integration Report writer with Excel output Low Payroll - distribution Payables Checks, one per vendor Stock transfers, views Parts Vehicles Combined reporting Most important.Customers! Combined view of Customers one file All vehicles purchased at any dealership, repair orders, parts Access to your main database files and transactions with security Ability to select fields, criteria Export to csv, XML, Excel

1. 2. 3. Prospect and Lead Management Contact management of actions, letters, emails Data Mining of your sold customer database for service/sales What are Tier providers? Case Study: Based on CRM/Multi-Company/Report Writer

Tier 1 ADP, DealerStar, R+R (ERA and Power) Tier 2 DealerTrack/Arkona, ACS, Auto/Mate, MPK, DealerBuilt, PBS, Quorum Tier 3 AutoSoft, System 2000, DPC, DDS Parts scanners Drivers license scanners

Labor time guides Service pricing guides Internet site - inventory Internet leads Titling Audit CPA firms Sales tax reporting Credit Bureau

Service Scheduling Service Scheduling Appointment Scheduling Appointment Scheduling F&I Menus F&I Menus Desking Desking Contract submission Contract submission Rental vehicles Rental vehicles

Data warehousing Data warehousing Automated parts picking Automated parts picking Parts locaters Parts locaters Parts catalogs Parts catalogs What do you really use? Financial statement Parts orders Warranty submission Parts tapes Labor time guides But how much does it cost you? Combine technologies; CRM, DMS, Payroll

Use a company that has fixed pricing Avoid annual price increases by considering a contract and read your contract Understand EVERY item on your billing Compare the pricing on items you can buy elsewhere Printer ribbons Credit bureau fees Paper, toner, forms Required? Space, Speed Newest versions will you

use these features Watch the it will cost less pitch!

Take the can you change? test again Pick a perfect date; end of quarter, no vacations, no other major changes Make a training plan (not too early, not too late) Determine a go-no go date and how to access Document what data will be converted Backup data that wont convert; GL detail, parts sale detail Consider steps; Parts and Service, Sales, Payroll 25 Repair orders 25 Parts Tickets

25 Car deals 25 Checks 25 Receipts Parallel payroll 2 runs Use their support website Be clear Screenshots Examples; On job 3700 when I bring up repair order CV120330, the customer address2 field shows Suite 36 instead of 362. Instead of customer fields are too short.

Keep your own support log Sandi Jerome [email protected] Phone 360-406-5062 x 706 Fax 503-715-5600

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