October Newsletter I Can StatementsPlease refer to webpage

October Newsletter I Can StatementsPlease refer to webpage

October Newsletter I Can StatementsPlease refer to webpage for quarterly I Can Statements that correspond with our curriculum. Readers workshop The students are continuing to practice independent reading for 20 minutes and partner reading for 20 minutes. Shared Reading *We have been discussing taking care of books, choosing books, knowing ourselves as readers and building reading stamina. *We have and will continue to discuss the roles of author and illustrator, the cover of a book, title, sequencing, color words and the recognizing 1st quarter sight words. *We will start to make predictions, ask questions, problem solve unfamiliar words, and retell stories that we read. Graphemes/Phonemes We work on letter recognition and letter sounds daily throughout the day in various ways. It is really important for the children to be able to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters. The goal for the end of 1st quarter is that the kids are able to identify the first letter of a given word. The kids work hard at this everyday! Important Dates : Pillar of the Month Trustworthiness Wear Blue on Thursdays Running Club 10/2, 10/7, 10/9, 10/16 Hot Lunch 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24 Popsicle Sale 10/4, 10/25 Library 10/2, 10/9, 10/18, 10/25 10/11, 10/14 No School Week of 10/21 GP Book Fair 10/23 GP Family Night 5-8, Report Card Presentation 6:30-7:00 10/24 End of Q1 10/25 Picture Retake 10/31 Fall Parade 9:30, SIP Early Release 11:25 Happy Birthday to Nolan 10/24 Eureka Highlights: (End of Module 1: approx. end of Oct.) We are building fluency every day! Analyze to find objects that are exactly the same or not exactly the same Classify items into categories/Partner Talk Classify to find objects that share a visual pattern, color, or use Linear and array configurations Model decompositions of numbers Correct numeral formation Fall Harvest Party and Costume Parade NO MASKS OR PROPS Come to school in costumes All welcome to attend the parade at 9:30am The party (for room parents who have been notified) from 10-10:45am October Newsletter Technology Each afternoon we play movement videos when we need breaks throughout the day. Check out These YouTube Videos: 1. Vowel Bat

2. Phonics Song 2- by A.J. Jenkins 3. Have Fun Teaching- Alphabet Song or What do the Letters Say? 4. The Big Numbers Song 5. Jack Hartmann- Count to 100 by 1s 6. Go Noodle- for calming or energizing videos. You can set up an account for free WritersWorkshop Narrative- we have been working on our narrative pieces. We are writing about our lives and topics that we know and care a lot about, so we have more to write. As writers, we have learned to: Add details to the pictures in our stories Add movement lines to our pictures Add labels to our stories Add speech bubbles and thought bubbles to our stories Stretch out words like rubber bands and write the sounds that we hear Use our word wall to help us locate sight words that we need Use our alphabet linking chart to help us find letters for sounds that we hear We will be learning to write stories across many pages. We will learn to edit and publish our first writing piece, then we will celebrate with our friends. Next.Pattern Books- I will introduce pattern book writing. We will use Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Cookies Week, I Can Read and I Can Write as mentor texts and we will start to write our own pattern books, using our sight words and alphabet linking chart. Handwriting I will continue with lowercase letter formation. We are also working on writing #s to 20 using proper formation. *Remember to encourage proper formation at home and always have them start at the top, or middle never at the bottom Sight Words: Please continue to practice sight words at home. The children are expected to read each word by the end of the quarter. We practice reading and writing sight words daily in school. Quarter 1 words: I, at, an, can, look, at, am, the, they, like, see, me, it Green Fluency Bags Green fluency bags will start coming home. Please have your child practice reading the books in their bag. Also, please have your child bring their fluency bag with books to school everyday because we use them during Guided Reading.

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