Increasing Awareness, Access & Success for College Readiness

Increasing Awareness, Access & Success for College Readiness

Increasing Awareness, Access & Success for College Readiness Tyler Dixon, Emmanuel Patio, Anamaria Rosales, Jonathan Senecal & Andre Wallace teamASAP Captains Beth A. Arey College & Career Coordinator Amber Bolden Greer Professional School Counselor Dale G. Leibforth Mathematics Teacher/Instructional Coach AP Recruitment & Retention Coordinator Evanston Township High School District #202 - Evanston, IL ETHS School Profile September, 2013

Total Enrollment: 3,120 Low-Income: 41.4% Asian: 3.9% Black or African American: 30.9% Hispanic/Latino: 16.6% Two or more races: 4.8% White: 43.4% College Bound (Class of 2012): 72% 2 Year Colleges: 16% 4 Year Colleges: 55% High School & Post-High School Objectives: To provide overview of counseling curriculum To offer examples of collaboration within ETHS to develop effective student-centered programming To provide an opportunity for colleagues to reflect on current curriculum, programming, practices and how student needs are being met

Counseling Staff Major Opportunities to Focus on Access Freshman Transition Junior Post-Secondary Planning How do we support freshmen transition? Access ETHS Freshman Orientation Freshman Advisory Study Hall Program Introduction to High School Seminar Individual Freshman Conferences Course Selection Group Sessions Access ETHS Overview 1 credit summer course Activities and skills based learning Collaborative

Access ETHS Goals Acquire test-taking, note-taking, research and organizational skills Gain an awareness of resources, supports and skills necessary for a successful transition to high school Become familiar with ETHS culture, procedures, building and campus Develop a high school success plan with short & long-term goals Build community among the class Freshman Orientation Approximately two hours Begins with a brief welcome session in the auditorium Concludes with freshmen and their parents/guardians exploring the high school

Freshman Advisory Study Hall Program *Students Six: Six Teaching Strategies that Work for Students of Color, Greg Meyer: Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, Chapel Hill, NC FASH Programming with Specific Outcomes Community Building Social/Emotional: Students will learn to communicate effectively Academic Supports Academic and Social/Emotional: Students will know where the

various supports, beyond class are located and when they are offered Students will understand the process of taking advantage of supports offered Students will become better selfadvocates when seeking out supports What is your GPA? Understanding your Transcript Introduction to Naviance

College/Career: Students will receive additional college information Students will receive additional career and vocational information Students will more fully utilize Naviance during their freshman year Check-ins Introduction to High School Seminar Small group sessions Discussion of graduation requirements Overview of four-year plan

Present scenarios highlighting the significance of grades and accessing supports Encouragement of extracurricular involvement Individual Freshman Conferences Progress update Review of interim grades and four-year plan Discussion of possible interventions Check-in of extracurricular involvement Course Selection Group Sessions December Course information days

January Small group information sessions Student submission of course requests Junior Post-Secondary Planning Conferences Scheduled for each student; parents are invited December 1st - April 30th Discussion Current plan Colleges Major/career interest Graduation plan Grades/GPA/Rigor of

curriculum Test scores Action Plan Create a list of schools Define wants Determine needs Use Naviance and other search engines Refine list

Visit schools FAFSA/Fin Aid/Scholarships Compile activities/awards/accomplish ments Q&A A Paradigm Shift: College Eligible vs. College Ready Admission vs. Graduation Its never too early! PreK-16 partnerships Goals Academics Careers Campus exposure Financial aid Transition

School-wide/city-wide coordination Traditional College Readiness Predictors Grades Achievement Tests College Matriculation Predictors Application Completion FAFSA Completion Secondary Course Placement Post-Secondary Course Placement College Matching (or fit) Where can improvements be made? Students People Pre-High School Teen Parents

Student-Athletes Community College Advising Special Education Local Partnerships Engaging Families Academic Departments Minority Advising Groups Programs Promotions Financial Aid Education College Representative Visits College Campus Tours Standardized Test Score Interpretation General School Events Athletic Events

Fine Arts Events Media/Communications Deliberate: adj. intentional. Strategy: n. a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. College Success Research Hargrove, L., Godin, D., & Dodd, B. (2007) College Outcomes and the AP Experience: Does the AP Grade 2 Matter? Paper presentation at American Educational Research Association, April 2007, Chicago, IL. Keng, L., & Dodd, B. (2007) An Investigation of College Performance of AP and Non-AP Student Groups. Paper presentation at American Educational Research Association, April 2007, Chicago, IL. Bowen, W.G., Chignos, & M.M., McPherson, M.S. (2009) Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at Americas Public Universities. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. College Success Research Outcomes An AP exam score of 2 correlates with better college performance

than students who did not take an AP course or took the course and skipped the exam. An AP exam score of 2 had higher four-year graduation rates than AP courses alone, and other non-AP courses. AP students had higher first-year and fourth-year GPAs than those who did not take AP courses in high school. Historical Performance on AP Exams 2012-13 1927 Exams 850 Students 2013-14 948 Students Enrollment in Advanced Placement Enrollment 290 in 1995 948 in 2014 Percentage in grades 11/12 40% in 2006

68% in 2014 Percentage change for Black, Latino and White Black: 13% in 2007 38% in 2014 Latino: 22% in 2007 58% in 2014 White: 61% in 2007 82% in 2014 Number of Graduates in One or More AP Courses Black Latino White Total 2012 79 48

282 437 2013 94 52 292 497 2014 102 74 278 506 506 out of 693 = 73% Percent of Graduates One or More AP Course

ETHS Total Number of AP Scores Grade 3 or Higher 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 1027 1008 1253 1293 Percent of Students Proficient

(3 or higher) on AP Exams 65% in 2011 67% in 2013 Restructuring of Freshman Year Earned Honors Humanities 2011-2012 (English/History & Social Sciences) Earned Honors Biology 2012-2013 Pathways to Advanced Placement Awareness, Access & Success Work Restructuring of Freshman Year Earned Honors Increasing Access & Success in AP Committee Pathways to AP Forum/Pathways Documents 27 AP Classes in 6 Departments Adding new AP courses

FORUM ETHS Advanced Placement Classes 2013-2014 (27 Total Classes in Six Different Departments) English Language and Composition Literature and Composition Fine Arts Art History Portfolio/Studio Music Theory History & Social Sciences European History Psychology United States History Mathematics Calculus AB Calculus BC MV Calculus/Linear Algebra Computer Science

Statistics Science Biology Chemistry 3 Chemistry/Physics 4 Chemistry/Physics Environmental Science Physics B (Physics 1 & Physics 2) Physics C World Languages 5 French 4 German Latin 4 Spanish Heritage Literature & Language 4 Spanish Literature & Language 5 Spanish Literature & Language Advanced Spanish Language Career & Technical Education Government & Politics: United States

team Access & Success in Advanced Placement Monthly Meetings Mentoring Tutoring Inform, Inspire & Encourage Leadership Story Videos Fish Bowl team Access & Success in Advanced Placement Year 3 1 Recruitment and Support Students Peer One-on-One Tutoring Tutoring Within Classrooms Tutoring Within Larger Groups Mentors

Wildkit Academy Biology AP Sophomore English Junior English AP AB Calculus AP Homework Center Study Groups Sunshine Rebecca C. Ben F. Olivia W. Valeria S. Nick M. Tessa S. Maggie S. Aly S. Elliot G. Molly L. Fidak K.

Adrianna C. Kai J. Suzanne H. Erika C. Deyon K. Abby C. Olasumbo B. Francesca F. Jon S. 2 Recruitment Events 3 Recruitment & Support Technology 4 Recruitment

Structural 5 Recruitment Design Team 6 Support Workshops teamASAP Monthly Facebook Administrative Biographies Time Management (5Meetings Twitter Conversations I AM Poems Minute Timer) Pathways to AP Forum

Vine Adding AP Courses H-Hall Bulletin Board College Application Process 12/11 Instagram Data Study T-Shirts & Gear College Scholarship Process AP Winter Combine 1/25 teamASAP Support Website Serve on Increasing Access & Posters Becoming a College Reader AP Spring Training 3/8 AP Testimonials Success in Advanced Banners & Writer AP Summer Camps August Videos/You Tube Placement Committee Pencils

Parent Workshops Wildkit Academy Sessions Google + Present to Building Review Sessions Upload Notes from Class Leadership Team Mock AP Exams ETHS Announcements Present to All Staff Boltwood Cafe Present to AP Review Websites Freshman FASH Videos E-Ban Parents Meeting Announcement Videos Latino Advisory Committee Meeting Parents Engaged Meeting Freshman Advisory Study

Halls Conference Presentations AM AP Supports Dance Movies AP Party Petting Zoo 7 Recruitment & Support Parents 8 Support Teachers 9 Support Relax & Party

PUT IN OTHER CATEGORY Share Stories Stress/Workload Assessment Retakes Together Educator And Mentor AKA AP Buddies PUT IN OTHER CATEGORY 11 Recruitment & Support Fundraising/Community Service Student Ambassadors AP Review Books Parent Ambassadors

AP Test Pencils Latino Quest Fundraising Sales Minority Student Achievement Grants Network AP Exam Success Incentives Students Organized Against Racism NAACP Community Service Club ETHS Grads Who Teach at ETHS STAE AVID Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Project Excite Summer Geometry Northwestern University Parent Communication

10 Recruitment & Support Collaboration Caroline V. Caroline V. (Facebook) Kevin Sunshine Caroline V. Sunshine Sunshine Rebecca C.

Brittanie G. (E-Ban) Sunshine Brittanie G. (Instagram) Nick M. (Face/Twitt) Ben F. Nick M. Sarah W. Nick M. Nick M. Elliot G. Olivia W. Nick M. Rebecca C. Sarah W.

Nick M. Lauren R. Ben F. Adrianna C. (Vine) Suzanne H (ASAP Comm) Kelsey S. Suzanne H. Tessa S. Nick M. (STAE) Fidak K.

Sarah W. Deyon K. (Review Websites) Francesca F. (Facebook/Instagram) Nathaniel Bernstein Nathaniel Bernstein Nick M. Kelsey S. Kai J. (SOAR/Project Excite) Deyon K. Fidak K. Lauren R.

Molly L. Deyon K. Jill K. Suzanne H (Amb) Deyon K. (AVID) Jill K. (Amb) Olasumbo B. (amb) Francesca F. (AVID/AVID Ambassador) Nick M. Fidak K. Dorie R. Abby C Olasumbo B. Francesca F. Nick M. Tessa S.

Maggie S. Ryan K. Fidak K. Sullivan F. Suzanne H. Deyon K. Olasumbo B. Sarah W. Nick M. Jill K. Jon S. - forum Jon S. - Bavis Aly S. Madeleine R. Lauren R. Adrianna C. Deyon K. Abby C.

Julia S. Francesca F. Jon S. Jon S. 12 Supports Athletics Athlete's Sub Club Women & STEM in Sub Club Oli J. AP Summer Bridge Courses AMAPS AM AP Support

Targeted Review Sessions Review Book Drive I GOT THIS Pencils Support & Resource Website - Additional ETHS Supports

AM Support Wildkit Academy AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination Academic Intervention Team Project Excel STAE Steps Toward Academic Excellence Data-Based & Trained Advisors Departmental Study Centers/Media Centers Homework Center Media Centers One-on-One Tutoring Classroom and School Environment Interventions Behavioral Interventions Continued Teacher Professional Development & Vertical Teams Having a strong Freshman experience and early awareness starts ETHS students on a rigorous

pathway toward access and success in AP courses to help ensure readiness and retention for college & career. Beth A. Arey Dale G. Leibforth [email protected] [email protected] Amber Bolden Greer [email protected] counselors Tyler Dixon Emmanuel Patio Anamaria Rosales Jonathan Senecal Andre Wallace

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