Library Hotspots & Digital Equity 800 WiFi Hotspots

Library Hotspots & Digital Equity 800 WiFi Hotspots

Library Hotspots & Digital Equity 800 WiFi Hotspots 600 for general public/short term use 200 for long term use via partnerships

Families with low incomes Immigrants/Refugees People experiencing housing insecurity WiFi Hotspots

Seattle Housing: New Holly Who Did We Reach at New Holly? 60% reported incomes under $25,000

67% reported no home internet (other than a phone) 72% reported Somali as the main language spoken at home 87% had at least one student enrolled in Seattle Public Schools

Tiny Houses Encampment Goodwill Partnership 53% of patrons were below the Federal

Poverty Level 46% reported having at least 1 child 31% looking for work within the next 3 months Top native languages reported: - Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese,

English, Somali Top Expected Uses for Hotspot Improve English Skills Communicate with family/friends outside of

Seattle Improve computer skills Find a job Top Expected Benefits of Getting Hotspot

Save money, more money to do other things, cant afford wifi service, save $90/month Learn something new, Improve English skills Homework and Research, Study for GED Casa Latina Day

Laborers New Holly Somali Womens Group Computer Classes

Last Day of Class! Toby Thomas Virtual & Instruction Services Seattle Public Library [email protected]

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