Evaluation of Print Media info.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem =18902&CtNode=2617&mp=4 http:// Classification

Evaluation of Print Media info.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem =18902&CtNode=2617&mp=4 http:// Classification

Evaluation of Print Media info.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem =18902&CtNode=2617&mp=4 http:// Classification of Magazines Consumer magazines

Business publications Farm publications Consumer Magazines Provide the general public for information or entertainment. More detailed classification: general editorial, sports, travel, and womens. Distribution: subscription (circulation), store distribution, or both. Frequency: weekly, monthly, and bimonthly. Consumer Magazines

Accounting for nearly 2/3 of all advertising dollars spent in magazines. Top 25 consumer magazines account for 70% of all advertising dollars spent in consumer magazines. Pros: specific market segment, favorable advertising environment, less legal constraints. Business Publications

Published for specific business, industries, or occupations Vertical publication & horizontal publication Classifications Specific professional groups, e.g. National Law Review, Architectural Forum. Industrial magazines, e.g. Iron and Steelmaker,

Chemical Week, and Industrial Engineering. Trade magazines, e.g. Progressive Grocer, Drug Store News. General magazines, e.g. Forbes, Fortune, and BusinessWeek. Health care publications Farm Publications Farm publications are not classified with business

publications because historically farms were not perceived as business. About 3,00 publications are tailored to nearly every possible type of farming or agricultural interest. SRDS breaks farm publications into 9 classifications, ranging from general-interest magazines aimed at all types of farmers to those in specialized agricultural areas such as poultry, hot farming, or cattle raising. Magazine Readership Measurement Circulation Traditional

delivery Nontraditional delivery (controlled circulation) The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), e.g. . Advantages of Magazines Market selectivity

Interest, e.g. selective binding. Demographic: editorial content or special edition. Geographic selectivity: magazine that is targeted toward a particular area, or specific geographic editions of national or regional magazines. Ink-jet imaging Advantages of Magazines Creative

flexibility Double page spread ( ) Bleed pages ( ): extra 10~20% for bleeds. Gatefolds ( ) Photo essay Frictional page space Unusual page sizes and shapes, e.g. 3D . Inserts ( ), e.g. coupons or samples. Creative space buys, e.g. WD-40 . WD-40

Advantages of Magazines Permanence The format of short essay is easy to read anytime, e.g. readers devote nearly an hour over a period of two or three days to reading an average magazine. Long life span, e.g. 75% of consumers retain magazines for future reference.

Less hurried pace and more opportunity to examine ads in considerable detail. Advantages of Magazines Reproduction quality Far superior to newspapers, particularly when color is needed. Prestige

The product or service may gain from advertising publications with a favorable image, e.g. GQ, VOUGE, ELLE. Nikon S60 Nikon S60 Advantages of Magazines Consumer receptivity and involvement

Sources of knowledge, information, and usable ideas Nonintrusive and easily be ignored Studies show that the majority of magazine readers welcome ads; only a small percentage have negative attitudes toward magazine advertising. Some magazines are purchased as much for their advertising as for their editorial content. Magazine readers are more likely to attend to and recall

ads than are TV viewers. Advantages of Magazines Services Merchandising staffs Research studies: general consumer trends, changing purchase patterns, and media usage or may be relevant to a specific product or industry. Split runs two or more versions of an ad are printed in alternate copies of a particular issue of

a magazine. Disadvantages of Magazines Costs E.g. $202000 (Time, circulation 4.2 million). Tradeoffs among absolute cost, relative cost and selectivity. Limited reach and frequency

Monthly or weekly publications Disadvantages of Magazines Lack Some readers do not look at an issue of a magazine until long after it comes to them. Long of immediacy

lead time 30- to 90-day lead time Can not be timely in responding to current events or changing market conditions. Disadvantages of Magazines Clutter and competition On average (consumer magazine), 45%

advertising and 55% editorial. Paradox: the more successful a magazine becomes, the more advertising pages it attracts. info.gio.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem =18902&CtNode=2617&mp=4 http:// Newspapers Newspaper

readership has been declining for years, although it remains a fairly healthy advertising medium. Market selectivity The ability to target specific consumer group E.g. special interest newspapers, special interest sections, and advertising inserts delivered only to particular zip codes or zones. Types of Newspapers Newspapers

can be classified by three factors: Frequency of publication (daily, weekly, and so on) Format and size Circulation Types of Newspapers

Frequency of Publication About 1,530 dailies and 8,000 weeklies currently exist in the United States. Daily newspapers Read by nearly 60% of adults each weekday and by 68% on Sunday. Morning, evening, or Sunday publication Types of Newspapers

Frequency of Publication Weekly newspapers: Originate in small towns or suburbs Geographic focus and lower absolute cost local advertisers E.g. , , .

Newspaper supplements ( ) Sunday supplements: contain stories of more local interest. Regional supplements Specialized weekday supplements: cover specific topics such as food, sports, or entertainment. Types of Newspapers Format and Size (e.g. ) & Broadsheet (e.g. )

SAU (standard advertising unit) Tabloid American Newspaper Publishers Association and Newspaper Advertising Bureau first introduced the SAU system in the early 1980s. Figure 12-5 Types of Newspapers Circulation

Circulation: the number of copies a newspaper sells. E.g. USA Today (2.3 million), The Wall Street Journal (1.8 million), and The Christian Science Monitor. Appeal primarily to large national advertisers and to regional advertisers that use specific geographic editions of these publications.

50 100 20 Types of Newspapers Circulation For special interest groups More than 200 newspapers African

American Other examples such as El Nuevo Herald, , , Stars & Stripes, Wall Street Journal, , , and The China Post. Newspaper Advertising The pricing for newspaper advertising is sold based on the size of the space used. Rate card: a list of the charges for advertising space and the discounts given to local advertisers and to advertisers who make volume buys.

Types of Newspaper Advertising Display advertising Generally use illustrations, headlines, white space, and other visual devices in addition to the copy text. The dominant form of newspaper advertising Approximately 70% of the advertising revenue of the average newspaper

Two subcategories: Local (85% retail) advertising: supermarkets, department stores, banks, and travel agents. National (general) advertising Types of Newspaper Advertising Display advertising ROP

(run-of-paper) rate & preferred-position rate Co-op advertising One-order, one bill Media rep firms In the past, national advertisers buying space from 150 newspapers would receive as many as 150 pieces of paper using 150 different account methods.

Types of Newspaper Advertising Classified advertising Approximately 40% total newspaper advertising revenue Two types: (1) advertising by individual to sell their personal goods; (2) advertising by local businesses. Arranged under subheads according to the product, service, or offering being advertised. Top 3: employment, real estate, and automotive. Types of Newspaper Advertising

Special Ads and Inserts Special ads Preprinted inserts are printed by the advertiser and then taken to the newspaper to be inserted before delivery. Supplement, e.g. Parade and USA Weekend. FSI (free-standing insert) price discrimination Coupons Economic reasons for firms to issue coupon

Manufacturer coupon vs. retailer coupon Advantages of Newspaper Extensive penetration In most areas, 50% or more of households read a daily newspaper, and the reach figure may exceed 70% among households with higher incomes and education levels. Morning and evening edition

Advantages of Newspaper Flexibility Producing and running timely respond Scheduling

Various sizes, shapes, and formats Use color or special inserts to gain the interests of readers Advantages of Newspaper Geographic selectivity Let companies feature products on a market-bymarket basis, respond and adapt campaigns to

local market conditions, and tie into more retailer promotions, fostering more support from the trade. Advantages of Newspaper Reader involvement and acceptance

Not only for news, information, and entertainment but also for assistance with consumption decisions. Many consumers actually purchase a newspaper because of the advertising it contains. Readers knowledge about particular sections of the paper. Consumers look forward to ads in newspapers more than in other media. 80% of consumers said newspaper ads were most helpful to them in doing their weekly shopping. Advantages of Newspaper Service

offered Merchandising services and program Excellent sources of local market information through their knowledge of market conditions and research like readership studies and consumer survey. Assist small companies through free copywriting and art services. Limitations of Newspaper

Poor reproduction If the visual appearance of the product is important, ex. food or fashions, the advertiser will no rely on newspaper ads. Short life span Solutions: high frequency and advertising in specific

sections Limitations of Newspaper Lack of selectivity Demographics or lifestyle characteristics. Clutter

64% of the average daily newspaper is devoted to advertising. Most ads are black and white. Island ads

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