Primary Improvement This session to include updates on:

Primary Improvement This session to include updates on:

Primary Improvement This session to include updates on: - Statutory assessment - Support for the review of safeguarding - Update on data tools (Analyse School Performance and FFTAspire) - Support for School Led Improvement Partnerships Statutory Assessment Update KS1 data must be submitted to the LA by Thursday 29 June 2017 KS2 data must be submitted via NCA tools by Thursday 29 June 2017 All KS1 and KS2 submitted data will be analysed by the Standards

and Excellence team to check that it matches external moderation decisions and to investigate any unexpected pattern of attainment KS1 schools will receive email notification that the data has been checked. If there are any queries schools will be asked to respond within 3 working days of receipt of the email KS2 if no queries are raised schools will receive email notification that the data has been checked. If there are any queries the schools Standards and Excellence Commissioner will contact the school by phone on 28th June. Support for the review of safeguarding How does your governing body ensure and evidence compliance with all statutory

responsibilities in regard to safeguarding all pupils? What training has the link governor for safeguarding had to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to effectively carry out their role? What training have members of the Governing Body had to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to effectively evaluate the safeguarding and child protection arrangements in the school? What evaluation has taken place to establish the Governing Bodys capacity to carry out their safeguarding duties and responsibilities? https://

www.safeguardinginschool understandingsafeguarding andgovernance2/ In development * Governors Safeguarding Framework; Audit tool for self or peer review with guidance prompts Termly calendar for monitoring and evaluating Route cards to use to rectify any areas of non-compliance * Standards and Excellence Commissioners focussed visit to schools in summer term, schools due inspection are a priority. Raising awareness of safeguarding at any event with leaders and governors including SLIS

* Traded review of Safeguarding: Half and full day options available September 17 Strongly recommend that schools buy in external audit from Schools HR. Update on data tools - Analyse School Performance - FFTAspire Analyse School Performance (ASP) Compares school performance at school and pupil group level against national averages Ofsted and LA can see the same data, but anonymised This is the first release which will be added to with

features such as: - Question Level Analysis - Named Pupil Data The last three Inspection Dashboards are available to download there are plans to release a 2017 version Summary view of data, data tables and scatter plots are there now, downloadable and printable ASP will allow users to filter on multiple characteristics Easy to navigate, same view for teachers, governors, LAs, MATs, Ofsted and Diocesan Authorities Current differences with ROL and ASP ASP+

ASP- LA averages on headline data page in ASP 2016 data only in ASP ASP allows multiple filters No contextual information in ASP - exclusions, absence, basic characteristics trend, basic characteristics by year group, ethnic groups and English as a first language trend, Main SEN type trend, KS1 PA

Some improvements in formatting No ethnic group or term of birth performance data Greater range of characteristics in scatterplots No Year 1 phonic marks 2016 - cumulative distribution graph Less repetition of data No Year 2 resit phonic data

No KS1 attainment data compared to EYFS starting points No transition matrices No KS2 ranking No significance shading / confidence intervals No ability to create schools own data No detail given about National Comparison No ability to change National Comparators No National comparator for filtered groups FFTAspire Update

New Aspire developments in 2017 Full organisation refresh (including mergers; new schools; MATs and Chains) - Final (2016 Self Evaluation and Y3 estimates) - Updated School Leaders/Governors dashboards - Pupil data management - Removing pupils from a report - Favourite report settings access these quickly via My reports page - Pupil Premium reporting 4 sections - Aspire static PDF dashboards: Extended Headteacher/SLT dashboard - Scaled score estimates: - Pilot of Primary Pupil Tracking (Autumn 17)

- Essex County Council Cohort termly tracking Essex County Council School level reports - disadvantaged Essex County Council FFT Training offer Two days overview training for schools through LA includes:

Introduction to Aspire for new users Using the RAISE replacement in combination with Aspire Analysing your attainment and progress data in Aspire A walk through the Aspire Dashboard for Governors. Bespoke training options Out of box and bespoke sessions can be run for LA staff, group. - London Friday 29 September or Cambridge Thursday 16 November Outlining the key features of the new FFTAspire and ASP systems A blended approach to self-evaluation maximising the impact of Aspire and ASP

FFT Subscription 2017-18 The annual subscription to FFT for schools has increased for by 16%. This is the first pricing increase for several years. The LA need to consider its pricing strategy for schools to cover the increase in costs. Price in 2016/17 Price in 2017/18 Increase

Number of subscribers expected based on 2016/17 80 (under 80 pupils + for 2017 to include Infant schools) 93 13 64

125 (all primary schools and secondary with less than 650 pupils) 145 20 305 500 (Secondary)

580 80 68 Pricing for 2018/19 will need to be considered in the Spring term 2018. School Led Improvement Strategy (SLIS) Development Visits Main Successes Increased commitment to the partnership and each

other, and stronger collaborative working Sharing of expertise and professional development opportunities, and supporting schools How the partnership has organised itself, and working with the LA and TSAs Capacity to lead and facilitate the partnership Using funding for partnership projects Activities to help schools understand each others strengths and areas for development Engaging governors Developing trust and relationships between schools, and commitment to the partnership Projects to develop knowledge, expertise, and capacity

Development Visits Main Challenges Engaging schools in the partnership How the partnership worked together Developing relationships and trust between schools Commitment of all schools to the partnership Sustainability of funding Sharing data between schools Confidence to share needs, challenge to other schools, and feelings of accountability Capacity to lead and facilitate the work of the partnership Engagement between primary and secondary Support for vulnerable schools

Development Visits Next Steps Engaging other schools and individuals Increasing partnership capacity, and developing how the partnership operates New and additional priorities for partnership work Develop capacity in schools at all levels Create links with and learn from others e.g. TSAs Work with governors Support data and intelligence sharing Strengthen partnership tools and processes Develop plans to support schools across the partnership Evaluate impact

Plan for the future The Partnership Evaluation and Development Tool Roll out 13th June 2017 Why are we developing it? To strengthen our vision of Essex as a self reviewing, self reporting, self supporting and self improving system In line with the national trend and the Essex vision, to move the responsibility for review and improvement to school and partnership level To know the priorities of partnerships and help link partnerships with common priorities for improvement To know where all the talent and effective practice in the system is and to use in the service of the

system as a whole Focus of sessions from the Standards and Excellence Team to Partnerships 16/17 RAISEonline training Moderation for KS1 & 2 Maths and English moderation / End of KS assessment EYFS/Year 2 / Year 6 moderation Running department Reviews - secondary Reading and Writing subject leader training Safeguarding Meeting with Independent Chair to discuss Partnership needs for the session Data analysis- group data

Presentation of data analysis Middle Leadership (6 x day sessions): Data analysis Preparing for interviews with inspectors Monitoring foundation subjects Managing awkward conversations Action planning Moderation Primary/secondary transition Partnership meetings- attendance at/ view from LA item on the agenda. High Impact Governance Process and outcomes validation- contribution to

partnership development plan for 2017-18 Planning meeting for SEC days Middle Leadership Training Day Action Planning Training Peer Review Quality Assurance Peer review training FFT training Middle leader training Subject Leadership Observations Reading Moderation Maths Moderation

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