Learning Target 7.45 I can summarize the effects

Learning Target 7.45 I can summarize the effects

Learning Target 7.45 I can summarize the effects and implications of the reopening of the ancient Silk Road between Europe and China, including Marco Polos travels and the location of his routes. After the Black Death

It seems strange that the Black Death had any positive results, but it did. The death toll was terrible, but the disease did not damage the farmland, buildings, ships, machines, or gold. What do you think this led to? Trade began to increase and new goods became available. RECAP: What increased/decreased during the Middle Ages?

The Silk Road Reopens The Chinese and Romans did business together from about 0-200AD. Products moved between east and west along the Silk Road. This route started in China and ended at the Mediterranean Sea. RECAP: When did the Middle Ages occur? What happened to trade along the Silk Road?

Renaissance Silk Road & Goods Traded The Silk Road Basics When the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty fell (and the Middle Ages began), soldiers no longer protected travelers. So the use of the Silk Road declined. In the 1200s Mongols took over China. They

once again made the roads safer to travel for travelers and traders. One of the travelers was Marco Polo. RECALL: Who was Marco Polo? Marco Polo The Polos traveled from Europe and China where they saw many amazing things, such as paper

money, and coals used for fuel. Kublai Khan invited Marco Polo to stay with them for awhile and made him a government official. Marco Polo Polo wrote about China- this made Europeans very curious about Asia and they started to

desire the Asian goods! Trade with Asia began again, so they opened the Silk Road again. Merchants organized a great deal of the trade. Florence, Genoa, Milan, and Venice began to become trading cities. Italian Cities The cities became very busy with traders and shoppers. They had ports on the Mediterranean Sea so the goods began to be

traded and brought to the harbors of these cities. Merchants then shipped these goods all over Europe. The Travels of Marco

Polo The Travels of Marco Polo is a story that tells of Marco Polos travels through Asia, Persia, China, and Indonesia between 1276 and 1291. The book was written by romance writer Rustichello da Pisa when Marco Polo was imprisoned as a prisoner of war. Some believe the book is a sham

while most believe it is accurate due to the Geographical accuracies.

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